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RP Medals


Dreamwalking Ledger

Dreamwalking Ledger
Thread or Skill Name Points Adjustment Running Total
A Feeling +5 [Initiation | Raw Emetyte Well] 5
Pesants and Lords +2 7
The Lord and His Peasant +2 9
Labyrinth I +2 11
Wan Fak +2 13
Labyrinth II +2 15
Wan Duk? +2 17
Pretty Words +2 19
Blaze +2 21
Winter Solstice +2 23
I Met a Traveler +2 25
Void +2 27
Dancers of the Dying Sun +2 29
A Bird in the Hand +2 31
Two Etherists and a Kiwi +2 33
The Land Down Under +2 35
The Queen of Hearts +2 37
Knock Knock +2 39
B E A S T +2 41
Do You Know...? +2 43
Dollhouse +2 45
Start Out Slow +2 47
Not Truth, but Intent +2 49
Valediction +1 (2?) 50
Novice Basket Weaving +1 51
The Quest Part 1 +1 52
This World, My Heart +1 53
This World, My Heart II +1 54
AF: Once Upon a Nightmare +1 55
1. The Peasant In Me +1 56
4. Keep You Warm +1 57
2. In the Wild Sun +1 58
This Heart, My World I +1 59
3. Make My Branches Strong +1 60
Iota Divinitas +1 61
Stargazer +1 62
5. A Fool of Heart +1 63
The Pure +1 64
A Magpie Meets a Wren +1 65
Identity Shoppe +1 66
Trial of the Small +1 67
One Llyr Short +1 68
The Fading Light +1 69
Polka-dot Periwinkle and Gold +1 70
Some Good In This World +1 71
AF: Cool winters, warm sands +1 72
AF: Silver Needles +1 73
Blood Aurora +1 74
Rota Fortunae +1 75
Mountain Meadows +1 76
Down the Rabbit Hole +1 77
Mountain Meadows 2 +1 78
Mountain Meadows 3 +1 79
Spider Season +1 80
Strangers tell no secrets +1 81
Pillars of Dreams +1 82
Let's Attune +1 83
Abstractions I +1 84
One Last Time +1 85
Dream The Little Man +1 86
Unveil +1 87
1. Like a Snowflake in a Fiery Grip +1 88
2. Many Things I Cannot Grasp +1 89
From Star to Star, A Spider's Silk +1 90
3. Dolls and Toys +1 91
4. From Chaos Choreographed +1 92
Above & Beyond (Part 1) +1 93
5. S E P E R A T E +1 94
6. Buried Treasures +1 95
1. Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae +1 96
All the world's a stage +1 97
Link thread or Name of Skill Point Adjustment 98
Link thread or Name of Skill Point Adjustment 99
Link thread or Name of Skill Point Adjustment 100

Dreamwalking Brands

Current Active Brands: 17/35
  1. Dreamwalking - Brand: Duncan Oisin (on lips). Source
  2. Dreamwalking - Brand: Kasoria of Etzos aka Karim (on lips) Source
  3. Dreamwalking - Brand: Sybil Malach (on lips). (source)
  4. Dreamwalking – Brand: Doran Thetys (on lips). (source)
  5. Dreamwalking – Brand: Eliza Soule (on lips) (source)
  6. Dreamwalking – Brand: Emelia Enners (on lips). (source (AF))
  7. Dreamwalking - Brand: Woe (on lips). (source)
  8. Dreamwalking - Brand: Brent Forrester (flick on forehead) (source)
  9. Dreamwalking – Brand: Laures "Lars" (on lips). (source)
  10. Dreamwalking – Brand: Oberan "Aldebaran" (on forehead). (source)

  1. Dreamwalking – Brand (NPC): Wren (on forehead) (source)
  2. Dreamwalking – Brand (NPC): Gigi (on lips) (source)

  1. Dreamwalking - Brand (Location): Yaralon: Inn room at Harbor of Yaralon overlooking the bay (inn run by NPC Hepzah).Source
  2. Dreamwalking - Brand (Location): Etzos: Inner Perimeter: Underground Rotunda connected by tunnel to an old house. (source)
  3. Dreamwalking – Brand (Location): Emelia Enners’ room in a small house in Almund, Scalvoris. (source)
  4. Dreamwalking - Brand (Location): Corridor floor outside Sybil's Bedroom in Carnelian Prism, Viden. (source)

  1. Dreamwalking - Brand (Object): The Pebble (a modest unassuming gray pebble that can be kept on twine). (source)
  • Dreamwalking - Brand: Mathias "Mads" Moreno aka Mister Kiwi (on lips). Source
  • Dreamwalking - Brand Transfer: Mathias "Mads" Moreno aka Mister Kiwi (upon death) onto Duncan Oisin. Source
  • Dreamwalking - Brand: Hazel (on forehead). Source
  • Dreamwalking - Brand Transfer: Hazel onto Wren. (source)

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RP Medals


Academy & Language Ledger

Academy Ledger
Thread Date Location Institute Subject Type Level
Rush, Rush 23 Vhalar 719 Viden Arcana Ether Entrance Exams (Letter, Certificate) Diploma
Academy Registry 24 Vhalar 719 Viden Arcana Ether Official Registration Diploma
An Etherist's Lecture 44 Vhalar 719 Viden Arcana Ether Teaching Thread Diploma
The Webs We Weave 42 Vhalar 719 Viden Arcana Ether Study Thread Diploma
Exclusion 85 Zi'da 719 Viden Arcana Ether Study Thread Diploma
Academy Registry 1 Cylus 720 Viden Arcana Ether Seasonal Registration Charter
Academy Registry 1 Ymiden 720 Viden Languages Lexicography Official Registration Diploma
Etymology I 54 Ymiden 720 Viden Languages Lexicography Study Thread (Y720) Diploma
Thread date Viden Arcana Ether type level
Thread date Viden Arcana Ether type level
notes here

Language Ledger
Thread or Language Points Adjustment Lore XP Running Status
Common Starting Language 0 0 Fluent
Cursive Free Competent Linguistics 0 0 Fluent
Vahanic Rebirth Cycle 719 spent in Quacia + XP + Free Expert Ling 4 14 Fluent
Ith'ession Hot Cycle 719 spent in Etzos + XP + Free Expert Ling 3 10 Fluent
Common Sign Xypha: Intuitive Linguist 0 0 Fluent
Rakahi Starting Language 1 0 Broken
Xanevic Free Novice Linguistics 0 0 Broken
Scalveen Free Novice Linguistics 0 0 Broken
Ancient XP 7 10 Broken
Current Point Spend
Master Level (4 for 1)
Easy Language to Broken: 7 points
Easy language from Broken to Conversational: 8 points
Easy Language from Conversational to Fluent: 10 points
Total Points to Learn an Easy Language from Scratch: 25 points.
Total Specific Knowledge: 6

Medium language to Broken: 9 points
M from B to C: 10 points
M from C to F: 12 points.
Total Points to Learn a Medium Language from Scratch: 31 points.
Total Specific Knowledge: 9

Hard language to Broken: 10 points.
H from B to C: 13 points.
H from C to F: 14 points.
Total Points to Learn a Hard Language from Scratch: 37 points.
Total Specific Knowledge: 12
Corresponding Notes
Starting languages:
Common [Fluent] (Spoken/Written, Everywhere, Easy)
Rakahi [Broken] (Spoken, Ne'haer/Rynmere, Easy)

Seasonal Salary Bonus (Rebirth 719 Cycle spent in Quacia) Source
If the PC remains in the city for one Cycle, they may take the primary language of that city up to the level of "Broken" for FREE.
Vahanic [Broken] (Spoken/Written, Quacia, Medium) - Rebirth Cycle 719
Ith'ession [Broken] (Spoken/Written, Etzos, Easy) - Hot Cycle 719 + Cold Cycle 719.

Linguistics Skill:

Novice Level:
Select 2 easy level languages. You may rank up to 'Broken' in these languages for free. You may learn a maximum of 4 languages.
Xanevic (Spoken/Written, Rhakros, Easy)
Scalveen (Spoken/Written, Scalvoris, Easy).

Competent Level:
Select 2 easy or medium level languages. You may rank up to 'Broken' in both of these languages for free. As a second option, if you have 2 languages at the 'Broken' level, you may upgrade both of them to 'Conversational'. As a third option, you may choose 1 language to level to 'Fluent' for free. You may learn a maximum of 8 languages.
Option Three
1 language to Fluent: Cursive (Written, Everywhere, Easy)

Expert Level:
Select any 2 languages to level to 'Broken' for free. As an option, you may choose 2 languages you've learned already to level from 'Broken' to 'Conversational' or 'Conversational' to 'Fluent' for free. You may learn a maximum of 12 languages.
Option Three:
2 Languages from Conversational to Fluent:
- Vahanic (from conversational to fluent at expert level)
- Ith'ession (from conversational to fluent at expert level)

Master Level:
Select any 2 languages to level to 'Broken' for free. As an option, you may choose 2 languages you've learned already to level from 'Broken' to 'Conversational' or 'Conversational' to 'Fluent' for free. You may learn a maximum of 16 languages.
2 Languages to Broken for Free:
- Ancient (Spoken/Written, Eidisi/Immortals, Viden, Hard) (from conversational to fluent at master level) or (from broken to conversational)
- ??? pending

XY - Xypha-based can break the cap of language maximum.

Current Language List:
  1. Common (fluent)
  2. Rakahi (broken)
  3. Vahanic (fluent)
  4. Ith'ession (fluent).
  5. Cursive (fluent)
  6. Ancient (broken)
  7. Xanevic (broken)
  8. Scalveen (broken)
  9. 10
  10. 11
  11. 12
  12. 13
  13. 14
  14. 15
  15. 16
  16. Common Sign (fluent) [XY]
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Renown: 830
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Wealth Tier: Tier 8


RP Medals


Non-Skill Knowledge


  • (SP) Race: Biqaj
  • (SP) Location: Quacia
  • (SP) Layout: Quacia
  • (SP) Laws: Quacia
  • (SP) Customs & Festivals: Quacia
  • (SP) Immortal: Chrien
  • (SP) Immortal: U'frek
  • (SP) History: Biqaj
  • (SP) History: Quacia
  • (SP) Customs & Traditions: Biqaj
  • Rakahi: Returning to my native tongue.
  • Rakahi: Belonging to Biqaj culture.

  • Race: Human.
  • Ghosts: Copper harms them.
  • Ghosts: Salt only works if it doesn't dissolve.
  • Ghosts: Check if anything is left behind.
  • Yvithia: Patron Immortal
  • Immortals: Can have offspring with mortals.
  • Immortal: Ymiden
  • Immortals: Cannot Change or Evolve.
  • Immortals: Chained to their Domains.
  • Mortalborns: Can live very long, but look young still.
  • Mortalborn: Eliza Soule
  • Mortalborn: Doran Thetys.
  • Concept: Homunculus
  • Mark: Lethroda
  • Mark: Xypha
  • Mark: Sesser
  • Sintra: How a Webspinner is Made
  • Sintra: Marked Woe.
  • Immortal: Chamadarst
  • Immortal: Yvithia
  • Immortal: Syroa
  • Immortals: Yvithia, Vhalar, and Ziell are siblings.
  • Immortals: Sintra and Audrae are siblings.


  • Travel Route: Water: Yaralon to Crescent Sea Docks (3 trials)
  • Travel Route: Land: Crescent Sea Docks to Nashaki (2 trials)
  • Location: Nashaki
  • Laws: Nashaki

  • History: Etzos
  • Ashvane Estate: The Secret Attic: A source of intimate knowledge.
  • Ashvane Estate: The Secret Attic: Creepy, but quiet and comforting.
  • Etzos' Factions and their spheres of jurisdiction
  • Etzos' Faction members and which are more trustworthy
  • Etzos' Factions' contentions with each other
  • Etzos' Politics and policies
  • Etzos' Trade, manufacturing and business practices
  • Etzos' layout, laws, culture and factions
  • Etzos: “Etzos Prime” is the city.
  • Etzos, Ymiden 719: Etzos Prime Under Siege
  • Etzos, Ymiden 719: Allowed their mages to flay plagued citizens.
  • Location: Foster’s Landing
  • Location: The Happy Trout Inn
  • Etzos: Hall of Rule and Reprimand: The Forgotten.
  • Etzos: Culture: Brutal, dangerous, sneaky.
  • Etzos, Ymiden 719: Diseases Wiping Out Man and Animals Indiscriminately
  • Etzos: The “Oh’Pee” is Etzos’ Shanty.
  • Etzos: The "Citadel" is Etzos' Fortress.
  • Etzos Prime, Location: Old Jim Slims’ Pub, small tavern in NW OP.
  • Etzos, Ymiden 719: Filled with Ghosts.
  • Etzos: Location: The Steaming Dream
  • Etzos: The Steaming Dream: Open Account.
  • Location: Etzos.
  • Etzos: Location: Northern Tower (Medical Station).
  • Etzos: Location: Eastern Tower (Veterinary Station).
  • Etzos: Location: Mark's Training Ward.
  • Etzos: Location: "Breakers" Ward.
  • Layout: Etzos (City).
  • Layout: Etzos (Outlying Lands).
  • Layout: Etzos (Outer Perimeter).
  • Military: Etzos.
  • Etzos: Riddled with Narrow Passageways Between the Rings.
  • Etzos: Network of Sewer Tunnels Under the Whole City.
  • Etzos: Commercial Circle.
  • Etzos: Location: The Northside Orphanage (North OP).
  • Etzos: Underworld and their spheres of influence.
  • Etzos: Underworld members.
  • Etzos: Underworld gangs and their contentions with each other.
  • Etzos: Outer Perimeter’s Underworld.
  • Etzos: Outer Perimeter.
  • Etzos: Prince of Eternal Mercies, Warlord of North Etzos.
  • Etzos: Fighting against Immortal influence is a repeated Historical event.
  • Most of the layout of Webb's estate
  • This leaves only the new Marshall Venora and the brute, Royce
  • Dogs are as much trouble as wards

  • Theocratum: Blood Prayer
  • Theocratum: Hymns of Devotion
  • Quacia: Marriage Traditions
  • Quacia: History of Magic
  • Quacia: The Seekers
  • Quacia: Guild of Hospitality: Owns Red Cloak Hospital
  • Quacia: Guild of Hospitality: Used to own Woodstock Hall.
  • Quacia: Guild of Hospitality: Ashbrook Hospice is a subsidiary.

  • Location: Porta Braga (Barony)
  • Location: Yaralon: A large city with millions of people.
  • Location: Carnelian Prism, Viden.
  • Location: The Prime Anathenum, Viden.
  • Location: Melrath
  • Rhakros: Has an extensive underground cavern system
  • Rhakros: Has insect guardians
  • Rynmere: Requires children to replace noble ranks.
  • Rynmere: Besieged by plague.
  • Rynmere: Divine Rulers, living descendants of the Gods.
  • Rynmere: A kind people
  • Rynmere: The Old Guard

  • Marcovera: Unknown Disease: infectious non-fatal rash that spreads barnacle-like blisters on the feet.
  • Melrath: Worships Induks instead of Immortals
  • Melrath: House Magnus.
  • Viden: The Third Floor of the Prime Atheneum.
  • Transportation: Flutterbus.


  • Bestiary: Saltfetchers
  • Bestiary: Saltfetchers: Sometimes attack settlements
  • Bestiary: Ferahorns (Creep).
  • Bestiary: Changelings (Creep).
  • Bestiary: Living Trees (Creep).
  • Spirits: Ose-bori
  • Spirits: Induk
  • Spirits: Diri
  • Spirits: Anak, Spirits of Concept
  • Spirits: Myrkvior, the Induk of a forest in Melrath.
  • Emean creatures suffer in the real world
  • Gestalte Leviathan: An ancient Revealed Becomer
  • Encasing: The Leviathan's other method of attacking
  • Vathrah'nal Protreani: "The Father of Becoming"
  • Vathrah'nal Protreani: The identity of the Gestalte Leviathan


  • Book: A Grimoire on Lichdom
  • Book: The Origins of Magic and Mage History
  • Journal: House Venora Secrets
  • Lich: Ether/energy is their life blood.
  • Lich: Burning has limited effects on them.
  • Lich: Halfway between life and death.
  • The Originals: The Source of the Spark


  • Domain Magic: The Spark
  • Domain Magic: Transmutation
  • Domain Magic: Becoming
  • Domain Magic: The Fifth Spark: Dangerous to attempt.
  • Domain Magic: Abrogation
  • Domain Magic: Flaying.
  • Domain Magic: Dependence on Ether.
  • Fracture: Pathway between Emea and Idalos
  • Fracture: Magic works differently in a Fracture.
  • Wells: crystallized energy: There are many different types.
  • Ether: dream-like potential of Emea
  • Magic: Long-term revelation may generate unknown capabilities
  • Item: Ring of Paradim: Magic doesn't come back immediately.
  • Item: Ring of Paradim: Mutations do come back immediately.
  • Ring of Paradigm: Helps separate and identify the influences of sparks.
  • Magic: There is ALWAYS A Cost
  • Magic: Mutations Occur as Power Increases
  • Magic: Revelation
  • Magic: Becoming a Mage Changes You, on a Fundamental Level
  • Magic: Flaying
  • Magic: Flaying: The Thirst
  • Magic: Spark Removal
  • Glamour: Illusion magic is very effective


  • Emea: The Veil: My perceptions have changed how the Veil appears.
  • The Breaking of Emea: Stopped the Encasing of Graeslin's ship
  • Dreamwalking: Lucid Dreaming
  • Dreamwalking: A Snap of the Fingers to Change Scenery
  • Dreamwalking: Can do more in dreams than in real life
  • Dreamwalking: The Dreamscapes
  • Dreamwalking: Other dreamers can visit your dream.
  • Dreamwalking: Time does not operate the same.
  • Dreamwalking: Seduction can extend to the surrounding environment.
  • Dreamwalking: Can be used as a tactic.
  • Dreamwalking: A Dreamer can follow you into reality?!
  • Dreamwalking: Control over your own dreamscape.
  • Dreamwalking: Can be useful to recover information.
  • Dreamwalking: Dreamscape Location: The Wastes (Karim)
  • Dreamwalking: Trespassing.
  • Dreamwalking: Physical body within Emea.
  • Dreamwalking: If physical in Emea, can be hurt like in Idalos.
  • Dreamwalking: Nightmares
  • Dreamwalking: Avoid Nightmares if possible.
  • Dreamwalking: Nightmares have a core similar to creephearts.
  • Dreamwalking: Doors
  • Dreamwalking: You don't find doors, you open them.
  • Dreamwalking: Escorting.
  • Dreamwalking: Forcing a door open.
  • Dreamwalking: Crossing
  • Dreamwalking: Dreamscape Location: Mistral Woods (Kasoria)
  • Dreamwalking: A spiral of blood and a slap brands a location.
  • Dreamwalking: A kiss brands a person.
  • Dreamwalking: Non-physical traveling through a dreamscape.
  • Dreamwalking: When a dreamer departs their dreamscape, the dream collapses.
  • Dreamwalking: Recognizing from the Veil when two brands are interacting with each other.
  • Dreamwalking: Waking a dreamer is different than Initiating them.
  • Dreamwalking: The Veil is required for Initiation.
  • Dreamwalking: Cloaking.
  • Dreamwalking: The use of a "dagger" as an act of focused will (Athame).
  • Dreamwalking: Governing.
  • Dreamwalking: Anchoring.
  • Dreamwalking: Handling multiple dream clones of yourself.
  • Dreamwalking: A dreamscape can be used as a space for discovery.
  • Dreamwalking: Use of magic in Emea is dangerous
  • Dreamwalking: You can change the way you look in Emea.
  • Dreamwalking: Things can occur differently in Immortal domains than in mortal dreamscapes.
  • Dreamwalking: Possession of dream constructs to puppet them.
  • Dreamwalking: The destination can be moving, so long as the target is there.
  • Dreamwalking: The Naerikk "gift" actually helps initiate it
  • Dreamwalking: Lost sensory stimuli returns in the Veil
  • Dreamwalking: Using Kasoria's weapons as location targets
  • Dreamwalking: Kasoria's Depiction of The Veil (ocean)
  • Dreamwalking: Sybil's Depiction of The Veil (holes in the sky)
  • Dreamwalking: Hiding the Vulnerability of Your Own Dreamscape
  • Dreamwalking: Multiple avatars layered in your dreamscape
  • Dreamwalking: Even when not physical, injury is possible when lucid.
  • Dreamwalking: Being the interrupted dreamer for once.
  • Dreamwalking - Branded By: Wren (NPC) (on hand).

Mortalborn Abilities

Mortalborn Domain (Cultivation) Ability:
  • Refinement: Environment Feeding: +25 breaks. (21 Vhalar 719) (source)
  • Refinement: Individual Feeding (Doran): +5 breaks (21 Vhalar 719) (source)

Active PCs

Doran (Transmutation/Dreamwalking initiate)
  • Doran Thetys: A doctor.
  • Doran Thetys: A professor of alchemy.
  • Doran Thetys: Hero of Oscillus
  • Doran Thetys: Sesser (marked by Syroa).
  • Doran Thetys: Worked with Lord Vuda.
  • Doran Thetys: Currently resides in Viden.
  • Doran Thetys: Escorted him to the Veil.
  • Doran Thetys: My Initiate.
  • Doran: Has met Immortals.
  • Doran: Has met Mortalborns.
  • Doran: His research is in Blood Magic via Alchemy.
  • Doran: Can create the effects of magic without a spark.
  • Doran Thetys: My initiate in Transmutation.
  • Doran Thetys: Mortalborn, son of Ziell
  • Doran Thetys: Over 300 years old.
  • Doran Thetys: Respectful of me.
  • Doran Thetys: Knows my full name (Llyr Llywelyn).
  • Doran Thetys: Used to change identity, but decided to keep this life.
  • Doran: Enjoys Coffee and Vanilla.
  • Doran: Somehow even more alluring while teaching a class.
  • Doran: Alchemy Professor Thetys.
  • Doran: Confessed I flayed, to him.
  • Doran: Told him I love him.
  • Doran: Alchemist, Sesser, Dreamlord, Etherist, Son of Ziell, Warrior and Slayer of Tanner Mantises, and soon to be Dean of Academy of Viden’s Institute of… sciences!
  • Doran: Created a new branch of alchemy.
  • Doran: Is working on fascinating research.
  • Doran: Told me that he loves me.
  • Doran: Created the gauntlet for Prince of Eternal Mercies.
  • Doran: Interested in the idea of being made into one of my totems.
  • Doran: Maybe wants one of those Etzori action figures of himself.
Woe (Empathy / Lover)
  • Woe: Freed slave from Rynmere.
  • Woe: Chatty and sad drunk.
  • Woe: Murderer (of a woman named Emma Heen).
  • Woe: Adopted daughter died from choking on a biscuit.
  • Woe: Spent some time in Yaralon.
  • Woe: Jailer, as his profession.
  • Woe: Joining the Etzori military to help (and possibly suicidal?)
  • Woe: Doesn’t like Immortals (or their kin).
  • Woe: A mage of unknown domains.
  • Woe: Knows I am lowborn and from Quacia.
  • Woe: Knows me as Mister Magpie.
  • Woe: Seems to have an ease around spiders
  • Woe: A Webspinner.
  • Woe: Lethodra (marked by Sintra).
  • Woe: Initiated Emelia into Empathy.
  • Woe: His Entire Life’s History.
  • Woe: Cares about me?
  • Woe: Knows many of my secrets.
  • Woe: Told him I love him.
  • Woe: It’s Complicated.
  • Woe: Openly Cursed Sintra.
  • Woe: Attuner, Empath, Lover.
  • Woe: Prefers my Lucretia Totem.
  • Woe: Is leaving Etzos for Ne’haer.
Kasoria (Dreamwalking Initiate)
  • Kasoria: Escorted him to the Veil.
  • Kasoria: A mage who enjoys his spark.
  • Kasoria: Hates “Mortys” and “Marked”.
  • Kasoria: Intimidating.
  • Kasoria: Willing to give me a chance.
  • Kasoria: His safety is important to me.
  • Kasoria: Etzori.
  • Kasoria: Etzos is his home.
  • Kasoria: Has a lot of weapons.
  • Kasoria: Looking to get back home.
  • Kasoria: We made a blood pact (I'll get him to Etzos, he'll watch my back on the ship).
  • Kasoria: Willing to bleed for me.
  • Kasoria: My "man" / body guard (for now).
  • Kasoria: Sellsword, an impressive fighter.
  • Kasoria: Saved my hide though he didn’t have to.
  • Kasoria: Doesn’t have great table manners.
  • Kasoria: Shrewd.
  • Kasoria: His only family is in Westguard.
  • Kasoria: Family is Important to him.
  • Kasoria: Money is also important to him.
  • Kasoria: Obtuse, Blunt, Amusing.
  • Kasoria: Careful when negotiating deals with him.
  • Kasoria: My Initiate.
  • Kasoria: His name has a reputation in Etzos that commands fear and respect.
  • Kasoria: Two seasons spent imprisoned in a solitary Forgotten cell in his early-20s.
  • Kasoria: Doesn’t talk back to the shadows.
  • Kasoria: Believes himself to be sane?
  • Kasoria: Almost cut my throat.
  • Kasoria: From the "Oh'Pee" in Etzos.
  • Kasoria: Sister, Lilith, and Mother, Yasmina; Immortal worshippers.
  • Kasoria: Lost his mother and sister to populace fear, due to their faith, during a plague.
  • Kasoria: Rescued us.
  • Kasoria: Enjoys the art of murder.
  • Kasoria: Showed sympathy for Hazel’s death.
  • Kasoria: Doesn’t approve of flaying.
  • Kasoria: Used his magic to torture.
  • Kasoria: A powerful abrogant with a strong connection to his spark.
  • Kasoria: Approved on my account at The Steaming Dream.
  • Kasoria: Offered to share a drink with me, after payment.
  • Kasoria: Told me to hold onto the bottle of Upton's for him.
  • Kasoria: Possibly acting reckless in Emea.
  • Kasoria: Struggling with the concept of Revelation.
  • Kasoria: Listened to Dream-Lucretia's ramblings.
  • Kasoria: Knows where I came from.
  • Kasoria: Also known as Vorund’s Hound.
  • Kasoria: Aiming to rid Etzos of Sintra.
  • Kasoria: Progressing in arcane power.
  • Kasoria: My friend.
  • Kasoria: Killing is a Habit that Never Dies.
  • Kasoria: Shouldn't Be Alone with His Plans.
  • Kasoria: Shadow War Against Sintra.
  • Kasoria: Doesn’t approve of my Ambrosia usage.
  • Kasoria: Can Cross Long Distances through Emea on his own.
  • Kasoria: Only a matter of time before he can Cloak.
  • Kasoria: Knows about my second life in Viden.
  • Kasoria: Nervous about Killing Webb.
  • Kasoria: Aimed to Kill Me.
  • Kasoria: Chose Not to Kill Me... why?
  • Saza: Biqaj.
  • Saza: Nashaki Local.
  • Saza: Provided Help during Combat.
  • Eliza Soule: Mortalborn daughter of Ymiden.
  • Eliza: A painter and artist.
  • Eliza: 236 arcs old!
  • Oberan: Not popular with anyone, it seems
  • Oberan: The one Graeslin is really looking for
  • Oberan: Not great at lying.
  • Oberan: “Martell”
  • Oberan: Easily spooked.
  • Oberan: Choice of Drink: Whiskey (Darington).
  • Oberan: Knows me as Mr. Magpie.
  • Oberan: Seems to have taken a dislike to you
  • Oberan: Has some secret agenda
  • Kisaik: A Tunawa knight.
  • Kisaik: Resides in Yaralon.
  • Kisaik: From Desnind.
  • Hart: also known as "Eihr"


  • Personal: It's okay to be afraid.
  • Personal: I must become powerful.
  • Personal: Expressing too much vulnerability leads me to act poorly.
  • Personal: I don’t like it when I act spiteful.
  • Personal: I enjoy luxury fashion.
  • Personal: Both of my sisters, Tyara and Kiara, are alive.
  • Personal: My family never tried to look for me in the past.
  • Personal: My mother told my sisters I had died instead of searching for me.
  • Personal: My mother is dead.
  • Personal: It is better to explain why I want something, instead of just demand it.
  • Personal: My Spark and I.
  • Personal: How can I assure my authority to manage the household?
  • Personal: I will be adopting Hazel as my daughter.
  • Personal: I can defend myself against harm through wit.
  • Personal: I have been a fool.
  • Personal: Left behind my son.
  • Personal: My father is dead because I neglected him.
  • Personal: I might send a letter to King Arkenstone to explain the Isles.
  • Personal: I want to help Idalos.
  • Personal: I need to try and not be so reckless.
  • Personal: I will teach Kasoria all I know about Emea and Dreamwalking.
  • Personal: Hide any expressions of worship from others.
  • Personal: I will protect Kiwi. (FAILED)
  • Personal: I killed a stranger in Westguard (1).
  • Personal: I survived, but what for?
  • Personal: No hope anymore.
  • Personal: No more tears.
  • Personal: I killed a militiaman named Caw in rural Etzos (2).
  • Personal: Fate and Destiny doesn't exist.
  • Personal: I don't need to reveal to make a difference on Idalos.
  • Personal: I will be caring for Wren until Hart is found.
  • Personal: I will keep Eliza Soule updated on Wren.
  • Personal: A name, a job, a family, a reason why relatives don't visit.
  • Personal: I agreed to help Kasoria assassinate a Marshal in Etzos.
  • Personal: I flayed Emelia Enners, but I didn't kill her.
  • Personal: Souls taste delicious.
  • Personal: I’m Woe’s Initiate in Empathy.
  • Personal: I killed my father through purposeful neglect.
  • Flaying: Two humans within Same Season (Vhalar 719)
  • Justifying the flaying of Webb
  • Deliver the killing stroke anyway
  • Kill Count + 1: A stranger in Westguard. Knife through the throat.
  • Kill Count +1: Caw, an Etzori Sergeant. Boot in the brain.
  • Kill Count: +1: Zalazar Ki’enaq, Father. Imprisoned neglect; starvation.
  • Kill Count: +1: Marshall Drulik Webb, of Etzos. Neck snap; assassination in conjunction with The Raggedy Man; flayed.
  • Total Kill Count: 4
  • Philosophy: There is only what we do to each other.

Inactive PCs

Emelia Enners (lover)
  • Emelia Enners: “Em”
  • Em: Will be living with me in Etzos.
  • Emelia: Couldn’t handle her Empathy Spark.
  • Emelia: Severely Overstepped.
Rakvald (Becoming Initiate)
  • Rakvald: Initiated him in Becoming.
  • Rakvald: Doesn’t like the Theocratum.
  • Rakvald: Is expecting a son.
  • Rakvald: Wanted to take his son away from Quacia.
  • Rakvald: Wants revenge against Dosan Saito.
  • Rakvald: Knows how to have a good time.
  • Rakvald: My… friend???
  • Rakvald: A drinking buddy.
  • Rakvald: Thinks my sister, Tyara, is “hot”.
  • Rakvald: Grafter, Flesh-Sculptor.
  • Rakvald: Gave me his finger. I gave it back.
  • Rakvald: Offered to let me stay at his place in Desnind.
Mister Kiwi (Mentor)
  • Kiwi: Quacian dreamwalker that I met in Emea.
  • Kiwi: Abrogator
  • Kiwi: Quacian Heap.
  • Kiwi: Thinks morality is weak.
  • Kiwi: Is... made of obsidian?
  • Kiwi: Called my progress exceptional.
  • Kiwi: Chaste.
  • Kiwi: Doll's body.
  • Kiwi: Don't touch his skin; has contagion?
  • Kiwi: Not my friend.
  • Kiwi: Said he will protect me.
  • Kiwi: Doesn’t need to breathe?
  • Kiwi: Can stay underwater for a long while.
  • Kiwi: My doll.
Sabbath (Childhood Friend)
  • Sabbath: Mage: Defiance
  • Sabbath: Has become outgoing
  • Sabbath: Remembers me.
  • Sabbath: Also studies at Woodstock Hall.
Duncan (Lover)
  • Duncan: Etzori sellsword.
  • Duncan: Doesn’t know I’m not Lucretia’s totem.
  • Duncan: Knows I killed someone.
  • Duncan: Is Kind and Good.
  • Duncan: Experienced with women.
  • Duncan: Thinks “I’m” Kasoria’s cousin.
Sybil (Dreamwalking initiate)
  • Sybil Malach: Has a most interesting mind.
  • Sybil: Agreed to help me acquire information.
  • Sybil: Values Free Will above all else.
  • Sybil: Not Marked. Not Sparked.
  • Sybil: “Life holds no inherent value”
  • Sybil: Enjoys the taste of salt.
  • Sybil: Fears Death.
  • Sybil: “Miss” Malach.
  • Sybil: Promising dreamwalking initiate.
  • Sybil: Possibly struggling with lucidity in Emea?
  • Sybil: My Gem.
Wald (George)
  • Wald: Mud farmer.
  • Wald: Insecure.
Oceta (Slave)
  • Oceta: My slave.
  • Oceta: Under my care.
  • Oceta: 13 arcs old.
  • Oceta: Quacian.
  • Oceta: Extremely polite and well-trained.
  • Oceta: Has an illness of some sort.
  • Oceta: Will be caring for Hazel when I'm busy.
  • Oceta: Is acting strong.
  • Oceta: The only child I have left.
  • Dosan Saito: Knows both Vahanic and Common
  • Dosan: A Friendly Quacian.
  • Dosan: Thinks I look like a pushover.
  • Dosan: Works for someone important?
  • Dosan: Contact Point: The Ladybird Parlor in The Gleam, Quacia.
  • Dosan: Fridgar's apprentice
  • Dosan: Used to work for Duke Detlev of Lair
  • Dosan: Living on Koros
  • Dosan: Slept with Alistair back in the day.
  • Dosan: Traitor to Quacia.
  • Dosan: Kissed my Mark of Faith
  • Dosan: Carved a mark into Rakvald's back.
  • Fur: A young ithecal from Etzos.
  • Fur: A beggar and liar.
  • Fur: Skilled with languages.
  • Humming: Has admirable goals.
  • Humming: Knows too much about me.


  • NPC: Mastermark Medb - redhead Etzori woman.
  • NPC: Tomov - blond, broad-shouldered Etzori human (20. mark in army).
  • NPC: Ramses - black-hair, copper skin, Etzori fighter (22. mark in army).

  • Herald Vatia: Signed a contract to expedite my citizenship with Quacia.
  • Herald Vatia: Facilitated my Mark of Faith carving.
  • Tribunal Simone: Is Intimidating.
  • Rocco: Is a follower of the Scarlet Belief.
  • NPC: High Marshall Brogen Pahrn, ruler of Etzos
  • NPC: Marlin Tagley, Guidance Coordinator
  • Pahrn: A fair and frank man who will listen to others
  • Parhn: Willing to give Vuda the benefit of the doubt, to a point
  • Tagley: Clearly losing patience under all the pressure, but not a bad guy
  • Tagley: Has switched from Vuda to Pahrn
  • Tagley: Stubborn, but will always give his reasons.
  • Tagley: Endorses free speech zealously.
  • Tagley: Doesn't forget previous debates.
  • Haelim Jorsie: Ambassador to Augiery
  • Haelim Jorsie: Claims the Naerikk tried to kill him
  • Haelim Jorsie: Communicates with Etzos via echo scroll
  • Haelim Jorsie: Eztori Diplomat washed up in Quacia
  • Ambassador Jorsie: Wears his black eye like an honor
  • Hazel: Seemed to help Lucretia stay balanced

  • Lord Karnos Vuda: Chief Advisor to High Marshall Brogen Pahrn
  • Lord Karnos Vuda: Etzori power broker
  • Lord Karnos Vuda: Possibly the real power in Etzos
  • Vuda: Advisor to High Marshall Parhn, Leader of Etzos
  • NPC - Lord Vuda: Likely isn’t dead unless a body is found.
  • NPC - Lord Vuda: Aware of everything that happens in Etzos.
  • Marshall Drulik Webb, Soldier and Statesman
  • Marshall Webb's Home Security Layout
  • Marshall Webb: At Odds with Marshall Royce
  • Marshall Webb: Prefers Dogs to Magic for Security
  • Marshall Webb: Holds Doran in High Esteem
  • Marshall Webb: Not a Willing Socialite
  • Webb was no pushover
  • Marshall Webb: Assassinated on 91 Vhalar 719
  • Graeslin: Naerikk pirate NPC
  • Graeslin: Not as overtly violent as some other pirates
  • Graeslin: Bereaved over Den's brain-damaged fate
  • Graeslin: Chose not to survive at the expense of the kids' lives
  • Graeslin: Has admiration for "the Raggedy Man"
  • Graeslin: Is willing to sacrifice herself for her crew
  • Graeslin: Wants mutual honesty, from a position of strength
  • Den: Brave first mate, who sacrificed himself to kill the monster
  • Asher: Is also my son, blood-related or not.
  • Asher: Biqaj eyes like my own.
  • Asher: Half-blood biqaj.
  • Asher: A divine miracle provided by the Fates.
  • Asher: Has learned a new eye color on his own (amaranth pink).
  • Asher: Is teething.
  • Asher: Heir to Helice.
  • Asher: Took him a little bit to recognize me in a totem form.
  • Asher: Will forget me.

  • Clement: The test of a person's character is how they perform in office.
  • Lucretia Clement: Doesn't answer her door immediately.
  • Lucretia: Able to keenly discern information.
  • Lucretia: Author and scholar of many topics.
  • Lucretia: Intimidating.
  • Lucretia: knows a great deal about magic
  • Lucretia: Has many mutations.
  • Lucretia: Expects me to visit again soon.
  • Lucretia: Will let me borrow books from her collection.
  • Lucretia: from the Duchy of Gawyne in Rynmere.
  • Lucretia: Lucretia Rosalind Clement, eldest daughter of scholars Gregor Lencre Clement and Claude Logan Clement.
  • Lucretia: incapable of exhaustion during the act of discourse
  • Lucretia: Wrote 15+ volumes of Inquisitione Scintilla Meam
  • Lucretia: Used to be a Seeker in Rynmere.
  • Lucretia: Her touch can clear my mind.
  • Lucretia: Let you stay in her home at some risk

  • Watcher: Informant outside Woodstock Hall
  • Watcher: Some of his information is very useful
  • Diarne: Dead, killed by her ithecal slaves.
  • Zalazar: Is missing.
  • Zalazar: Is in Lair.
  • Zalazar: Is chained up in the work room (the Gleam).
  • Zalazar: Is refusing to eat.
  • Zalazar: Died in our home at the Gleam.
  • Zalazar: Etzos (Outer Perimeter): Address recorded on 13 Vhalar, Arc 681.
  • Kiara: Refused to recognize me as her brother.
  • Kiara: Believed I was long dead.
  • Kiara and Tyara: Have money problems?

  • Tyara: Accepted me immediately.
  • Tyara: Is wild and embarrassing.
  • Tyara: Didn’t Believe I was dead.
  • Tyara: Is happy for me.
  • Tyara: Has a lot of friends.
  • Kyriakos: Went to have an audience with King Arkenstone.

  • NPC - Madam Miller: Works as Housemother at The Northside Orphanage.
  • NPC - Madam Miller: Knows more than she lets on.

  • NPC Wren: Died and reborn in Emea. Doesn't remember his past life.
  • NPC Wren: Is looking for Hart.
  • NPC - Bangun Vorund: Gang Lord and Crime Boss of South Etzos
  • NPC - Vorund: Ruthless but was accepted.
  • NPC - Vorund: Out of the picture; Killed.

  • NPC: Joderall: Attuner, Linguist and Historian
  • NPC: Joderall: Is on Oberan's side
  • NPC: Senalee: Glamourist for Rhakros, now deceased
  • Zvezdana Venora: Alistair’s sister.
  • Lyanna Solange: Courtier and Betrayer.
  • Duchess Ebony: Alistair’s grandmother
  • Duchess Ebony: Deals in the black market for wealth.
  • House Venora: Cruel and secretive.
  • Cyrene Venora: one of the Sacred Seven
  • Xander: a senior ranger
  • Yvithia: Immortal of Viden

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RP Medals



Etzos Home
A Tier 4 building includes one small room and three average rooms with basic+ quality furnishings. Tier 4 buildings are medium in size and are more complex in their design. They have a comfortable amount of room to live in for the average family. They are usually located within the middle-class districts of a city.

4+ Occupants:
  • Llyr
  • Oceta
  • Wren
  • Emelia

Basic Layout:
  • Ruined basement (with tunnels leading to attached catacombs)
  • Small storage attic (needs renovation)
  • Foyer/hallway corridor from front door to other rooms and stairwell.
  • Ground Floor Kitchen (small 1)
  • Ground Floor Study (average 1 - needs renovation)
  • Upstairs Master Bedroom (average 2 - includes average bath station)
  • Upstairs Bedroom (average 3 - includes small bath station)

Master Bedroom (Llyr & Emelia)

Bedroom (Oceta & Wren)



He currently holds claim to these homes (within late Vhalar/Zi'da, he will be looking to sell):
  • His father's home, located in Quacia's The Gleam, has been boarded up and left abandoned. It is a small, but private structure, that is unassuming, dour, and easily overlooked. It has three rooms divided between 400 sq. (from pre-The Shoppe)

Starting Location: The Gleam in Quacia.
Current Location: The City of Etzos.

word count: 204
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RP Medals


Approval Link List

PSF Approval Links
Approval Link For What Status
Zalazar Ki'Enaq Father (Personal NPC) Dead
Tyara and Kiara Sisters (Personal NPCs) Alive (Ne'haer)
Tyara and Kiara Lvl Up 1 Season Level Up +10 Gambling/Singing
Lucretia Clement Mage Mentor Alive (Quacia)
Hazel Adopted Daughter (Personal NPC) Ghost (lisirra's plague)
Gigi Paramour (Personal NPC) Alive (Nomadic)
Aksinya Assassin (Personal NPC) Dead (killed by Kasoria)
Multiple Business, Personal, and Plot NPCs Multiple (see Plot Notes pg. 5)
Jeremiah Holbert Mage Mentor Alive (Etzos)
Simone & Horacio Personal NPCs from Quacia Alive (Etzos)
Dale Garnet Mage Mentor Alive (Etzos)
Mortalborn Application MB App (Chamadarst) Approved
Transmutation Mutation 4 Mutations Approved
Becoming Mutation 2 Mutations (Comp & Expert) Approved
Attunement Mutation 1 Overstep Mutation Approved
250 Renown Signature Item +Staff Of Adroitness Approved
Lucretia City Move Quacia to Viden Approved
Transmutation Mutations Updates + MB Comp/Expert Approved
Empathy Mutations Comp + Expert Approved
Transmutation Mutations Masters Approved
NPC Skill Upgrades Bulk Approved
Becoming Mutations Full Set Approved
Link thread or Name of Skill Point Adjustment New Total
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RP Medals


History & Mortalborn Story


Family Premise
Zarik’s parents weren’t an officially bonded pair. His father (Zalazar) and mother had a volatile relationship built on lustful desperation while on a deep-sea surveying team. When they found out about the pregnancy, Zalazar tried to change their dynamic by joining a trading ship to settle down so they could raise the children together in a more conventional lifestyle.

On the 77th of Zi’da in Arc 699, during a sea storm, Zarik was born the last of triplets. He has two sisters, older by a few minutes. His mother became severely depressed after the birth, having to be coaxed to care for her children. Resentment, which had rooted long ago, only deepened between the couple.
Ages 0 to 7
Early Childhood [Age 0 to 7]

While the triplets grew, cared for by the sympathetic ship’s crew, his parents’ relationship became wildly hot and cold. The couple could hardly stand each other, often fighting in loud shouting matches without care for who saw or heard. On a few rare occasions, the fights turned physical.

His mother gradually recovered from her depression during Zarik’s toddler years but used her children to further her resentment. She trained the children to ignore their father’s wishes, hoarding their innocent attentions and teaching them how she preferred. Compared to his sisters, however, Zarik was poor at managing to pick sides. He wanted both of his parents to be happy with him, not just one.

Zarik was a precocious child that easily charmed the ship crew. He didn’t mind his parents’ strange behaviors, only caring to find adventure wherever he could. At an early age, his favorite thing to do was to climb the ship masts so he could get to the top and stare out in search for land or other vessels, or to watch the sun rise or set, or to get a closer look at the stars. He had a few falls and accidental dunks into ocean waters but recovered quickly from them.

With other children, he often was enthusiastic to play, but his sisters teased and taunted him. They often ganged up on him and their play was rugged, mimicking the violent brawls they occasionally saw among the crew. Still, even when they left him dazed, he loved his siblings a lot and had a happy heart.

When Zarik was 7, it came to light that his mother had been in a relationship with the ship’s captain and it’d been going on, in relative secret, for years. They announced their plans to marry. His father, Zalazar, was shunted to the wayside, no longer welcomed among the crew, and expected to leave at the next port.

Zalazar, resentful of all the work he’d done for the ship in the many years he’d committed to it and being shoved out of what had become his livelihood, jealous of the captain providing the mother-of-his-children with actual happiness, he agreed to leave… but on the next cold night, he stole a landing boat, and kidnapped his son, Zarik.

They navigated through rocky waves, a month being spent on getting out of range from the larger trading vessel. Zarik didn’t understand much of what was going on, told to help with the navigation, and to forget his mother and sisters. While at sea, alone with his father, he heard many bitter rants about the life he’d known on the ship and about other Biqaj. At first, he tried to ask when he’d see his sisters or mother again, but after his father’s reactionary, emotional outbursts, he stopped asking.
Ages 8 to 12
Late Childhood [Age 8 to 12]

Father and son landed on a barren shore, far away from everything they knew before, and they separated from the sea. Zarik struggled with this change. Many nights and days, the boy sobbed in misery of being disconnected from the only life he’d ever known, but his father pressed on – travelling until the sea couldn’t be seen anymore.

They arrived at a town, eventually, and Zalazar started to look for work to provide for them. Zarik had lost a lot of weight during this time, not that his father didn’t try to feed him, but his appetite proved poor. For a few months, his father had him beg on the roads for food and money.

And then, Zarik started to grow. His lanky body stretched out and the foundations for what would become a handsomely effeminate face evolved. They traveled between towns, surviving through banditry, and Zarik started to act as bait to coax strangers into traps, where his father would strike.

It wasn’t a straight-forward affair, as his father found catharsis from the sneak assaults, and Zalazar learned that he could acquire more money and resources by torturing people to tell him where they kept their stored treasures.

Zarik tried to keep away from this side of his father, but he fully knew what he was doing. He knew that most of the people wouldn’t become victims if he hadn’t led them right into the trap. Guilt gnawed at him. The growing boy started to learn how to pick and choose when he would be seen by others versus when he would be overlooked. He learned how to run and hide, as well, sometimes having to escape lawful people who would get suspicious about him.

During this time, his knowledge of the Rakahi language faded and Common became his predominant language. At first, he had a heavy accent, but it gradually faded as he used Common more. His father encouraged this and pushed his son away from Biqaj culture, traditions, and similar, not allowing for any of it.

When Zarik was 12, he stopped his father from attacking an elderly woman who’d followed to help Zarik like all the rest before her. He stood up to Zalazar for the first significant time, holding his ground even though his body trembled under his father’s downward glare. Zarik told him that he refused to act as bait anymore and he hated their life, that he hated the man, and an outpouring of all his sorrows.

His father responded surprisingly. He agreed to stop what they’d been doing. Stealing had become too dangerous as news of their con had spread to other places, preempting their arrival. His father had another idea, one that was much more legitimate than the illegal activities they’d been doing to just barely get by for survival. He promised Zarik things would change.
Ages 13 to 15
Young Teen [Age 13 – 15]

Zarik and his father moved to a large trading town. His father used their amassed stolen wealth to purchase a house and tools to start his new trade. For a while, Zarik didn’t know exactly what his father planned… until he saw one of the rooms converted into a torture chamber.

His father had decided to continue exploring the sadistic affinity for causing pain in other people, taking it on as a trade of interrogative torture. He worked for whoever had the coin to pay, often not caring about the circumstances.

Zarik changed from bait to involuntary apprentice, made to help his father by handling the household chores and errands, as well as helping with cleaning torture implements and sometimes keeping watch over the prisoners while his father went out. While he didn’t like the environment and hated the sounds and smells of torture, he did not want to abandon his father...

His father was the only family he had left. Though he sometimes dreamed of running away to the sea and reuniting with the trade ship, he also felt shame from everything he’d done and seen in the past years. He couldn’t justify allowing himself back to the pure sea. How could his mother or sisters ever accept him if they found out what he’d done for his father and how he abandoned their way of life? He believed that they’d tell him he should have chosen death over being an accomplice. So, he let go of the idea.

And Zarik had seen many facets of his father in their time together. He pitied his father, and despite the sadism, he saw how hard his father worked to provide a good life for him. It was all for Zarik, as his father told him. All because he wanted to keep his son, because he loved him like he loved no one else, and Zarik believed him.

Zarik had a swift growth spurt during these years, surpassing his father in height and becoming awkward because of it. He became active in his off-time, trying to learn how to use his lengthened limbs and tall height. He still enjoyed climbing, scrambling onto rooftops or tree peaks so he could enjoy breezes that would blow through the higher vantage points and watch the sky.

Their life and relation to each other turned for the better toward his 16th birthday. His father often made concessions for his free-spirited nature, as long as he helped with the chores. When Zarik would slack on his duties, his father reminded him of the expected responsibilities with disciplinary snaps of a leather belt.

During this time, Zarik learned more about people. He got fooled a couple times by desperate torture victims who used his empathy to allow them escape or accidentally throwing off his father’s work by providing them with water or food or kindness at inopportune times. The last case of when he was convinced to let someone go, almost resulted in Zarik’s death. The released victim attacked him once freed. His father saved his life.

After that, Zarik tried to be unnoticeable when he’d help his father out. He didn’t want the prisoners to take notice of him anymore and he started to wear masks, hoods, hats, and layers of dark clothing to avoid attention. He, also, started to practice using a dagger defensively in close range… just in case something similar would happen but without the hope of his father arriving in time. For his 16th birthday, his father gave him a better dagger (heirloom) that he still keeps with him to this day.

Zarik had been the one to ask if they could move to Quacia. He’d heard many stories about the place, so many that his adventurous nature had become fascinated with what he imagined it to be. He kept bothering his father about it until finally, his father caved and agreed to move, but only on the condition that Zarik would start to learn the trade. Zarik agreed and his father pierced his ear to mark this agreement.
Ages 16 to 19
Older Teen [Age 16 to 19]

Having saved up enough money through his father’s tradework, in Zi'da 715, the pair moved to the nearby Quacia in The Gleam. Zarik had high hopes, thinking he might even start to make a proper life for himself, one in where he could maybe get out from under his father’s thumb. As like with most teenagers, he’d felt stifled at home and anxious about the future that his father had planned for him.

He started to act out within a season of settling into their new Quacian home. His antics frustrated his father, who thought that Zarik was finally going to get serious about learning the craft of interrogation.

His growth spurt finally stopped at the tall height and he now towered over his much shorter father. Combined with his newly found attitude, his father got desperate to keep him in line. One morning, in late Cylus, his father’s paranoia and desperation took over after Zarik had spent a few trials away from home at a new friend’s place. Zarik returned to promptly be dazed by a mild dose of poison in his breakfast. His father chained him at a work table, one cuff locked on his ankle and the other on the opposite wrist.

Zalazar explained that he couldn’t risk Zarik leaving him. So he brought work to the table for Zarik to clean and sharpen tools, read manuals and notes about interrogation and surgical practices, and help out with miscellaneous tasks. He started teaching his son how to perform torture, using caught rats, then cats, as test subjects and attempted to teach procedures such as breaking bones, tearing ligaments, but Zarik refused most of it… for a time.

Zarik tried to figure out how to undo the locks on the cuffs but got caught early on. His father shortened the chain to his wrist, so his range of motion became more limited. He still spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out the locks but didn’t have much luck.

He stayed like this for all of Ashan and some of Ymiden, living in the corner of the torture room, while his father worked on commissions nearby. Zarik went through a lot of emotions during this time, undergoing a sense of withdrawal from being indoors and refused fresh air. Eventually, he rationalized his father’s fears. He gradually recommitted to his promise, though it took a few different attempts before his father finally believed him.

After he was released from his chains, Zarik didn’t renege on his recommitment. He helped his father a great deal more. While he had started to make friends and connections upon first arriving to Quacia, after his imprisonment, he distanced himself from such things for the time being. He didn’t want to trigger his father’s paranoia again.

Plus, business was booming! The Gleam turned out to be a prosperous place for his father’s trade. Almost all of their profits were spent on upgrading torture implements and upkeep to handle the constant stream of private work. His father started to gain a reputation for being an efficient and non-judgmental un-factioned interrogator. The ruthlessly mercenary attitude of his father attracted a lot of interested clients.

Zarik avoided the clients as much as he could, but eventually his father had him handle any out-of-the-home correspondence, trade-offs, or first meets. He could barely keep up with the demands of his father’s work, having to eek out time for anything he wanted to do in the very early morning hours or the very late evenings.

During this time, his father got so used to sending Zarik out for the errands that the man developed an increasingly debilitating case of agoraphobia. He became even more dependent on his son because of it, reminding Zarik constantly of this.
Age 19 going on 20 / Starting Foundation
Current [19 going on 20]

Despite everything that has led Zarik to where he is now, the young man persists in believing that life has a lot to offer. He doesn’t pity his lot or obligation to his father, glad to still have family, and just feels sad for his father that he wasn’t given a more willing son to take on the tradecraft.

He’s seen a lot of people, in their most desperate states under torture, and he believes that most people are good-natured. Zarik believes that life twists people in strange ways, their evil or bad behaviors influenced by a need to cope with horrors or pressures. He tends to pity other people who act like this… and he can become meddlesome when he is curious about why someone is the way they are or why they are in a situation that he doesn’t understand otherwise.

Zarik has continued to develop his need to hide in plain sight. He covers himself in dark clothing, layered over most of his body, and his gloves and boots are made to ease the act of climbing. He is still learning how to properly climb the buildings and structures of The Gleam and he has his eye on the tallest peak in the place for his goal.
Current Updates
Through Late Ashan into Ymiden 719, Zarik left Quacia to travel north after separating from his husband and discovering his father's death. He traveled along the Orm'del Sea under the capture of Captain Graeslin. He crossed his dreamwalking initiate over in exchange for someone to watch his back and keep an protective eye on. Upon arrival to Foster's Landing in Etzos, he continued with his initiate across during the approach of Lisirra's Plague assault, to Westguard where his adopted daughter died to a plague.

During this travel, he saw horrific things, the death and destruction of a plague-riddled war and the desperation of people within it. These horrid and gruesome images will never leave him. However, he finds a certain degree of relief to know that his initiate also witnessed much of it alongside him.

Through Ymiden to Saun 719, he changed his name to Llyr Llywelyn in an attempt to bury his old name in the new city of Etzos. Not eager to travel again, he has decided to place his support to the city of Etzos, aid in the war, and settle a home in the aftermath.

He has left behind all he knows, and all that he believed, and seeks to build a new life for himself - one that is his own.

Mortalborn Story
Son of Chamadarst
Civilization. Contracts. Cultivation.

Character Background information: Llyr (born name: Zarik) was raised for the majority of his life on the southern continent, by a single father known as Zalazar Ki'Enaq. Zalazar kidnapped him at an early age, from life at sea with his mother and sisters.

He lived in the wilderness jungles of the southern continent with his father, at first as bandits, then as criminals. When Llyr was 12 and openly expressed rejection of their criminal acts, Zalazar switched to a viable and legal business instead. They lived in a trade town, and had enough wealth in a few arcs that upon Llyr's request, they moved to the city of Quacia. Their business did exponentially well, with Zalazar placing more and more responsibilities on Llyr to manage the enterprise and their small household.

Zalazar's fixations with Chrien-worship drove him to bitter madness in Ashan 719, and he died from imprisonment and neglect, on the fault of Llyr. Deeply ashamed and regretful of Zalazar's death, Llyr fled north to make a new life for himself.

Mortal Parents:


Name: Ihadia Raj’nacj
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: 18th Saun 673 (Deceased est. 716)
Appearance: 6ft, 135 lbs.
Ihadia was a tall biqaj woman with a natural elegance to her features. Slender like the swimmer she was, she carried her height gracefully. She had glossy bright eyes which changed colors frequently, a trait that Llyr inherited. Ihadia held a certain womanly, mature presence to her. She had variations of tan to her skin depending on how much time she spent above deck. She often wore leggings and tunics to be able to help with seafaring if needed, but also had a tendency to enjoy furs and soft fabrics.
FC: Jerry Hall
Personality: Ihadia was born in the slums of Etzos, her parents were murdered early on. She was "adopted" from the orphanage, separated from her older brother, and ended up being sold as a slave to a pirate ship. She lived on the seas after that, though she also spent time in port towns. Ihadia developed a ruthless and cold attitude toward life. Through cleverness, she managed to move from being a slave to being a pirate. After spending time in a port jail due to a heist-gone-wrong, she joined a deep-sea surveying mission and decided to try and make an "honest" life instead. She met Zalazar this way and they started their problematic relationship which resulted in disaster, but also their children.


Name: Zalazar Ki'Enaq
Race: Biqaj
Date of Birth: 40th Ymiden, Arc 657 (Deceased in Ashan 719)
Appearance: 5ft 8in, 130 lbs.
While Zalazar was on the shorter side, because of his lean weight, it seemed like he was much taller. He wore the ravages of age and hardship clearly on his face, the most notable being the heavy dark rings around his eyes, the pale rough skin that no longer basked in sun, and a mostly bald head except for a ring of stringy blond hair that hung limp and unwashed around his gaunt face. His posture was awful, shoulders curled forward as if stuck in a permanent state of bent-over work. He wore dark clothes, often frayed, unkempt, and sometimes dirty.
FC: Richard O’ Brien
Personality: Zalazar had a rough life, starting with being orphaned at an early age, and then a tumultuous journey between ship crews. After he left the sea, angry and bitter toward Ihadia's separation from him, he headed onto land to travel with his only son. Zalazar was shrewd, unethical, and sadistic… but despite this, he had a fierce dependency toward his son. He was easily frustrated, his humor leaning more toward the morbid and uncouth rather than for jokes or frivolity.

Mortalborn story:

Zalazar Ki'Enaq made a deal with Ihadia Raj'nacj when he found out she was pregnant from their relations with each other. He would find them a legal, well-to-do tradeship to raise their family on, if she would commit to him and let him be in charge of raising the children. Ihadia agreed, a pact of blood made over signatures on parchment and sealed with a reluctant kiss.

Yet Zalazar wanted more certainty than this. In the past, he'd had women who bore his offspring, only for the children to perish within the first arcs of life. He wouldn't rely on mere luck or prayers when it came to the lives of these children, not this time. Instead of sacrificing to Chrien or U'frek or the other Immortals he'd implored in the past, Zalazar tried a different route.

He sought out Chamadarst.

After an arduous exploration guided by myths, while Zalazar starved in a desert, the immortal found him rather than the other way around.

Zalazar put forth what he wanted: A secure and legal ship for Ihadia to raise the children on, healthy offspring who would survive past youth, and a son who would carry on his father's legacy.

Chamadarst considered the terms of this request, and he traveled to Ihadia with Zalazar to arrange what would need to happen to accomplish it. He would make certain that the offspring - a pair of twin girls - would be born healthy, but in order for there to be a son, he would need to create a third child not already in the womb.

Ihadia didn't mind, for she wanted the children she was carrying to be healthy and she was also far too impressed and awed by Chamadarst to refuse the Immortal.

Thus, an agreement was made. All of Zalazar's requests would be fulfilled, to the exact phrasing of what he asked for:
  • A secure and legal ship for Ihadia to raise the children on.
  • Healthy offspring who would survive past youth.
  • A son who would carry on his father's legacy.

All that was asked of the couple was to facilitate certain trade deals with the ship they would be on, for the first few arcs, as well as a small monetary fee paid in symbolic exchange to Chamadarst. The contract was signed between Chamadarst and Zalazar, on Zalazar's soul itself, and thus, the biqaj who would become Llyr came into existence.

Llyr was born alongside his sisters as if he'd always been intended by nature to exist. He has no idea about the influence of Chamadarst in his birth, nor did his father ever tell him about it. When Ihadia separated from Zalazar, leaving him for the captain of the trade ship they were on - this was one of the reasons why Zalazar spitefully kidnapped his son, but left the daughters behind. It is also the reason why Ihadia didn't seem to care to find her son or bring him back.

The contract is why as soon as his sisters reached of age, the tradeship was attacked by a leviathan, and his sisters were the only survivors while his mother died with the rest of the crew. They'd been raised and the protection on the trade ship had been rescinded. However, his sisters were still of their youth so they survived.

This is why Zalazar taught Llyr about negotiation, contracts, literacy, and business matters from a young age and why he gave in whenever Llyr showed instincts to focus their aims toward certain things (such as a legal business, then moving to the city). Not because Zalazar wanted to, but because Chamadarst would command him in fleeting visits through Emea to do so. This increased the bitterness that Zalazar harbored toward his "son" but still, it was the only son he ever had. He loved him all the same, but Zalazar secretly worried that one trial Chamadarst would come and steal his son away.

When Zalazar died, Chamadarst revisited the contract on the soul. The first two conditions met, he clarified that the last one would benefit him rather than Zalazar - just as the man had feared - and that it would not be Zalazar's legacy that Llyr would carry on, but Chamadarst's instead.

word count: 4270
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