Clue! Murder at Sea (3)

Balthazar figures out just what is going on.

From Tried's Mouth to the mysterious Tower, the waters around Scalvoris and the island itself hold a vast array of secrets, just ripe for discovery. Here are landmarks, jungles, mountains, forests and islands of note.

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Clue! Murder at Sea (3)

"I'm just trying to figure out what happened to the captain." - Clue! Murder at Sea (2)
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Scarlet, the newly appointed Captain Wadsworth, and Surgeon White gathered in Balthazar's cabin on the ship for what he claimed would be 'a congratulatory drink.' One by one they came into the room and took seats. Balthazar had a bottle of wine he'd pillaged from the captain's cabin earlier and various glasses he'd taken from the same room. He drank from the very cup that had been in the paralyzed Boddy's hand while letting the others choose their own. It did not matter in the grand scheme of what was to come, all that mattered was that he held the captain's cup.

"So what are we celebrating?" Wadsworth asked as he downed his first cup of wine and refilled his glass with another.

"We'll get to that but first," Balthazar said "Congratulations on your promotion to captain!"

"It's a temporary appointment." Surgeon White pointed out, much to Wadsworth's ire. Balthazar saw Wadsworth shooting White a dirty look but he didn't say anything about it. He had other secrets to reveal to the three of them.

"Yes but doesn't the ship seem to run so much smoother now?" Balthazar added in a goading tone"You seem born to lead, Wadsworth." Scarlet raised her glass to that and then took a sip of her wine as well.

"Thank you for your confidence, mister Black." Wadsworth said as he drank a little more. When Surgeon White lifted his glass to his lips, but Balthazar quickly took the cup from him- jumping ahead before White could question why he'd taken the cup.

"But we are also here to celebrate my discovery!" Balthazar smiled and confusion spread across the faces of the other three in the room. "I know who tried to kill Captain Boddy." Balthazar said matter-of-factly as he moved across the room and picked up a bag of items. He plopped the bag of items onto the table in front of the others and gestured towards it.

"What do you mean?" Wadsworth asked with a surprised expression. Balthazar set his glass on the table beside the bag, never having had a change to take a drink from it.

"You see Surgeon White told me about Captain Boddy's iocane blooms so I thought I would go back to his room and look for the flower myself. Now imagine my surprise to find the flower was missing. So I asked myself, well where could the flower have gone?" Scarlet seemed uneasy as Balthazar explained what he'd done. "So I searched. I didn't just break into your rooms, I broke into every room. I looked at every one. Some people on this ship are keeping some very strange items." Balthazar said as he pulled a taxidermy Panhandler with what appeared to be different onyx fragments making up it's shell and some silver woven into it in a neat but untrained pattern. "Like this, what is this?" Balthazar asked Scarlet directly. He's stolen it from her cabin. She looked at Surgeon White and then the quartermaster- both men looking to her for an answer.

"I had a fella in Almund who was sweet on me and stuffed his Panhandler, Timmy, when it died." Scarlet said shyly. It was probably the first thing she'd been shy about in a long while. The other three seemed to accept the answer but a moment later Scarlet turned it on Balthazar. "What are you doing going through my things?"

"Looking for poison, I already said that. Keep up, Scarlet. I didn't invite you to this gathering cause you're pretty." Balthazar spoke quickly now, trying to get back on track before his gambit ran out of time. While the others had spent their trial tending to the ship, Balthazar had spent his breaking into every room on the ship. Some had locks he was forced to melt. He couldn't afford to Rupture his way through on the ship because of the noise that came with creating portals. Other rooms weren't locked and generally when they weren't locked there was nothing good to find inside. The taxidermy panhandler was just the first of many odd things he'd seen but that wasn't why he'd put it in the bag. He put it in the bag to prove his point- he had indeed gotten into everyone's rooms. To further prove that point, Balthazar produced two other items.

A long braid of hair that would cause Surgeon White to turn pale and a pair of what appeared to be homemade crotchless underpants that turned Wadsworth pale. Everyone had their secrets and while having the items didn't mean Balthazar knew the secrets, it showed those present that Balthazar knew something they didn't want him to. White feared that Balthazar knew he'd cut some hair from all of his patients and put it into the braid like some eternal catalog of his work. Wadsworth feared that Balthazar knew about his preference for freedom. That was the point- even though Balthazar didn't necessarily know these secrets.

It had taken time and patience to get into the rooms. Balthazar knew he wasn't all that good at sneaking around so he'd been forced to wait for the right opportunity to get into certain rooms like Scarlet's. Oddly it had been really easy to get into quartermaster Wadsworth's room because he was always above deck. But what mattered was what Balthazar had found in Wadsworth's room. Balthazar reached into his pocket and produced a small blue tube with a cork in the top. Scarlet seemed to tense up while Wadsworth and Surgeon White seemed like they were still waiting for an explanation.

"Well what is it?" Surgeon White asked the crowd, biting the proverbial bait that Balthazar had cast. Balthazar uncorked the vial and held it out to Surgeon White.

"Smell this but don't touch it." Balthazar held the tube out to Scarlet who shook her head to indicate she didn't want to. Then he offered it to Wadsworth who took it and held it a little too close to his nose before sniffing. Wadsworth shrugged and passed the tube on.

Surgeon White took the tube from Wadsworth and wafted towards his nose for a few trills before shaking his head and holding it out to Balthazar. "I smell nothing."

"What you do not smell is called iocane powder. The odorless, tasteless powder derived from the iocane bloom which you introduced me to. It turns out it is also a deadly poison that dissolves instantly in liquid." Balthazar began to explain

"Where did you get this?" Surgeon White asked.

"How do you know it dissolves in liquid?" Scarlet chimed in with worry in her voice. Balthazar looked to her and held up a hand as if to indicate that he would address her question in a moment. Then he turned back to Surgeon White to address his question as he put the cork back on the top of the blue tube.

"Quartermaster Wadsworth's cabin." Balthazar said. Wadsworth's eyes widened as Balthazar continued "I found it in your cabinet while I was-"

"That's preposterous! I'd never poison, Boddy, he was my-"

"Hey! Hey! I'm still monologuing!" Balthazar shouted over Wadsworth who, despite not being intimidated, grew quiet. "I know it's not yours! You're here because you're acting captain so you have to tell the crew that Scarlet tried to kill Boddy!" A gasp passed through the other three and all eyes turned to Scarlet. "Shit." Balthazar's face twisted in disappointed anguish as he realized he'd given it all away and he kicked the table he had set up for the meeting, knocking everything on it including his glass of wine over but getting the attention of the room once more. A moment later Balthazar was fumbling to put the wine bottle and his own glass upright and when that was done he heard Scarlet.

"But you said you found the tube in Wadsworth's room?" Scarlet tried to deflect the blame to the obvious party but Balthazar shook his head. Balthazar looked to Wadsworth and then down at the ground as his head shook.

"You ruined my favorite part, Wadsworth. I do all the investigating, I should get to explain. Haven't you ever done this before?" Balthazar grumbled with an angry finger pointing at Wadsworth. "Don't talk again until I'm done." Balthazar paused for a beat as he stared at Wadsworth before looking back at Scarlet. "So yeah, I found the vial of powder in his room but I found the mortal and pestle with the remaining powder in your room with a crudely made key to Wadsworth's room. And I know it was to his room because I used it to break into his room after yours. I thought that might be something he left you for late night rendezvous but based on his face right now I'm going to guess it was not."

A mortar and pestle? A key?" Scarlet's eyes darted back and forth then she decided "You must have found one of my facial powders! A woman does what she can but everyone needs a little help once in a while. Surely-"

"Well, if it wasn't iocane, then we should all be fine." Balthazar cut in.

"What do you mean?" Scarlet asked as she lowered her glass back down onto the table.

"Well I scrapped what I could out of the mortar and pestle I found into that wine glass." Balthazar said with a gesture towards the bottle they'd all drank from. Scarlet's eyes widened, followed by Wadsworth and White but they all tried to cover up their surprise quickly enough that it was hard to tell who was surprised because they thought they might be poisoned and who was surprised because they knew for a fact that they had been... for a few trills.

Wadsworth bellowed "You madman! You've killed us all!" as he lumbered forth with his arms outstretched to try and strangle Balthazar. Balthazar batted both of his hands aside and shoved Wadsworth away from him and boy did it feel good to push the monologue-ruining bastard.

"What do you mean? I didn't drink it, I'll be fine." Balthazar said in such a dry tone that Surgeon White- who was just glad they'd all forgotten his hair braid secret, laughed. Scarlet's eyes darted back and forth, she clutched at her chest, then her lungs as she looked from White to Wadsworth on the ground.

"I didn't- I'd never... ah this wasn't supposed to happen! You ruined it!" Scarlet caved and yelled at Balthazar who gestured to Wadsworth as if expecting his approval. Scarlet began to hyperventilate as the fear of impending death seized her... then she fainted. Balthazar made no move to catch her and when White stepped towards her with that intent, Balthazar grabbed his arm to stop him. Scarlet his the ground with a thud and Balthazar let go of White.

"What's a confession matter? We're all dead now thanks to you." Wadsworth said as he stood up from the ground.

"Oh calm down I was lying." Balthazar said "I had to call her bluff so I did." Wadsworth grumbled something else under his breath but they all had to agree that even if they didn't like his methods, Balthazar got the job done. As Scarlet was secured by Wadsworth and things seemed as if they'd return to normal, Balthazar stopped Surgeon White from leaving by grabbing his arm. Balthazar pointed down to the braid where a strand of long white hair ran through it. "Touch my hair again and I'll burn you alive." Balthazar whispered to White who left trembling
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Re: Clue! Murder at Sea (3)


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Comments: Well, the beginning of this thread was certainly unexpected. After Balthazar had discovered that someone had been searching his room at the end of the last thread, I didn’t think that this one would start with people celebrating Wadsworth’s promotion to captain!

When Balthazar informed them that he knew who had killed Boddy, I was rather surprised because I didn’t have any idea! The following conversation was most interesting!

Good job, and enjoy your rewards!

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