Rosalie Acothley

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Re: Rosalie Acothley

  • Memory NPC Approval for Enric

    Name: Enric Mirron
    Race: Mixed, Biquaj & Human
    Date of Birth: Arc 689, 20th cycle of Yaun
    Date of Death: Arc 714, 100th cycle of Vhalar

    Intimidation: 20
    Unarmed Combat (Ki'Enaq): 25
    Drawing: 25
    Ranged Weapon (Crossbow): 30


    The Basics: 6’2”, 180 lbs, Wavy dark hair to his collar, Eyes that seem to shift between blue and gray.

    The Elaboration: Has a charmingly crooked smile that developed due to a chipped tooth. Handsome enough to make a girl notice, but weathered by wild living, and uncontrolled passions. Has a strong jaw, deepset eyes, and a nose that looks like it’s been broken and set a few times. At rest, his mouth has a tilt giving him a perpetual smirk.

    Personality: Romantic, Generous, Manipulative, Overbearing, Bold, Persuasive, Short-tempered, Violent, Charming, Easily Slighted, Artistic, Controlling, Unpredictable.

    Relationship to PC: Former Lover & Leader of group of Highwaymen
word count: 156
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