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Developed by Ari'sora
Found: Azulin can be grown in gardens (master level gardening or higher required), but it is most commonly found growing in the wild. This flower likes partial sunlight and indirect light, so it is most often found in forests all over Scalvoris, and Scaltoth Jungle.
Toxicity/Hazard: While not poisonous, anyone who isn't a master level gardener or master level in field craft is at high risk of triggering an explosion of pollen and suffering the effects of it while trying to approach the flower, or when encountering it in the wild.
Appearance: The blossoms are the size of cantaloupes. The petals are a dark purple, bordering on black, and at the center, the flowers have a glowing core. Azulin grow close to the ground for the first arc. But they can reach a height of 3'0 if left alone for several arcs. Their leaves and stems are a dark emerald green.
Properties: If jostled too much, these flowers will expel a large amount of pollen in an explosive cloud. Anything within three feet of the flower will be covered in pollen. The pollen has paralytic qualities that will leave anyone who inhales or injests it paralyzed within trills. But it does nothing to deaden the nerves, so although the victim is unable to move, they can still feel anything that happens to them. The pollen also contains hallucinogenic properties; the more pollen that is inhaled, the stronger the hallucinations become. Both the paralysis and the hallucinations will begin fading after a trial, and the victim will be fully recovered from the effects within three trials. It is said that people who experience these hallucinations will sometimes have true dreams of the future, but this has never been proven.
Other Information: Azulin flowers are edible, and in fact are considered to be a delicacy. They have a delicate sweet aroma and flavor that make them a welcome addition to many deserts and fruit salads. But they are a fragile ingredient, so anyone with less than master level cooking/baking will not be able to use it properly. Anyone with less than expert level cooking/baking runs the risk of getting the pollen into their dishes and giving the people who eat their dishes hallucinations. All parts of this herb can be used to make drugs and medicines.

word count: 394
Rei'sari was formerly Ari'sora, but after getting a fresh start in life and a new appearance from Vega, she changed her name to Rei'sari.
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Re: Azulin

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What a fantastic plant! Love it! Thanks so much - beautiful write up!
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