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[Tradition] Havadr Beam Carving

Havardr Beam Carving

Developed by Yeva

Background: Havadr is often overlooked in its simplicity when paired next to other regions of Scalvoris, but its culture is unique and bound in the respect for the hardworking and dedicated. While widely known for its ever-moving yurts, once a cycle, for those whom have achieved great things, the standing Chief may choose to recognize them publically - offering them to have a residence permanently within their village, the structural beams of their yurt carved with their feats by master craftsmen. These are often depicted through symbolic carvings and scenery, not of the honored's exact image (and certainly not their face), as it is seen as bad luck to do so by the superstitious seafarers.

Details: This is a new tradition acquired by the people of Havadr when Chief Linca took leadership. Respected as both fisherman and hunter, one early morning while out on the water, Linca and his men were met with a group of nameless mer bleeding in the water. Seeking aid, they swallowed their pride and approached the fishing boat where Linca acquiesced to give them treatment. It was, however, a mistake that cost a man his life. The mer had laid a trap for the men who had unknowingly invaded their waters and called reinforcements to attack and sink the boat. The Havadr crew was nearly taken under, but it was Linca who fight tirelessly with his blade, best mate at his side, and together they slaughtered the mer, darkening the water with their traitorous blood. Making it back to shore, the losses and injuries were severe, but it would have been a complete massacre without Linca's strength. Majority vote deemed he would always deserve a place of security within their village, not ever-shifting like the waters, but one with proud structure. The men and women constructed Linca one of the finest yurts in Havardr, made of the studiest skins and beams of heavy wood, carved by the hands of his own people. Honored, Linca now offers this ritual to others, both native and outsider if they can manage to deserve it. Those who are invited to participate in this honor receive +20 renown, and a permanent yurt within Havadr that can never be taken by another.
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Re: [Tradition] Havadr Beam Carving

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Lovely tradition - I really like this and it'll open up possibilities for great story! Thanks! .
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