Do You Want to Make a Monster?

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Do You Want to Make a Monster?

Rakvald/Pygmalion is on the lookout for anyone wishing to initiate into Graft magic, or whoever may be interested in alterations to their body through Graft. He's on the verge of mastery of graft, just a few practice threads perhaps before he gets there. Once he does, as far as alterations go, the only limit to his graft ability will be specific knowledge of the parts you want to incorporate into your character's body. Or we can just mess around with some animals, crafting fully customized abomina... I mean pets.

If you're nowhere near Pygmalion at any point, no fear. He can find you in your dreams through crossing, and we can go from there. I'd prefer it to be a long-term engagement, but a one-off initiation isn't entirely out of the cards, given Rakvald's wildness of character.

If you wish to initiate into graft, I highly suggest you read the write-up of what that entails. Our threads are guaranteed to be 100% gory, outrageous, unethical, and gross. Bare minimum of a dozen warning notes on the review, with mature tags on all of the threads.
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