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Vivian helps out the healers.

21st of Cylus 720

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Healing Waters

21st of Cylus, 720
The beasts had been repelled from the fort, at least for the time being, but several of the knights and helpers had been injured. Vivian had gone over everything else on their table for the moment and decided that the best place for her to be at the moment was with the healers. Since she wasn't expecting trouble, Vivian left her armor in her office and had gone to the healers tents, though she had made sure to wear her sword, just as a precaution. It was still early morning when she got to the healers tent, and all the wounded were her allies, so pretty much the moment she walked into the medical tents, her Mortalborn Powers started affecting the injured, healing more minor wounds, helping them recover their strength, and aiding in the healing of more serious wounds. The doctors were also getting a boost to their energy and stamina from Vivian's powers, and the increase in energy was noticeable.

One doctor watched a minor cut, more of a scratch, on his patients face heal, then looked up at Vivian. "You do this?" he asked, his tone confused. Vivian nodded, then introduced herself and explained how her Mortalborn powers worked. The doctor pondered that for a moment, then let out a quiet laugh. "Helpful. If you weren't going to be needed all over this place, I'd be tempted to ask if they could put your office in here." he said, before turning serious again. "All right, just that helps while you're here. Got any other magical healing powers we should know about?" he asked, his voice intent.

Vivian smiled slightly in response. "Yes, actually. I'm also a Warden of the Lake and a Lucis Runewright. I know how to use Regeneration Runes, which provide a similar healing effect to my inborn powers, and works alongside them. I can also create a Brightgleam Oasis using my Warden powers, and the waters from that have more pronounced healing properties, when a wound is soaked in them or the water is poured over the wounds, so long as the wounded isn't too far away from the water. Plus it helps clean the wounds, and I know how healers like clean wounds." she said, before shrugging. "I don't know any surgery though, or...well, really, any mundane healing beyond basic wound bindings. My powers tend to cover most of the healing I need, and...well, I'm a knight. All my training is on how to take a person apart, not put them back together." she said, giving a wry smile.

The doctor laughed at that. "That's fine, Constable. Right now, we need fighters as much as healers, and your powers will help a lot with the healing while we wait for the next attack." he said, before pausing and looking around for a bit, before pointing at an empty patch of ground. "There. We've been using that space as a sort of waiting area for less serious injuries. Make your water there, and we'll have the less injured pour the water over their wounds while they wait. Might help us with priority sorting as well as healing. After that, come back to me and I'll take you around to the most wounded. You can use your runes on them and once we've got the runes going, we'll pour the water over their wounds as well. That should help enough that regular medical arts and surgery can fix almost anything your powers don't." he said, his tone businesslike and professional.

Vivian nodded, then looked at the indicated patch of ground. "You heard him, Fins. Set up the pool." she said, getting a nod from the little shark dog as he dove into the ground to create the pool. "Fins is my partner, a lake spirit." she said, by way of explanation. "It'll take about five bits for the pool to fully form. While we're waiting on that, why don't you show me around to the most serious patients. It still takes me about a minute to apply a Regeneration Rune, and I'll need to apply one for each injured body part." she said, her tone serious.

The doctor nodded, then led her to her first patient. The man had been mauled pretty badly, he had wounds on both legs and his torso. The doctors were hoping to save his legs, but they'd settle for saving for his life. Vivian set up a Rune of Regeneration on his torso first, then one on each of his legs. As soon as the pool was ready, they would bring water to pour over his wounds, but even with all her powers, Vivian knew that it would take a lot of hard surgery to save the mans life, much less his legs. Still, if her powers could help at all, she wasn't going to hesitate. Her eyes started glowing as she got each Rune set up, and when asked, she explained that her eyes let her see how much time was left in each Rune. If needed, she'd come back in a break to put more Runes on the patient.

A quick calculation told her that she could, at most, make sixty Regeneration Runes in a break. Factor in the time spent walking to each patient and learning where to put the Runes, she figured it was closer to forty. The loss chafed at her. If she were a better mage, she could make the Runes faster, heal these people faster. But she couldn't waste time whining about how weak she was, especially given that a more sensible part of her mind told her that most people couldn't make the Runes at all and that she should be grateful for what power she did have. Vivian was, fortunately for her psyche, smart enough to listen to that voice, so she kept her focus on where it needed to be.

By the time she had finished putting runes on her second patient, a man who was missing large chunks of his chest and that the doctors weren't sure they could save, the pool had finished forming and the orderlies that did all the menial labor of hospitals and the like were carrying vessels of water back and forth from the pool to the patients. Vivian wasn't entirely sure if the waters of the pool could run out, so she had Fins watching the pool in case it needed to be restored while she worked on placing runes on her patients. After half a break, Vivian felt her regular ether reserves starting to run dry, so she started gathering lightning from her Palenon powers so that her Spark could feed on the divine lightning and continue making the runes, though this slowed down the process a bit. "Be careful with the water around me." she said, pointing to her feet where the lightning generated briefly before her Spark fed on it. "Doing that feeds my Spark so I can keep making Runes, but I'd rather not get electrocuted because someone got clumsy." she said, her tone serious.

The doctors nodded and had the orderlies carrying water vessels stay away from her while she was applying runes. As long as she was needed to apply runes, she kept at it, including when she had to go back and refill runes. Not every patient she marked needed a second dose of Regeneration, but the more severe ones definitely did. However, even with her ability feed her Spark with Divine Ether from her blessing, creating so many Runes back to back was tiring. After a few breaks, she had to stop and rest for a few bits between each patient, so that her dizziness would settle down. Despite that, she kept going for as long as she could, but as the day started to wear on, the dizziness stopped going away.

Finally, after her nose started bleeding from overuse of her magic, the doctor who was her escort during all this very firmly sat her down so that he could look at her nose. When she explained it was a consequence of overusing her magic, he nodded. "All right. Well, you've done enough for today, Constable." he said, his tone firm. Vivian started to protest, but the doctor held a hand. "Your powers, your Runes, and your magic water have helped a lot. We'll keep an eye on the water, and if it starts to get low, we'll send word and you can have your partner come and refill it for us. In the meantime, you won't be of any use to anyone if you cause yourself injury, and we may need your sword arm or your riding skill or even your investigative abilities more than we'll need your healing powers tomorrow." he said, before giving her a grin. "Magic has done all it can, for the most part, Constable. Now it's time for regular surgery and medicine, and that's our trade, not yours." he said. Then, once her was certain her nose had stopped bleeding, he had an orderly come help her stand. "Now, you are going to bed to rest for the next few breaks. Doctors orders, Constable, and not even you or Sergeant Varlum outrank that." he said, his tone firm.

Vivian laughed at that. "Military planning would disagree, but for now, I'll agree with you." she said, leaning on the orderly helping her as her world spun around her. "But call me if those waters start to run low. Or Varlum, for that matter, as he should be able to make a Brightgleam Oasis as well as I can." she said. The doctor nodded, then gestured out of the tent. Vivian grinned, then turned and let the orderly help her back to her office, where she was sleeping for the time being. Once back there, she laid down as she waited for her Overstepping to wear off, but pleased with the work she had done that morning.
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Re: Healing Waters


Experience: 10 These points may be used for hone.


Hone 4
Medicine 2

Renown: 5 for helping healing soldiers.

Skill Usage: Appropriate to level.

Loot/Losses: none

Injuries/Conditions: A severe nose bleed that will lighten over the next trial until it fades entirely on the next. (Light overstepping, as your useage wasn't anywhere near THAT severe for a mortalborn mage.)

Consequences: Light overstepping

Comments: I enjoyed reading about the usage of lucis hone. It was a bit grindy and mechanical throughout, but she was placing rune after rune on about forty-sixty soldiers, so... But overall the magic use and interesting interplay of divine ether into the mix was a fascinating way of using domain magic overall, that kept me entertained.

I look forward to seeing more of Vivian's adventures using hone magic in the future! Lucis is such a useful version of hone, and Vivian really seems to be getting a handle on it.

If you have any concerns about this review, please PM me about them.
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