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Seeking Fortune/Protecting Secrets

Seeking Fortune/Protecting Secrets

Developed by Ari'sora
Background: Strangely enough, this tradition started as a child's game of sorts. No one knows who the first child to do it was, but it is believed that a child was the first person to do it.
Details: This tradition is used in a number of circumstances. People use it when they want to call good luck upon themselves, or bad luck down upon people they do not like. It is also enacted when someone, usually a child, but not always is hoping to get a wish granted. Finally, it is also used when someone has a secret that they desperately want to protect. It is simple enough to do; write the wish, secret, or type of luck that one wishes to summon on a piece of paper while they are alone. The latter can be as simple as "I want bad luck to befall (insert name)." to a detailed paragraph of exactly what you want the good/bad luck to cause. Once this is done, simply burn the piece of paper in an open flame such as a fireplace, or a campfire.

It started out as something that only children did, but since it seemed to actually work often enough to give validity to it, adults started doing it as well. When it works (if it does) it is because the person performing the tradition wants it badly enough to work towards the goal. But performing the tradition serves to give someone the confidence that their secret will be protected, or their desire will come true and in turn makes them work that much harder towards their goal - causing it to come true in the process.
Regional Specifics: It isn't so much difference from one region to another, but some people believe that the tradition works best if done at the "right time." The right time varies, but can be at dawn, or dusk, or midnight, or when the moon is full, etc.
word count: 334
Rei'sari was formerly Ari'sora, but after getting a fresh start in life and a new appearance from Vega, she changed her name to Rei'sari.
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Re: Seeking Fortune/Protecting Secrets

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Interesting Superstition!! Approved! :D
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