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Boiled Stink Cabbage

Boiled Stink Cabbage

Developed by Devin
Main Ingredient(s): Stink Cabbage
Appearance: Boiled Stink Cabbage looks exactly like what it is – boiled Stink Cabbage! The Stink Cabbage is usually cut into half a dozen wedges, boiled in salted water for eight to ten bits before it is allowed to simmer for another eight bits. The boiled Stink Cabbage is then coated with melted butter, sprinkled with salt and pepper and drizzled with a bit of apple cider vinegar, the latter of which covers the pungent smell, to some extent. Boiled Stink Cabbage is usually served alongside ham or pork, but can also be eaten on its own.
Taste: Boiled Stink Cabbage is quite yummy despite its questionable name. Compared to dishes prepared with conventional cabbage, it is a lot more tender and less bitter, with just a hint of sweetness.
Price: Low
Availability: Since Stink Cabbage is quite common, this dish is readily available.
Any other details: The people of Scalvoris eat this dish that smells rather unpleasant without thinking too much about it, visitors on the other hand consider it to be strange. In fact, eating boiled stink cabbage has become a bit of a challenge among tourists!
word count: 199


  • Due to an encounter with a magical tree Devin has bright violet eyes.
  • Devin has fancy black claw-like nails. The Grafter Rakvald made them from the spines that grow on the dubaebo's back and attached them to Devin's hands.


Devin owns a Ring of Reversal. He's always wearing it, unless stated otherwise.


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Re: Boiled Stink Cabbage

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Yum!!! I think it sounds great!
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