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Flora - Veternum Plant

Veternum Plant
Developed by Darius Baer
Found: The veternum plant requires vast amounts of shade to grow, and as such are only found in patches of the Scaltoth Jungle, the Sweetwine Woods, and in some areas of the foothills near the Scalvoris Mountains. It thrives in cold weather, typically blooming from late Vhalar until the end of Zi'da, though it is not unheard of for the plant to be found as late as Cylus or even the beginning of Ashan.
Toxicity/Hazard: The veternum plant is believed to be semi-sentient. When it detects a potential predator, a pollen cloud bursts forth in the direction of the perceived threat. Contact with exposed skin can cause numbness in the affected area; ingestion or inhalation of the pollen can cause a person or animal to lose consciousness. Both of these symptoms are temporary, but can expose the victim to predators and the elements while unable to move or protect themselves. The pollen is not, however, capable of penetrating even the lightest of fabrics.
Appearance: This plant has a thick purple and yellow stem with surrounding purple leaves. The upper petals conceal purple pollen.
Properties: The veternum plant is odourless and tasteless.
Other Information: The pollen from the veternum plant is the major ingredient in veternas, a medicine which can be used either as an anaesthetic or as a sedative.
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Re: Flora - Veternum Plant

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