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5th of Vhalar 719

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1.9 Risks Are All I Take [North O.P.] (Graded)

North Outer Perimeter
5th of Vhalar, Arc 719


After Llyr accounted for Snorri’s position in the start of the new venture - that he’d decided would be called Constellation … Consultants? Clients? Consultation? He’d have to come back to that - He wrote down Madam Miller’s specific requests and told them that he’d draft an employment contract for each. Llyr then gathered the writing supplies, and parchments and journals, into his satchel when Miller mentioned that she’d like to retire for the night.

He said farewell to them, with a shake of the hand for each, outside the tavern. Madam Miller covered her shoulders with her shawl, then took Snorri’s elbow and the two ambled somewhat drunkenly down the street into the north-east housing sector. Llyr sighed lowly, then lit a cigarette. He needed to either travel back through the gates to return home, or find a place in the outer perimeter to spend the night instead.

The young man started on a slow walk, but he only got to the corner when he heard someone from the adjacent alley say his name:

“Llywelyn, got a moment?”

He looked over. If it weren’t for a certain composure he managed to maintain, he might have startled at the sight of Danny Ray. The scrawny brunet Etzori peered at him from eyes blackened by the wrong end of a fist.

“Danny…” He said lowly, then continued to walk along the main street. It was dark out, but the street had plenty of lanterns set along to light the path between business establishments. Beyond, in the residences, candlelight poured out of windows where families and otherwise were settling for late dinners.

It forced the other lad to follow alongside him. Danny picked up his pace easy enough.

“Good,” said the Etzori. “I’d been lookin’ for ya.”

“Here I thought you were already aware of my every move,” mentioned Llyr.

“Nah. Lord Holbret’s got other stuffs to watch… but tonight’s my night off.”

“And you choose to spend it on me? I’m flattered.” Llyr dragged smoke into his lungs, then blew it in a cloud while he glanced over.

“Youse should be. I see yeh’ve made some new friends since last we chatted.”

Llyr simply hummed. He looked away at the different doors of the buildings while he walked past. After a bit, he said, “What is it that you want, Danny?”

“Ohh… nothing much. It’s just something I was wondering about. See, I heard from someones that you were poking around in the properties on the eastside. Which, struck me as weird cuz if I remembers right, that was those places Lord Holbret wanted you to get the addresses for - which yeh said you couldn’t bring yerself to go through with.” Danny swiped the cigarette away from Llyr’s lips. He looked at the ember, then tossed it down and stamped it out with the sole of his boot.

“Now, look here-” started Llyr, upset about the cigarette and the very accurate implication made.

Danny, however, didn’t want to chat anymore. He grabbed onto the front of Llyr’s jacket, then forced their momentum aside into the nearest building. Llyr’s back impacted hard against the stonebrick.

“Dammit,” he swore, grimaced at the sting of pain up his spine, then he shoved at Danny.

“Lesgo,” shouted Danny, a manic grin showed his blackened and yellowed teeth. “Where are your wings, mage boy? Eh? Can’t you cast a spell?”

Llyr paused. His eyes widened. Danny knew what his mutations looked like… and thus, the Etzori knew they weren’t active anymore, just like when the etherstorms had crossed over Etzos… just like when his sparks had been severed, as it had been for most mages. He managed to resist the urge to look at the ring of paradigm on his finger, that gave him the advantage of his mutations being suffocated… but that also meant the loss of his magic. He swore, “Shi-”

The pause cost him as Danny’s knuckles hit him right across the cheek. He paid in a disconcerting clack in his jaw. Silver blood welled in his mouth. He spat it out in a rough attempt to breathe. Danny followed with another punch to the side of his head, then threw him into the filth-lined edge where street met building. Llyr hurried to get some distance while he regained his bearings.

However, he saw a motion that flared greater instincts in him and he turned. He barely caught Danny’s foot when the Etzori nearly stomped Llyr’s ribs.

“Oh? Wasis?” Danny laughed. He tugged to get his leg free…

…but Llyr refused to let go. Instead, his other hand grabbed onto the pants leg. He climbed his way back to kneeling, which caused Danny’s laughs to become a bit more nervous. He kicked at the blond, but to no avail at the awkward angle now that his leg had been captured.

“Fucking let go,” snarled Danny Ray and he sent his fist for another punch.

Llyr expected it this time though. He watched the line of sinewy flesh, and he dodged. He released the leg and instead grabbed onto the arm. The Quacian forced Danny to the ground with a twisted yank. Danny scrambled as he hit the cobblestones.

Some people were watching them now, from windows and doorframes. Most passersby continued their walk, however. It likely seemed nothing more than a drunken brawl between two young friends - or rivals - or enemies, who really cared, it had nothing to do with them.

“I don’t need wings to beat your ass,” snapped Llyr. He shoved Danny’s head down and climbed atop the other lad. He realized now that Danny was lighter than him. Llyr had more muscles in his svelte form, which meant he had a certain advantage of strength if he only utilized it. He threw a punch that landed awkwardly against Danny’s nose.

No more talking. Fists and elbows flurried between each other. They rolled about in a wrestled attempt to gain the dominant position. Danny kept trying to grab at something in his front pocket on his jacket. Llyr slapped away his hands and retrieved the polished handle of a switchblade instead. He angrily looked at Danny, then momentarily jumped to his feet, ran a few steps and then threw the blade far across into an adjacent alley.

You pig fucker,” snarled the Etzori in ith’ession. He shoved Llyr aside, and ran after his blade instead of continuing the fight.

Llyr took advantage of the distraction though. He panted, breath heavy and fast from the struggle, then started to limp when he felt a sharp pain in his ankle. He must have hit it at a wrong angle while rolling around on the cobblestones. He hurried in the direction to the gates. He couldn’t stay in the outer perimeter, not with Danny on his trail. Frequently, he glanced over his shoulder and after only a few bits, he saw Danny headed his way.

Fight or run… Fight or run… He decided on the latter, but it was no use. With the injured limp, Danny was faster than him. Llyr spun around as he heard the approach.

During the motion, he took off the ring from his finger and pocketed it. He held up a hand and said a few words in Vahanic that were mostly nonsense like mushroom soup goes great with tea. But Danny didn’t know that… and in the next few trills, his halo flickered back into existence.

Danny came to a sudden halt, upon seeing the halo. He took a step backward.

“What’s the matter?” taunted Llyr. “Not so eager to fight now?”

This seemed to rally the Etzori though. He held up his switchblade and it fwipped as the blade came loose. It had a sickly green tint to the metal. “You’re bluffing.”

“You willing to take that risk?”

“Risks are all I take,” retorted Danny. He rushed in a blade-forward approach, point aimed to stab into Llyr’s midsection.

Llyr managed to dodge, though he almost felt the breeze created when Danny’s arm flew past him.

He danced away but the pain in his ankle, and the slight intoxication from drinking earlier, ended up getting the better of him. He swore as he tripped and fell onto his rear. Which turned out to be fortunate, when Danny swiped out with the blade to where he would have been… if he hadn’t fallen out of the spot. He stared at the knife as it arced just above his head.

Llyr kicked out. His heel landed in a crunch against Danny’s calves. The force swept Danny off his feet. Down they went again, fighting against each other with the ground at their backs. Only this time with a knife out, and Llyr’s wings started to reform. He focused on making sure the blade didn’t hit him, but ended up trading that for a few jabs of Danny's elbow into his side.

The pair of brawling young men were in the middle of the street, now. Some people had started to shout for someone to do something - though of course, they weren’t going to risk getting involved. It was becoming obvious to their audience that this wasn’t the sort of fight that would end nicely with a handshake or friendly drink after.

So perhaps it was luck that a young woman ran over, then started to pull Danny away from Llyr…

word count: 1612
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Re: 1.9 Risks Are All I Take [North O.P.]

Review Rewards

Name: Llyr

Points awarded: 10

[*] Unarmed Combat: Footwork while intoxicated.
[*] Unarmed Combat: Inebriated accuracy.
[*] Unarmed Combat: Fighting Dirty.
[*] Unarmed Combat: Tripping a man over.
[*] Unarmed Combat: Catching a leg mid-kick.
[*] Detection: Suspicious Behavior.

Injuries: Bruising on the jaw and cheeks, it'll be sore and painful for about ten trials, numerous other bruises and cuts, nothing serious

Renown: 10 points, for appearing in a public brawl where you... well, didn't WIN, but held your own against a jen-you-wine Etzori street daemon, which ain't nothin'!

Ooooh, this was fun! Very realistic, too. But the set up was nice, also. The way that Danny starts off as a sort-of-kind-of friend and then you get that sinking "oh shit" feeling when he starts questioning Llyr. But! Wing Boy rises to the occasion, and well within his skillsets. The desperation really adds an extra edge of enjoyment, very easy to visualize, and the lengths Llyr goes to is the same.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to this review, feel free to PM.
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