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Scalvoris Town Docks

Scalvoris Town Docks
If individuals of many different races and cultures make Scalvoris Town their home, it is the docks that act as their main entrance. Located on the eastern edge of the crescent that is Scalvoris Island, the docks overlook the Hollow Sea and give the local townsfolk some of the best vantage points of Faldras Island.

Caravels, cogs, and carracks are frequently seen at the docks, bringing all manner of exotic goods from far away lands, while the sailors bring extra trade to the many nearby taverns and gambling dens. Merchants sell items from other lands, while passage to those distant locations can also be found at the docks. Warehouses line the northern edge, while the harbourmaster's office is located to the south.

The original docks, which dated back to the founding of the city itself, collapsed in Arc 718 but have since been rebuilt.

NPC Name

Name: Orik Ki'Ufnaj
Race: Biqaj
Age: Arc 676, 22nd of Ymiden
Title: Harbour master
Skills: Negotiation (Excellent), Seafaring (Excellent), Business Management (Competent), Intimidation (Competent), Logistics (Competent).
Other Information: Orik Ki'Ufnaj is a no-nonsense man who takes his job seriously.

A former sailor himself, he knows what it takes to ensure the dock operation runs smoothly, and he speaks the language of the men and women who rely on the sea for their livelihoods.

Orik was involved in the rebuilding of the docks after their destruction in Arc 718, but the incident came at great personal cost, with his wife having died in the collapse.

Player Notes

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Re: Scalvoris Town Docks

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Thank you so much - 2 minor edits made to the location - here - changed the name from Orik to Erik as we have an NPC Orik - and changed skill level from Excellent to Expert. Thank you!!!.
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