The Long Black Arm of Profane Knowledge

Devin plz

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A satellite of the prestigious Viden Academy, this collaborative effort has truly been successful on Scalvoris and many great inventions and discoveries are made on a regular basis!

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Re: The Long Black Arm of Profane Knowledge

Review Rewards

Grafter McGraftface

Points awarded: 15


Becoming: Unleashing: The Dubaebo wishes to be unleashed.
Becoming: Echo: Using the voice of his Biqaj form in Dubaebo form.
Becoming: Unleashing: Cannot blend special properties into an unleashed form.
Graft: Energizing Rigor: Numb some of the pain of the grafting process.
Graft: Adhering Rigor: Bond the Dubaebo's spines with fingernails.
Graft: Corruption Rigor: Meld the tissue of the Dubaebo's spines with that of Devin's fingernails to where they form an amalgam material that form claws on his hands.
Medicine: Learning more about the keratin and dermal structure.
Meditation: Concentrating really hard on the grafting process.
Meditation: Remaining calm through the spell-casting process.
Meditation: Sitting still for half a break or so.

Non-Skill Knowledge:

Biology: Skeletal structure of humanoid hands.
Biology: Fur and spines of a Dubaebo
Biology: Nails can regenerate.

Magic: These points may be used for Becoming and or Graft

Other: Medium overstepping! The spines of the Dubaebo totem will start to fuse together as a result. Additionally, the skin in roughly the equivalent spot on Rakvald's back will become sticky and wax-like, adhering to the first material (organic or inorganic) it touches. Removing the adhered material will be rather difficult and painful.

Devil Devin

Points awarded: 15


Medicine x2
Discipline x4
Endurance x3
Cosmetology x1

Magic: No magic exp

Other: +Fancy and fully functional black nails

First things first. Rakvald, I found the dark green text on the black background of the Dubaebo template rather difficult to read. Perhaps a higher contrast could ease legibility?

Secondly, great read. Of course Devin isn't horrified by Rakvald's disgusting mutations, but fascinated. Just about anything abnormal is enough to get him excited, it seems. yet another reason why Devin is so likeable.

I do like Rakvald as well. His freakish mutations make him rather unique, as does his pride in them. While his amnesia wasn't treated, he did find a somewhat kindred spirit in Devin. Despite the latter being the doctor, Rakvalt felt more as an authority figure than Devin in this thread. An interesting dynamic for sure.

I hope to see more of you two in the future.

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