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Please read before starting to play in Quacia!

Once the epitome of advancement and wonderment, this ancient city of stone suffered catastrophe in Arc 413. Quacian society adapted. All magic is accepted. Immortal worship is punished. Hope has left the land, but through the Theocratum, sacrificial blood offers fortitude to this rotted society.

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Quacia: A Quick Start Player's Guide

Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:58 pm

A Player Guide to Quacia
Welcome to Quacia, the Bloodlit City of Stone. While the city might be a dreadful fright, we hope you enjoy playing here in all the horrific glory that Quacia has to offer. The following is some information to help you play and enjoy your time writing here!

As a player, please keep up to date with the city's Wiki Hub.

If you have any questions, please send a Quacia mod a pm.
Keeping In Touch!
Below are the ways in which you can get in touch with us in Quacia.
If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out and we'll do our best to answer you!

+ Chalice of Blood: Quacia OOC Chat +
a place to introduce yourself, have a chat, etc.
+ Quacia Q & A +
got a question about Quacia? Post it here for all players to see!

Please use the OOC chat if interested in a plot, or if your character has done something that will make a strong impact on the city (or participates in a calendar event)

All players are requested to post in the Roster for the season before starting IC posting.
Forums & Subforums!

All locations are compiled in the Quick Guide Locations & Links for Quacia.

As you explore the forum and subforums, you will see that the City of Quacia is split into districts.

These are additional to the greater City at large and for Inner City locations that don't have subforums (like Plenty), please [Tag] your Topic Titles with the corresponding location that can be found in the Quacia Location & Link Map:

Heavily guarded by the Dragoon, only nobles and their most selected guests visit beyond the fortress battlements. Dukes and Baronesses come and go in cut-throat court games of sham royalty.
+ + +
Information about Fortress, including Fortress-based locations and NPCs are in the Fortress subforum.


Most shops, parlors, workshops, and other businesses are found here, as well as the homes of those wealthy who are not of royal title. Guilds bleed the citizens dry of coin through taxes and fees. Trade is limited in Quacia, and supplies can be expensive.
+ + +
Information about Gleam, including Gleam-based locations and NPCs are in the Gleam subforum.


Slums that are a chaotic mess of shelters, thrown together and often crumbling into disarray, it is the main residence for the population majority. The streets are rarely patrolled, and usually only during protest riots or other revolution-minded action.
+ + +
Information about Shanty, including Shanty-based locations and NPCs are found in the Shanty subforum.


About the size of a village, within defined boundaries of the city, vice teems in Lair, where the darkest desires can be satiated in dens of iniquity. It is rumored that anything you wish to find can be found in Lair… anything.
+ + +
Information about Shanty, including Shanty-based locations and NPCs are found in the Lair subforum.

Surrounding Area:

In addition to the City of Quacia, locations outside of the city walls can be explored in the Surrounding Area subforum.
What if I want to add something new?
It is recommended to start playing in the city first, before submitting development, so as to get a handle on what already exists:

To discuss ideas and concepts with other players, as well as staff, then please post in the Quacia Dev Discussion thread.

Once a development has been discussed (if needed), and/or you've played in Quacia some, then please follow the appropriate guidelines and submit to the Quacia Development Submissions thread for consideration and possible approval.
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