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The untamed wilderness of Melrath is vast and encompasses frigid mountain ranges, glacial fields, deep alpine lakes, dark ancient forests as well as the expansive shoreline of the nation. Here creatures and spirits dwell together in the remote places of the world, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization.
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Re: Trapped Under The Wagon (Tristan)


As Ashling watched Tristan all the time she had noticed that he was looking serious. There was a sadness in his face despite the beauty of the spring in Melrath. For a while, he looked absentminded, like he was lost in thoughts ... sad thoughts maybe. She knew that her betrothed didn’t lack sad things to think of as he was a man in exile from a country ravaged by a plague. (And now it seemed like he had become a stormtouched too.)

But, the moment of sadness had passed. Soon she had seen his face lit up again and the absentminded look in his eyes had disappeared.
She had smiled at him. It had been so easy to watch him all the time, because he had been watching her too, their eyes meeting as they spoke.

Love had struck them in such an unexpected manner.

“House Namdalen are the stewards of nature and the Wilds. Many of their members become Ydalir Rangers. I don't know why some people call them a "weak" house. There's nothing "weak" with the Wilds."

For a moment, her thoughts had wandered off on a sidetrack.

Nathon. Nathon Eagelowl, or Owl as the stormtouched had called him last time she had seen her former patient. He suffered from amnesia due to a head injury as well as the owl traits that had invaded him and changed him after the storm. Nathon was her worst failure as a healer. It still troubled her.

The Ydalir had always been very respectful to him though, even after the changes he had undergone. Nobody had ever told her about his past or what kind of position the man had held in the Ydalir. Ashling hadn’t been thinking of the nobility much. It hadn’t occurred to her to think of the connection between the Ydalir and House Namdalen. But now, it struck her...

Ashling hadn’t dwelled on this. Tristan had asked if she knew what she was going to make for the tournament. It had felt more interesting to speak with him about the tournament than to mull over old failures.

“I don’t know yet. They don’t reveal the goals in advance. Some people would cheat. But, I will make some kind of herbal medicine. I suspect that I’ll also have to gather herbs in the wilds, seeing that Jarl Namdalen engages himself in this. I don’t know what alchemists use but if you need something from the forest ... I’m good at finding my way there. “

And so they had arrived at Erna’s roadside tavern. They had listened to the woman’s many warnings. She had seemed to fear most every thinkable danger in Melrath. Her eager sales speak about mead had done its job though. As Tristan had already said that he would prefer to stay the night in an inn, Ashling nodded when he suggested that they would stay at Erna’s. She didn’t expect to find any better options along the road, so why not. Besides, as she was new to riding she had done the beginner mistake of tensing her thigh muscles too much. Now they felt tired and had begun to ache a bit. She wanted a break. Mead, a hot meal and a soft bed ... it appealed to her too.

They put their horses in the stable, groomed the animals a bit, checked their hooves. Then they made sure that they had water and food. There was no stable hand to do it for them. It seemed like Erna was running the place alone. They left the horses to their hay, but Silver would follow them into the tavern. The dog was eager to begin his begging for tidbits.

“I’m intrigued by what she said about that giant three.” Ashling wondered if that was a true story. “Grendels, Myrkvior’s Kin, Stormtouched ...mages even ... are things I’ve heard about before. The giant tree is something new.”

They were in the tavern now. The inner walls looked like the walls on the outside. It was only the other side of the same logs, rough and brown. The furniture was rustic and the food would no doubt match it. There were only a few tables and all were free, to no surprise for Ashling. Erna, happy to earn money, asked her guests to sit down and soon the mead arrived.

The evening continued. They had the only dinner the tavern offered. Venison, spring mushrooms, grilled root vegetables and a salad of wild spring herbs. The quality was better than Ashling had feared.

She noticed Tristan’s black claws even more now when they sat eating and his hands were in sight all the time. His manners seemed elegant ... Ashling supposed it was because he was a nobleman. She tried her best to do as he did and not seem like a goof from the countryside. This included drinking the mead the same way Tristan drank it. Ashling was from Melrath and had no problems with drinking alcohol, but Tristan seemed to have moderate drinking habits, to Melrathi standards ...

They continued to speak about many things. The tournament. The many stories of Erna. The mead and the food, the tree and Tristan's alchemy idea until it was time to withdraw to their room upstairs.

“That potion to make things grow faster and to bigger than average size seemed interesting,” she remarked as they entered the stairs. She felt a bit dizzy. “The mead must have been stronger than it seemed ...”

And then? They would spend the night at Erna’s tavern. That was a sure thing. And during the following trials, they would ride southward again, until they would see a wagon, driven halfway down into the trench at the side of the road ...
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Re: Trapped Under The Wagon, Part One (Tristan)


Experience: 15 no magic


Animal Husbandry: Bringing your dog with you on a journey
Mount (Horse): Failing to someone to hold your horse while you mount
Mount (Horse): Ramming your boot too hard into the stirrup stucks you
Mount (Horse): Failing to mount from the ground
Mount (Horse): Learning to mount by watching an instructor do it
Mount (Horse): Learning to mount by watching an instructor do it
Intelligence: Jumping to the wrong conclusions
Field Craft: Preparing for a journey on horseback
Field Craft: Preparing for unsteady weather
Socialization: Praising the beauty of somebody's horse
Socialization: Telling unwanted company that you must leave

NPC, Tristan: Black Nails

Renown: 5

Skill Usage: Appropriate to level.

Loot/Losses: none

Injuries/Conditions: none

Consequences: Sympathy from the locals of Melrath is beginning to grow for the couple, as nobody liked that rude guy anyways. Maybe they'll be alright together afterall.


Experience: 15 no magic


Mount (Horse) x8
Teaching x2

Melrath: Location: Erna's Inn
Ashling: Her horse is called Granegal

Renown: 5

Skill Usage: Appropriate to level.

Loot/Losses: none

Injuries/Conditions: none

Consequences: Sympathy from the locals of Melrath is beginning to grow for the couple, as nobody liked that rude guy anyways. Maybe they'll be alright together afterall.

Comments: Always a fun thread, learning to ride a horse. Ashling is lucky to have Tristan there to help teach her to ride. It can be really dangerous to ride a horse in the middle of the wood when you're a novice.

The story was rich with feeling from both of you, yet for all that it could've just been a peaceful ride along, there was a sense of conflict as the rude man accosted Ashling, acting as if she was alone because she only had Tristan, an outlander, for company. I was delighted by Ashling's assumption that Tristan was stormtouched, and it was cute that she was staring at him the whole time, trying to determine which animal traits he'd taken on! I wonder what she'd think if she finds out that he's marked by Vri...

Tristan is such a nice gentleman, really flawless manners and an all around good guy. I hope the love story goes well between you two. Just try to spring the fact that you're marked by Vri rather gently, as I hear Melrathi do not like the Immortals.

Thanks for the nice read, and enjoy the rewards!

If you have any concerns about this review, please PM me about them.
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