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Re: Nam'id


Category I Ose-bori

Mox is Nam'id stalwart companion, his Ose-bori familiar. Mox is a wispy, smokey gray monkey that stats about 2 feet tall, with light colored eyes and a long tail. He is wily, wise and playful, and can be quite outspoken to Nam'id when he thinks a particular course of action is appropriate for the situation that Nam'id might be in.

Mox's words, thoughts, and intuitions can only be heard/felt by Namid. This is probably for the better.

Approval granted here


Race: Sev'ryn

Date of Birth: Ashan 15, arc 654

  • Hunting (30)
  • Navigation (30)
  • Trap-making (20)
  • Survival (20)
Appearance: Graying silver hair, dark eyes. He is about 5'4", and is incredibly lithe and thin. He keeps his tattoos covered at all times, but his covered with them.

Personality: A stubborn man that spends most of his time out hunting and foraging. He is a man of few words, and seems to have had a chip on his shoulder since he found out his son was deaf.


Mother, Village Elder
Race: Sev'ryn

Date of Birth: Saun 4, 650

  • Cooking (30)
  • Basket-weaving (30)
  • Linguistics - Common SIgn (20)
  • Fishing (20)
Appearance: 5'3", with dark skin and dark eyes.

Personality: A gentle woman with unlimited patience. Ask Nam'id? She is a saint. Respected in the community and celebrated as a leader.
word count: 267
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