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Tradition - Dunking


Developed by Darius Baer.
Background: Dunking is believed to have originated around the island of Ishallr. It eventually became a widespread test of a sailor's mettle, and is now considered an essential part of every seafarer's apprenticeship.
Details: Dunking is the act of submerging oneself in icy water as a form of initiation for seafarers. According to tradition, a sailor must be unclothed and jump from the stern of a ship. Only when he or she has made it back on deck without assistance, can they truly claim to be a friend of the sea, and thus, a seafarer. It is thought that dunking not only familiarises the sailor with the water, but also the water with the sailor, so that if they are to meet again in the future, the seas might recognise the sailor as a friend and help him or her to survive. While some consider dunking to be a simple test of bravery, others consider it a deeply reverential act of respect to U'frek and his domain, and some will repeat it on an annual basis to further earn the waters' favour. The hardiest of sailors will insist that if the water is not cold enough to freeze a man to death before he has half a chance to drown, then it is not cold enough for dunking. Among seafarers, it is deemed highly offensive to falsely claim to have undergone the dunking ritual.
Regional Specifics: Dunking is practiced all along the coast of the Scalvoris Island area, but traditionalists will insist that the purest form of dunking can only be done at Ishallr.
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Re: Tradition - Dunking

 ! Message from: Pegasus
This is so (pardon the pun) cool! And the traditionalist insisting on Ishallr? That's cold!!
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