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The Guardianship

Involved PCs:
  • Eihr / Hart
    • Son of Edasha
    • Current Location: Melrath
    • Next Location Planned: Unknown
  • Eliza Soule
    • Daughter of Ymiden
    • Current Location: Desnind
    • Next Location Planned: Rharne
  • Llyr Llywelyn
    • Son of Chamadarst
    • Current Location: Etzos
    • Next Location Planned: Viden

Currently: As of 1 Vhalar 719: Eliza has entrusted Wren to Llyr, upon Wren's insistence of doing so. Llyr has promised to keep in touch with her, and to start efforts to track down and find Hart - while also caring for Wren in his household.

Backstory Snippets:

Vhalar, 718 Hart arrives in Scalvoris, only to find himself trapped in another Emean maze. The maze has been brought into being by a man named Anthropos Apteros, who Hart and the others are tasked to find. At the heart of the maze, Hart makes the decision to put two mortalborn to sleep, Jesine and Kielik, in an attempt to stop them from hurting Anthropos Apteros. By putting the mortalborn of Emea to dreamless sleep, Hart separates Jesine and Kielik from their domains. And despite his efforts, Anthropos Apteros dies.

Hart makes a Wish, and the dead, wingless man is made into a young boy who Hart names Wren. At the end of the maze, Hart is marked by Vri, Jesine, and Kielik and becomes a dreamwalker. He also learns that the people he thought had died in the labyrinth are still alive. [The Maze]

Ashan, 719 On the 26th of Ashan, Hart and Kirei's baby Ru is born.

On the 30th, Hart is recruited along with many others by the great spirits of the land. He and two others, Luther and Vega, must locate the Door of Death, which is within Daia's --a dead immortal's-- domain. While trying to locate the Door, Hart and the others resurrect Daia. During the resurrection, Moseke appears and gives her domain of Life to Daia, while Daia loses her domains of Companionship and Prosperity. This results in the aging and partial Shattering of Moseke. Newly awakened, Daia meets with Faldrun and learns that he started the war on mortals by having Daia killed. Hart is marked by Daia for his part in her resurrection.

Hart, Luther, and Vega travel through the Door of Death to a circular hallway full of doorways, where they are to help complete the trials set out for them and others by the spirits. Hart is initiated into the domain magic Attunement.

However, the adventure turns out to be --mostly-- just a dream. [The Call]

In The Call, Hart and Llyr meet.

For Llyr, it is only by name and the relation to Edasha, as Hart was in an older man's body/face when they saw each other.
For Hart, he saw Llyr in his natural male form but under his previous name of Zarik instead and without his mutations.

On the 120th - 123rd of Ashan, Hart, Wren, and many others are taken away to Emea. In Emea Hart learns that by putting the mortalborn Jesine and Kielik to sleep in Vhalar, he had damaged Emea, and the entire world has fallen asleep. Hart, Wren, and two of the others, Eliza and Auya, try to get to the mortalborn to wake them.

To get them to the sleeping mortalborn, Auya sacrifices herself. Hart, Eliza, and some others are split from their objective to attend a trial for Auya, who is dead. Along with the others, Hart brings Auya back from the dead and she becomes an immortal. Because of this, Hart is marked by Ymiden and Pier & Pre.

At the same time, Hart, Wren, Eliza, and others continue on to the cathedral of dreams, still trying to get to the mortalborn. They have to make sacrifices to continue; Hart sacrifices his memories of Jovy, his ship the Jovy Akor, and his ability to have a home. Before they can wake the mortalborn, however, a mage called Alistair tries to consume Kielik's soul. Consuming Kielik's soul seems to harm the mortalborn and his sister Jesine, which in turn starts to destroy Emea. Another mage, Tio, tries to use Emean magic to switch places with Jesine and Kielik, which further destroys Emea. Because of this, Emea falls. In the confusion, Wren goes missing.

Jesine and Kielik are transformed into a being called Unity, an immortal, who offers their mark to Hart. However, Hart refuses and Jesine and Kielik's marks fade. [Crack in the Wall]

Wren's NPC Write-up

Name-- Wren [approval]
Past name(s)-- Anthropos Apteros, the Wingless Man
Race-- Unknown, presumed human
Date of rebirth; Apparent date of birth-- 1st of Vhalar, 718; 1st of Vhalar, 713
True date of birth-- Unknown
Skills-- 30 Dreamwalking, 30 Endurance, 30 Resistance, 10 Deception
Marks-- Nyvahi (Unity's blessing, Favored) [approval]

Build: Wren is of average height and weight for a child his age.
Scars: He doesn't have any prominent scars, though his skin is peppered in odd marks just barely paler than his natural complexion. These marks, barely visible, represent the torture that was done to Anthropos Apteros over untold years.
Hair; Eye color: Wren has pale, chin-length hair that is usually messy; his eyes are a strange dark blue. He has a peculiar sense of age about the eyes and an unsettling stare for someone so young.

Personality-- For the most part, Wren is a rather subdued and solemn child. He doesn't make friends easily and seems uncertain of other people his age. Though he seems to prefer to be around adults, he has a serious face and a strange manner which puts most adults off. He prefers listening over speaking, and sometimes will not speak a word all trial. Despite this, he seems happy enough, and is at his happiest around other people and when experiencing new things. He does not like to be alone and, when he does speak, it is usually to ask questions. He's a curious child in more than one way.

History-- When Hart met Wren, Wren was a man of indeterminate age, surrounded on all sides by his many wings, trapped at the heart of an Emean maze of his own making. Though Hart had been told previously that the man's name was Anthropos Apteros, the man did not respond to that name and couldn't remember his own. There were apparent shadows tearing at him which Hart identified as two mortalborn, Jesine (the mortalborn of Dreams, Sleep, and Imagination) and Kielik (the mortalborn of Nightmares, Insomnia, and Oblivion). In order to help Anthropos Apteros free himself from the maze and from Emea, Hart touched the two mortalborn and, using his ability Bliss, commanded them to fall into restful slumber.

As the mortalborn fell asleep, Anthropos Apteros burst into a brilliant light, strong enough and bright enough to batter Hart unconscious. When he next saw the man they were outside the maze and Emea, but the man, now old and scarred, was dead. Hart, using his mortalborn ability Wish, Wished Anthropos Apteros back to life and youth. Between one instant and the next the old man was a young boy, five arcs old, who did not seem to remember anything that had happened. After the maze the boy was given the name Wren, and came into Hart's custody.

Other-- Excerpts about Anthropos Apteros from the maze [1] [2]:
Pegasus wrote:He had been a child when they'd taken him.

A young boy. A twin, he and his sister. They'd taken them because they were both born able to walk in dreams. Powerfully so. And so, they had experimented, questioned, probed. At first, that was all they'd done, but then they started to cut, to force ingestion of different poisons, chemicals... as their abductors grew more desperate, so too did the treatment the children received grow more extreme.
Pegasus wrote:Anthropos Apteros slumbered and in his slumbering he dared to dream. His dreams were of beauty and life, love and hope ~ or so he believed them to be. As the rip in reality caught the fevered dreams of the wingless man, it took them and it twisted, experimenting with each one. Science, after all, is an amoral creature and 'what happens if' is an emotionless question.
What happens if you take a mortal who is broken, emotionally, and expose him to the depths of Emea?
Thou shall not fall

... and thus, Anthropos Apteros was born
What happens if that mortal watches the torture of the one person above all others who he loves?
Thou shall not fear

... and then, his sister joined him
What happens if that mortal is pushed beyond every limit he believes he has and then left, alone and afraid?
Thou shall not die

But soon, they were both no more ...
What happens if his love was so strong that he comes back and exacts vengeance?
Thou shall not kill

Note: Hart is not aware of most of Anthropos Apteros' history. He does not know that he was taken as a child, that he had a sister, who his parents were, or from where he was taken. He does not know if Wren has living family. He knows that it was likely that Anthropos Apteros was tortured, because he saw the scars on his skin. He suspects that he was tortured at least in part by Kielik. Other than that, Hart only knows that he reached the man at the center of the maze and did everything he could to set him free.

Relationship to PC-- Wren seems to like Hart, and likes to keep close to him, usually within sight. Though he doesn't much remember the maze or his life before, he seems to understand that Hart helped him in some way. He doesn't think of Hart as an adoptive father. As far as Hart is aware, Wren thinks of him more as an important friend and guardian.

word count: 1652

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