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Here is the City in the Trees. Desnind, home of the Immortal Moseke and much more! All IC writings in Desnind go here.
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The trees are taller than the stars.


Vhalar, 2, 719

They arrived under a blanket of stars. A small cargo vessel smoothly sliced through the small frothing waves about it. The first sign of land came not in the form of sight for the Mortalborn below deck but in the sense of smell, the air smelled different than he'd grown accustomed to, neither the dingy squalor of Yaralon or the usual salty brine of the ship, but a cleaner almost sweeter smell. Walking above deck groggily his sea legs never gained the Mortalborn stepped out of the cargo hold another unknown arrival to the city. Grabbing his few belonging he'd brought from Yaralon he and the few other passengers all shuffled onto the pier grateful to have solid ground beneath their feet once more.

Stepping onto the docks the mortalborn yawned, it was late and he'd need to find lodging if he wasn't sleeping on the boat, which he was not planning on risking. Wandering forward into the unexplored city of Desnind it was not until he gazed to the stars that he realized something was entirely different here, he could no longer see stars, they'd been consumed by the overarching branches of great trees, his nighttime arrival had hidden the nature of the city to him but his eyes began to widen in wonder as the beauty of the city began to surround him as the dock fell behind. The language they spoke here, it felt musical to his ears, but alien, therefor, scary. Pulling his cloak tighter he cursed himself for not asking directions to an inn. He wanted to panic as the realization of his situation began to dawn on him, but the serene air of the city somewhat preserved his frayed nerves. Casting his eyes about he realized that there was much more city above him, built into the very giant trees that surrounded the city.

He'd never thought himself one to have a fear of heights but he could feel his knees considering developing one at the thought of some the suspended bridges he saw over head. Swallowing down the growing feeling of fear trying to pervade his insides Hwyn against stepped into the city straightening his spine and trying not to look entirely like a lost tourist in this strange new place. He had two objectives, find lodging, and then, a temple, both things that were relatively easy to find in a city, he just needed to be calm and collected. Inhaling the sweet scent of the new city he tried to replace preconceived fears with the hope of the start of a new adventure.

word count: 440

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