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Developed by Ari'sora
Price: Varies wildly. Mostly, this is not for sale but some black market dealers will sell it - often at a largely inflated price.
Details: Azulin is the name of a number of drugs and remedies that can be made out of the plant that bears the same name. The herb can be used fresh or dried, and each part of the plant can be used to make different drugs and remedies that have different effects. Different parts of the herb can be combined to make drugs and remedies that have more than one effect. But this should only be done by someone who is expert level or higher in Medicine/Poisons due to the risk of poisoning the patient.

Flowers: Azulin flowers can be used either fresh or dried, and have different effects depending on whether they are fresh or dried as well as who takes them. The flowers can be used to create teas, and tinctures that can be drunk or applied externally and absorbed through the skin, or a powder that can be inhaled. This drug acts as a powerful aphrodisiac for males that lasts for three breaks; it is vitally important that no more than a single dose is taken at a time. Overdosing will result in the male being driven to copulate with anyone of the gender he is usually attracted to for a period of up to three trials (this can be countered by master level discipline, magic/artifacts/blessings that help people resist urges, or by avoiding people until it wears off). The drug will work on males of any species. When dried Azulin flowers are used to make the drug and it is given to a female, it will ensure that the female will be impregnated -if it is possible for her to be so - if she has sex within the following 20 hours. This drug is riskier to use than Saikuru because it will ensure multiple births with twins being the most common, but up to quintuplets are possible. It will work on females of any species, making it a popular drug among animal breeders who breed animals that produce litters of offspring naturally; the larger the litters produced, the more offspring they can sell, and when used on an animal, the drug ensures that they give birth to the highest range of their litter size. So if an animal gives birth to 5-11 offspring in a litter, the use of this drug will guarantee they give birth to 11 young, and they may give birth to up to 5 more than their maximum litter size would normally be but this can lead to difficult birthing, and potentially the death of the mother. When fresh Azulin flowers are used to make the drug and it is given to a female, it acts as a powerful aphrodisiac that lasts for three breaks. This makes it a very popular drug in brothels. Unlike the drug made from dried Azulin flowers, in this form pregnancy is not ensured.

Azulin roots make a powerful sedative when made into a tea or tincture, or powdered and blown into someone's face. Fresh roots are more potent than dried and shouldn't be used on children. In its purest form it can be used as a knockout drug, or by healers who are performing surgery, but it can also be diluted with other herbs to create a milder sedative that can be used as a remedy for someone who is having trouble sleeping. There is no risk of addiction when using Azulin roots, but an overdose runs the risk of the patient/victim never waking up.

The pollen of the Azulin plant causes hallucinations that can be either pleasant or nightmarish. It is often taken as a means of escaping reality for a while. The effects can last up to a full trial depending on how pure the dose is. This drug is most commonly inhaled, but the pollen can be mixed in liquid and drunk as well. The drug is not addictive if used once or infrequently (once a season or less), but a little of it remains in the system each time it is used. Because of this, it can be addictive if used frequently. Overdosing and using it too often risk being trapped in hallucinations for the remainder of one's life.

Azulin leaves can be made into a tea or tincture that heightens senses, including pain and pleasure. The five main senses, vision, smell, taste, touch and hearing are three times as sharp as normal when under the influence of this drug. The senses of pain and pleasure and fifteen times sharper. The leaves can be either fresh or dried, but the fresh ones are more potent. In tea form, the effects last for five breaks. The tincture is stronger (and more expensive), so the effects will last for a full trial. There is no risk of addiction, but overdosing (using it two trials in a row) has an increasingly strong risk of the effects becoming permanent; the bigger the overdose, the higher the chance of the effects becoming permanent.

The glowing core of the Azulin flower can be dried and made into a tea or used fresh as a poultice that is absorbed into the skin. Using this form of Azulin stretches one's sense of time so that a single trill can feel like a break. The effects of this drug last three to five breaks. It is a very effective tool in interrogation. It can also be used as an aid in meditation. There is no risk of addiction when using this drug, but in some circumstances (for example, if the person under the influence of this drug suffers pain), there is a risk of the person using it going insane.

The stems of the Azulin plant can be made into a tea that will strengthen the body to help it fight off illness and infection/recover from injury faster. Fresh stems are more potent than dried ones, but they may cause nausea. They should not be used by children or those who have delicate stomachs.

How To Use: Varies depending on which part of the plant is used to make the drug. All parts of the plant can be used.
Side Effects: It depends on which part of the plant is used to make the drug.
Status: Most forms of the drug are legal, but use of Azulin pollen is illegal, and the use of undilluted Azulin roots fresh or dried is illegal except for when used by a member of the Order of the Adunih who has been trained in its use.

word count: 1119
Rei'sari was formerly Ari'sora, but after getting a fresh start in life and a new appearance from Vega, she changed her name to Rei'sari.
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Re: Azulin

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Approved - minor changes made as not all males will find females attractive, so just changed that bit and the pricing to just "varies wildly!" Thanks for this love it!
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