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Sorrow Shells

Musical Instrument Development

Sorrow Shells

Developed by Yeva
Type: Wind Instrument
Details: The origin of the Sorrow Shell instrument is unknown, although legend claims it was U'frek's mortal born who first crafted its predecessor, and that they picked up in popularity when the Pirate Lords roamed the seas. Now, these instruments are exceptionally rare, as its superstition deems that only those (traditionally Biqaj) with the capability must have lost someone dear to them at sea, honoring the deceased with notes both haunting and with deep resonation. The sound is mournful and often will bring listeners to tears.

Three small holes drilled into the delicate surface to give it range when blown into. There are never more than three - a symbolism of past, present, and the final future. This custom, while limiting to the sound, it is known by seafaring types that Sorrow Shells are not for musical audiences. Instead, they are seen at the funeral proceedings of (usually) prestigious sailors, fishermen, or even pirates. Over still water, the sound is haunting and it is said that it is the song of the Sorrow Shell brings peace to the lost souls who have been victim to rough waters and when held to your ear, a listener will hear the sound of someone crying.

Given the somewhat difficult nature of finding a craftsman who meets the criteria of carving it, as well as a shell that does not break when a likeness of the deceased is scratched into its surface, some of the most elaborate Sorrow Shells are also painted or speckled with molten gold, passed as heirlooms between generations.

Price: Tier 9
Other Information: To destroy a Sorrow Shell intentionally is terrible luck and an omen to many seafaring types, especially around Scalvoris. And to make or play one without having lost another at sea is a right offense and will not only put you in danger, but there are also legends that say you risk the ire of ghosts and spirits in the vicinity that hear its sound.
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