When Dreamers Die I (Solo)

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When Dreamers Die I (Solo)

Vhalar 58th, 719

The Order of Adunih in Desnind appeared to be at a loss over how to handle Riq'al's seemingly permanent state of sleep. Everything they knew to try had been tried. Herbs had been burned in his presence, drugs had been given, smelling salts tried. The man appeared to be in a true coma, unable to be awoken. Many were already mourning his loss, knowing that most people who enter a coma never wake up again.

The Healer had watched as the gold cloaks tried, as the grey cloaks tried, and as the white cloaks tried. None were successful, none knew what caused this coma state, and none knew what to even consider next. But something was nagging at the Healer. Something that none had tried, or rather that none could try. The Healer carried her child to the room where Riq'al was being kept for observation, for now. If he wasn't cured, he'd be taken home to be made comfortable.

The Healer looked over at one of the other green cloaks who was tasked with accompanying her on most tasks, both for her own assistance but for ensuring that she didn't lose control, as was common for ghosts. The Healer understood this, and did not question it. "Will you hold my child? I am going to try something." The green cloak looked nervous, though the Healer wasn't sure if it was over the child or over the fact that she was about to try something when all others had failed. She raised her head in confidence, not letting the lack of it in others to affect her.

She looked down at the Dreamwalker. He looked so peaceful, sleeping there. She reached out, touching his bare chest, her fingers running over his muscles. She could feel that call within him, that void that pulled at her to possess him, but she ignored it. That wasn't what she wanted. She was seeking out something more, something she'd discovered in her desire to protect her own child. Something she did every single night since her child had been born. Her fingers trailed up over his chest, along his neck and alighted over his closed eyes. And that's when she felt it.

She stabbed her fingers into his eyes and her entire body disappeared.

The Healer opened her eyes and found herself upon a small ship on a stormy sea. She inherently knew that she was awake and lucid. She looked around, feeling the rain beating against her. She looked down at herself, seeing that she was not transparent like she was in life. That was... different. She hadn't noticed that before. Perhaps it hadn't happened before. This was a ship, much like Enrick's. The Healer had many memories of the journey with Enrick, to Desnind, thanks to his wound that blinded him. She'd even had to steer the ship for much of it.

She looked up to the main deck, seeing Riq'al there at the wheel. She smiled, climbing up the steps toward him, rocking with the waves, holding onto the rail. His eyes were to busy watching the sea ahead of him. The Healer walked over to him, touching him on the shoulder, looking to push him to lucidity. He shouted over the wind, causing her to jump in surprise, "I'm already awake love, though really busy! Tighten down that line would ya?"

The Healer saw the line he was nodding toward, and she moved down to the lower deck. She untied the knots carefully, keeping a firm grip on the sail. The winds were trying to rip it from her hand, while also yanking on her cloak which was trying to choke her. She jerked and pulled on it, til she got it back into its tie hitch, knotting it down, good and tight. Enrick had at least taught her that much.

Calendar submission[/url
58th - When Dreamers Die - Moderator Input -the Tsabar announces that Riq'al is in a sleep which has lasted now for trials. He is unable to be woken and they worry for his life. Are there any walkers in dreams who will care for him? PM Peg for Plotnotes if you are investigating. All threads must be submitted to the Thread Tracker
Plot Notes Given
1. He's in a trap - a deliberately set one.
2. His Dreamscape is fine - not harmed - it's him that's the issue. It's like he simply can not see any exits (for want of a better analogy)
3. The only way you're going to get him out is forcibly - which will potentially damage him. But he is himself in there, he can be spoken with / reasoned with - and he WANTS to wake - but he just can't.
word count: 809

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