Following a Rumor I.

From Tried's Mouth to the mysterious Tower, the waters around Scalvoris and the island itself hold a vast array of secrets, just ripe for discovery. Here are landmarks, jungles, mountains, forests and islands of note.

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Following a Rumor I.

Cylus 25, 720

Dorik was already awake, and had been for a while. Diana was laying in the crook of his arm, as the ship rocked lightly. It was dark in their small cabin. They shared the cost of it. He smirked as he remembered them coming to this agreement. She had wished to visit Immortal's Tongue, being fairly devout herself. She'd never gone before. Her mother was not religious apparently. A point of contention between the two. Dorik had taken to hanging around their shop a bit more. Just enough to let the young woman he was fucking off and on think he cared.

And to think, she was Jenji's girl. They had made it official and everything, having introduced their parents to each other and everything. Sweet, innocent Jenji was none the wiser, ever thankful to Dorik for helping him to woo this beautiful woman. So, in the height of one of their arguments, easily heard from the street, not that Dorik would say so, he strolled into the dress shop, his charming smile on. Dorik had been purchasing dresses for his wife as of late, fairly regularly, keeping her happy at the pampering. And so, being somewhat of a regular customer, Diana's mother had made her exit, knowing her daughter would close this sale.

All it took was a bit of his silver tongue, to coax the argument out of the girl, get her riled up, telling everything to Dorik. On the spot, the man decided that they should go visit Immortal's Tongue together. Give the girl what she wanted. Some independence from her mother, to chase after her favorite Immortals. Dorik had a curiosity to explore on the island, a name that had stuck in his head for a while now. Unity. Ever since that dream, one more vivid than any other he'd had, he'd been pondering about this new Immortal. Many of his drug enhanced conversations had brought it up, as he learned that seemingly every person in Idalos, or at least Egilrun, had had the same dream. It was curious.

If Unity was a new Immortal, he wondered if there was an opportunity there. To get in on the ground floor, so to speak. Or to at least learn more of what this god was about. He wanted to see if a Shrine to Unity existed. And if not, maybe that was something he could make happen for the Immortal. In exchange for something, of course. He felt the anchor drop, and he roused Diana awake.

"Get dressed, we're here."

He watched the young woman crawl out of bed naked, noting heavier notes in a few of her curves. He grinned. The lass was pregnant. Could be Jenji's. Could be his. Didn't matter, Jenji would raise the child regardless. Dorik couldn't care less. He got out of bed as well, lighting the lamp, revealing his tattoo covered skin, just before he pulled on his winter clothes. He led the way top side with the confidence of a man who had lived much of his life on ships, stepping out onto the deck, looking at the bright moons above. He always loved sailing in Cylus.

The couple descended down the gangplank, following a loose procession of others. Dorik approached a guard on the dock, getting some basic directions and list of shrines that were available for worship. He knew Diana was pantheonic, often worshipping all of them, even those that opposed one another. But there were several names not given in the list, Unity among them. Curious.

And so the hike began, the older man and the younger woman. They stopped at several shrines, many of which came with a warden attending them. He watched as Diana said her prayers, gave small offerings, thanked the warden, and moved on. But he said none of his own. Offered none of his own. They moved toward the center of the island, cresting over a hill, Dorik beginning to think that perhaps Unity had no shrine after all.

word count: 681

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