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Azulin Fruit Salad

Azulin Fruit Salad

Developed by Ari'sora
Main Ingredient(s): Azulin blossoms, assorted fruit
Appearance: Azulin fruit salad looksa deceptively simple. It resembles normal fruit salads, but the presence of the Azulin blossoms give this salad some extra color.
Taste: It varies depending on the types of fruit used, but the delicate sweet aroma and flavor of the Azulin blossoms serves to untie the entire dish.
Price: Varies depending on the fruits that are used. 1-10 WP per salad if ordered as a salad/side dish, and double that if ordered as a main course.
Availability: Rare; only restaurants boasting of having a master or grandmaster chef will offer this dish as only a chef of that skill can make it.
Any other details: 1) Sugared Azulin petals top the salad as a garnish. Shredded petals are part of the salad just as the fruit is for added flavor. And a dressing made from roipo nectar and the petals of Azulin flowers completes the dish. The fruits that are part of the salad vary, but raw sunburst fruit, melons, citrus fruits, yanja fruit, morning savior (raw or heated so the chocolate flavor emerges), grapes, raw cocolimes, and berries are common. Peaches, plums, snekfruit, and apples less so, but they wouldn't be considered uncommon. Exotic fruits are rarely used, but they can be - this includes bluecherry berries (white, purple, and blue). 2) Due to the difficulties dealing with some of the ingredients, only a master chef or higher can make this dish.

word count: 253
Rei'sari was formerly Ari'sora, but after getting a fresh start in life and a new appearance from Vega, she changed her name to Rei'sari.
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Re: Azulin Fruit Salad

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Very nice - and interesting to have it be so difficult to make. I like! Thank you.
word count: 18
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