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Musical Instrument - Rekhordah


Developed by Darius Baer.
Type: Wind
Details: The rekhordah is a woodwind instrument that derives from the flute. It features a thumb hole and seven finger holes. When the performer blows air into the windway, and the finger holes are covered or uncovered, the pitch changes accordingly. It is an unusual instrument, in that it is rumoured to be capable of making beautiful music in the hands of a gifted performer, but most people only know how to play Three Blind Aye-Aye Mice. Despite being a part of almost every Scalvoris Island inhabitant's educational experience, the rekhordah in the hands of a child is feared by parents and educators alike.
Price: The rekhordah is so widely available that it is almost worthless. Most households have one buried somewhere in the clutter of childhood memories.
Other Information: Forcing someone to listen to a rekhordah being played with limited musical ability is a known method of torture.
word count: 158
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Re: Musical Instrument - Rekhordah

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Thank you for that painful reminder of childhood noise!! Thanks for the contribution to Scalv. Approved!
word count: 18
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