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Once the epitome of advancement and wonderment, this ancient city of stone suffered catastrophe in Arc 413. Quacian society adapted. All magic is accepted. Immortal worship is punished. Hope has left the land, but through the Theocratum, sacrificial blood offers fortitude to this rotted society.

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[Quacia] Announcements

Sat Feb 01, 2020 1:13 am




For Rebirth 720, Quacia will be reopening as a modded city!

Here is this season's calendar. For now only Cylus is available, there will be an announcement when Ashan is released: Quacia Rebirth Cycle 720 Calendar.

If you plan on playing or visiting the city of Quacia, please remember to post on the roster here: Quacia Rebirth Cycle 720 Roster.

There has been some board restructuring. The City and Outlying Areas are separated, with the city having district-specific categories to post in. The Quick Start Guide gives an overview of this, which you can find here: Quacia: A Quick Start Player's Guide.

There are some major changes to Quacia. Please read the last section ("The Death of Dreams") of Quacia's History on the Wiki for a summary overview of what has happened for the past four seasons in this city: Quacia for Ymiden to Zi'da 719.

Quacia Pre-720 will be treated as outdated lore because of these changes. If wondering about something, please PM a Quacia mod or post in the Q&A thread to ask! Quacia Questions & Answers Thread.

What this means is that if you are an returning player of Quacia, and you'd like to keep a development that's been archived as outdated, please resubmit it for consideration in the new Development Forums!

New Development Forums can be found Here: Development Forums
Please ask questions and discuss development in the Development Discussion Thread.
When a development is ready to be considered for approval, please follow the guidelines and post in the Development Submission Thread.

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please use the forum site to PM anything related to Quacia (do not use discord) or post in the Quacia Q & A Thread.

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