He Pulled What Out of That Hole in The Ground (Oonah)

Gennadiya and Oonah have to help a boy who failed to realized the long wriggle things are dangerous.

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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He Pulled What Out of That Hole in The Ground (Oonah)

Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:55 pm

Vhalar 3, 719

The young healer stood by one of the windows looking at the world outside of the clinic. She was wondering if she might see Xander and the girls today. It had been a little while but it would be nice to talk with them. Her sapphire blue beheld the next level below them as this window has a view down the mountain. Though from this elevations it didn’t offer the spectacular view that locations farther up in the city would offer. It was still nice that the decrease in elevation allowed for such good light on this side of the building.

Gennadiya sighed and turned away from the window and walked down the hall heading towards the main entry. She was expecting a delivery at any moment a wealthier citizen had replaced the pillows in their home and have offered the old ones to the clinic to use in there visiting rooms. It wasn’t anything big but Genna took the charity as it was offered and was grateful for it.

The Lysorian woman soon found herself standing in the main little foyer. It wasn’t actually a very large place big enough to allow traffic to flow out the main door or into one of the two doors on the side. One leading to the maternity part of the clinic and the other leading to the children’s part of the clinic. Gennadiya didn’t remain in the hall but stepped outside of the building so she could enjoy the warmth while it lasted and to be out of the way.

Her gaze looked left and right as she waited for her visitor. As she stood there Genna regretted not grabbing the wide brimmed hat she favored on sunny days to shade both her eyes and her fair skin. She wasn’t to worried though it took a while for her skin to burn. She didn’t have to wait long though before a small cart arrived. As promised there were a good twenty pillows in the cart, most of them in good condition. A simple airing was all the would need and then their patients could be more comfortable.

The generous donner was apparently rushed for time so Gennadiya found her self with a stack of pillows in the front entry and just herself to move them.

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Re: He Pulled What Out of That Hole in The Ground (Oonah)

Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:02 am

Tree Talk Xanthean Common

It was a beautiful day so Oonah had set out to walk the cobbled the streets of Earth Quarter enjoying the begining of the end of this season's sun-warmed days. It was almost time for her shift at Gennadiya's clinic so the tiny Tunawa was headed there with her green cloak pushed back from her shoulders like a cape. Looking ahead she could see the sun's shine bright upon the pale hair of her sister-healer who had a pile of ....were those pillows?... at her feet. As was her habit, Oonah whistled a "Hello!" to announce her impending arrival.

Oonah then heard the rapid slap of feet and voices coming from a side-street she had just passed. "By the blessing of Moseke he will be ok, El'sia. I just know it! The healers at the clinic will be able to save him." There was a low moan and then soft weeping became clear as Oonah's steps slowed to see whom was approaching and what help they needed.

A man in rough-spun cloth and the fleecy vest of a herder turned the corner clutching a boy turned tight against his chest in both arms. At his side, the boy's mother was carrying a weighted sack held away from her body and paced her steps with a stout walking stick. The woman clutched the swaying sack so tightly that her knuckles were white. She cried out as she caught sight of Oonah's cloak. The man looked up from his intent steps and sobbed with hopeful relief to see her ahead.

Oonah didn't want him to delay a single trill in explaining anything. "Quickly, forward to clinic just ahead. To blue cloak healer waiting..." She felt she would need to rattle the distraught mother to get any information so she fell in rapid step and barked her demand, "TELL ME."

The woman's shoulders fell as she scrambled - tap, tap, tap - after her husband and son. "Ssssnaake, miLady. Ohhhh! Bit em! Bit em good!" She shook the swinging sack into the conversation, "Beat it to death with my stick. Brought it to you." Good, the woman had kept her story short, maybe she had her wits about her better than Oonah would have expected.

Oonah had more than a little experience with snake bites and venom. In the wilderness Tunawa dealt with all types of natural poisons and she had done her share of... examinations. She had even processed various snake venoms to grow antidotes, but she didn't yet have the experience to do it quickly. Instead, they needed to identify how many bite marks there were to know how bad the tissue damage was and how much time they might have. It would help if they knew what type of snake it was, when it had happened, and how and where the boy had gotten bit. She was afraid there wasn't time for all of that.

As they reached Gennadiya getting the boy settled, Oonah commanded, pointing a finger straight to the ground, "Show snake."

The woman upended the cloth sack to shake the limp body of a yellow, red and black-banded serpent onto the stones. It was over three times Oonah's size. Looking pointedly between the snake and Gennadiya, she hoped the parents couldn't understand as she calmly recited in Xanthean, "'Red next to black, safe from attack; red next to yellow, you're a dead fellow.' It is known, a Coral Adder's venom can kill in as little as one break. One bite is bad, more is worse." A drop of shame fell into her voice in knowing, if only she had a little more exprience she could have helped this boy with her own natural talent. It was a humblingly impotent thing to have to ask, "Does clinic keep anti-venom near?"

The boy's gasping breaths became more ragged as both parents rushed forward in alarmed outcry.

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