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Developed by Ari'sora

Type: Stringed instrument
Details: The Sakura can be a very simple instrument, or a very complex one. It can have as few as three strings, or as many as forty five. It is typically made out of wood, but can be made out of metal, or a combination of both. The strings themselves can be made out of metal or any other material the strings of stringed instruments can be made out of. The materials the instrument is made out of will affect they way it sounds. And the instrument itself can be plain and unadorned, or intricately painted by a master, or anything in between.

The Sakura produces a wide variety of sounds. When the strings are struck by a thin rod, they produce sharp, jarring tones. When plucked, they play light, playful tones. When stroked gently with a finger or pick, they produce sweet, smooth tones. The location on the string where the string is manipulated determines the note that is played. Notes produced closer to the top of the instrument are higher pitched than those played towards the bottom. Chords complex notes can be produced by manipulating more than one string at a time.
Price: Varies depending on the materials used in its creation, how many strings it has, and the artwork or lack of it that it has. Prices range from 1 WP to 50 WP.
Other Information: The Sakura can be quite plain in appearance, or it can be as much a work of art as an instrument.
word count: 258
Rei'sari was formerly Ari'sora, but after getting a fresh start in life and a new appearance from Vega, she changed her name to Rei'sari.
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Re: Sakura

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Lovely!! Just lovely! I really like this instrument - thanks so much for your contribution to Scalv!
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