Unexpected Turn (Graded)

The untamed wilderness of Melrath is vast and encompasses frigid mountain ranges, glacial fields, deep alpine lakes, dark ancient forests as well as the expansive shoreline of the nation. Here creatures and spirits dwell together in the remote places of the world, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization.
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Unexpected Turn (Graded)

93 Vhalar, 719 evening

Location: Melrath wilds

Surviving on his own for a day hadn’t been as bad as Abra thought it would. Now he was well rested and ready to carry out his mission. “Investigate the campground, make sure there’s no Lotharro there. Easy enough when you don’t have to freeze the night before.” Not five bits of consciousness and he was already cranky. If it were possible, putting away all the camping gear was even more cumbersome and annoying than putting it all together. He continually tripped into the snow despite having good awareness of his surroundings. He was thankful that at least he didn’t have to put it all away at once. Just the stuff that could get wet had to be stored because he was going to come back here when his mission was done

With morning preparations out of the way, Abra began his short trip to the clearing. He held a map out as he navigated the forest and got lost more times than he’d liked to have admitted. The map was supposed to be idiot proof, according to the Syns. He had to take many breaks to decipher the strange markings on the map using the key. This only built up more frustration. “Send me all by myself knowing I’vnt a clue how to navigate. I’m going to charge them double, triple for this nonsense!”

Abra should have kept his cool and he should have at least not made undue noise. He advertised his presence to all the animals around him and soon adversaries of Melrath were wise to his presence. By the time Abra finally made it to the clearing he found that it was devoid of any Lotharro. He could easily tell by the snow that a large group of people had been here recently, but the Lotharro left before he could spot them. Abra spent a few bits looking around and decided he completed what was asked of him so it was time to leave.

If only leaving was going to be that easy. The Lotharro hadn’t quite surrounded him yet but they were working on it. Their presence was a mystery to Abra until he looked up from his map and noticed that there were more footprints than the ones he had left just bits ago. He felt an immediate adrenaline spike as he looked around then slowly tilted his head up to see five Lotharro crouched on branches.

“No, no… no…” he said angrily when he realized he’d been had. The Lotharro kept their distance for now. They knew not what Abra could do to them and they still had more backup on the way. They were armed with light weaponry but none of them had anything like a bow. They’d only gotten word of Abra’s presence just recently so there wasn’t enough time to get battle ready.

Abra focused his vision on one of the Lotharro, one with daggers and thought to enter his tangle but he was distracted. His rupturing spark alerted him that someone was right behind him! He leaped forwards and turned to see that indeed a Lotharro had snuck up on him. Then he heard the cries of the ones in the trees as they jumped down and tried to stab him with their weapons. He couldn’t do anything but shout in unison and slice open a portal above his head that encompassed two of his enemies. The egress jettisoned them into the trees and Abra felt three cold blades hack into his jacket.

It was all Abra could manage to step through a blink portal, then another. All the while the three Lotharro were pulled along with him and relentlessly tore off his jacket to expose his body to the elements and their blades. Abra stopped screaming to pull out some throwing daggers that he had the mind to bring. He was just about as useless using them in melee range as throwing them when it came down to it, but at least if he threw them he could keep his distance.

He took another couple steps forward, finally free of the three that were clutching onto him. He didn’t spare a single trill to rest before coating two of his daggers with rupture energy and hurling them as hard as he could out into the forest. They were headed straight for a tree but before they connected they sliced open miniature portals then found their mark in one of the Lotharro behind Abra.

The Syns mage had no time to celebrate. There were still two more Lotharro right behind him who had lunged at him. “They just don’t give up,” Abra thought when he was tackled to the ground. The Lotharro had dropped their weapons and decided that the only way they were going to stop him from blinking was to immobilize him. It was a good idea, Abra had to give that to them.

“Let go!” he shouted as if it would make any difference. He crippled one with a surge of fear. He felt his grip loosen on his body and only one was left to wrestle him.

“Hold him still! Give me a clear shot!” Abra caught someone aiming an arrow at him from the corner of his vision.

“That’s going to be a no from me,” the mage said. He used his only free hand to cut open a path into the Untold and that’s where he and his grappler rolled. The Lotharro stopped struggling when he realized the portal they just went through wasn’t what he thought it was. He tried to haul Abra back through but it was too late. They were in the Untold now.

“Take me back!” he said, pinning Abra onto the ground that didn’t quite feel normal. It undulated like it was a layer of skin and there was a beating heart underneath it.

“What so your friends can kill me?” Abra spat.

“I don’t need my friends to do that!” the Lotharro shouted while digging his elbow deep into one of Abra’s many pressure points.

Abra squirmed under the pressure then said seriously, “I can’t take you back, not here. We have to find the right place to cut back to the forest.”

The Lotharro didn’t sound convinced. He lifted Abra and kept him in a hold while walking forward cautiously. “You will take me back. Let’s go

Abra nodded furiously then tilted his head so that they could walk. He had no intention of helping, but he was powerless physically and magically. He needed to get into a dreamscape so that he could use some of his dreamwalking abilities. He willed the environment around him to change and then they passed into the veil. Then, they shambled into a dreamscape.

The dream put the two on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The waters were calm, the air salty. “This isn’t the forest,” The Lotharro said angrily while tightening his grip. Abra might have cried out if he hadn’t just won the battle. Here in the dreamscape he could use Dream Invasion to make himself god of this place. Abra created a force at his core then released it from his body, throwing his enemy off of him and allowing him to leap through yet another passageway, this one into Idalos.

Abra didn’t care whether the Lotharro stayed in Emea or followed him because either way he was a dead man. The Lotharro chose to give chase and soon they were both rolling around on the ground of a forest. They were in a campground next to a group of sleeping travelers who all woke up when they heard the commotion. Before they could even get out of their tents their visitors had already blinked away several times.

No matter how many times Abra tried to use portals to create distance between him and the Lotharro he always brought his foe along for the ride. Abra didn’t have the time to properly cast a crippling empathy spell, not when the Lotharro was very clearly trying to kill him now. His new strategy was now to release a Sap miasma that would drain the Lothorro of energy while blinking in ways that thrusted them onto hard surfaces. He angled the portals so that the Lotharro was the one taking the brunt of the landing damage until he finally released his grip and gave up.

Abra wasn’t in much better shape. His body had been gripped hard in many places and in many others his skin had broken. He still had no idea where he was, just that he was in a forest that looked like nothing he’d ever seen in Melrath. He turned back to the Lotharro and decided he’d better finish what he started. Then he could use his body as a thrall and defend him until he found some shelter for the night. He could start by asking those travelers from earlier, if they’d even talk to him after all the commotion.
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Re: Unexpected Turn

Review Rewards

Name: Kadabra

Points awarded: 10 points, which can be used towards Rupturing

Navigation: A map has a key to explain symbols
Tactics: Enemies can hide in the trees
Detection: Don’t forget to check up above
Thrown Dagger: Throwing it so it doesn’t spin
Thrown Dagger: Power is more important than aim when portals are involved
Rupturing: Opening a portal quickly makes them inefficient

Magic: Points awarded, make sure you go into the PSF to get your Expert-level Mutation sorted ;-)

Injuries: Three rather nasty slashes across your back, where those knives went through your jacket (it's not armor, after all). Get them sorted within a trial or two or they'll start to go gangrenous. Some Moderate Overstepping, too (pick two of the consequences) but it'll clear up in a few trials, as long as you get rest and don't overuse your abilities.

I spoke to you on Discord with my issues regarding this post, so no need to go over all that again. Loved the use of Rupturing-infused throwing knives, and the wonderfully cinematic use of Rupturing an enemy into the FRIGGIN' UNTOLD and THEN the EMEA, just to get rid of him lol. The ending was far too rushed, so be careful of that next time. But overall? Good transitional post.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to this review, feel free to PM.
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  • Habitually dressed in boots, breeches, tunic, and cloak.
  • Long hair down to the shoulders, usually swept back or in a rough ponytail
  • Prefers a trimmed beard and mustache


  • Star-shaped scar on each palm.
  • Air around him seems to thicken and become more turbulent the closer a person gets to him.
  • Pitch black eyes, from tear ducts to the pupils.
  • Arms from shoulder to palms appear as if heavy chains are wrapped around them.
  • Wisps of black smoke constantly drifts around his body, forming the rough outline of a cloak. The more agitated he becomes, the thicker the layers get.
    Note: the torch-motif medallion Kasoria wears negates the visible effects of this mutation.
  • Roughly circular pattern across breastbone, constantly transforming, and resettling
  • Sunken, closed eyes in the back of hands; they open when stared at
  • Skin takes on the tone and quality of whatever material he's just Transmuted
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Re: Unexpected Turn

Hello Abra,

There has been an issue raised by a number of reviewers regarding your playing to your pc's skill levels.

We're going to be locking then rereviewing all your existing threads over the next forty days. You have that much time to identify potential issues with your past graded threads, and work with us to correct them as they are identified.

We have pcs who have worked very hard to achieve the skills that they have. For any other pc to assume success at a skill with next to no skill in it is a slap in the face to their hard work, creativity, and willingness to accept their characters shortcomings, bringing them to life as a believable character.

The following skills were used above their skill level on your character sheet:

1. detection
2. Acrobatics
3. endurance
4. Throwing dagger with portal magic
5. Wrestling(May fall under acrobatics)
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