A Loss of Words (Genna)

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A Loss of Words (Genna)

Wed Oct 30, 2019 2:51 am

Vhalar 35th, 719

The Healer was in one of the storage rooms of the Order of Adunih, main branch. She was in there with a few other green cloaks, processing a wide variety of herbs, either dried or fresh, so as to be used in a variety of medicines. The Healer was having a bit more difficulty than her counterparts. She was struggling to wield the knife in her hand. Her focus on maintaining her solid form was difficult. Her fingers didn't feel like muscle and bone to her, but more like... flabby flesh. They were the right shape, and moved the right way, but the texture of them was off. She just couldn't make them... hard enough.

So the knife kept slipping from her hand. And each time it did, she swore. She pressed the knife beneath the leaf, to cut it free from the stem. Only the leaves were needed. The knife fell from her hand again, and she slammed her hands down on the table. They should have made a loud sound but she lost her focus and her hands passed right through the table. She snarled in her frustration. The other green cloaks were doing their best to do their work as quickly as possible, ignoring the ghost healer, so that they could be gone from her presence.

The Healer walked around to the other side of the table, to pick up the knife, having bounced away on the floor. She knelt down, to pick it up again by the handle. She was biting her lip as she reached forward, fumbling with it, scooting it around in the dust. She reached out quick as a snake at it, and managed to grasp it. She moved to stand up, bumping the knife in the bottom of the table, dropping it again.

And it was the final straw.

She collapsed in a heap, against a basket of dried herb branches, and began to cry. It was too hard. Hunting, stalking, surviving in the wild, all of that was easy for her. She'd known all that since she was a child. But trying to become a healer, in death. Trying to become a healer when she was also a single mother. Trying to become a healer when she constantly couldn't feel the things that made people want to live. It became too much. And so she sobbed into her knees.

And while she cried, she failed to notice the panic setting in on the other green cloaks in the room. They were attempting to talk to each other, but were finding that no words could come out. Their mouths moved, their minds worked, but there was no sound, at all. Not even the sound of breathing, though it was clear they were. And it was something that was happening around the entire building. Patients, healers, random passersby who got too close to the doors or windows would find themselves inflicted with this loss of speech. Moving away from the Order did not seem to cause any immediate change.

Note on Oonah
Oonah has agreed to be in the Order of Adunih on this timestamp in order to allow for Qit'ria to also be there. This can be confirmed by PM or Discord if needed.
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Re: A Loss of Words (Genna)

Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:59 pm

Genna was in the library at this time looking for some resources on children’s development, specifically on male development. As a female she was aware of how they developed especially since her mother had been dead at the time so her sister and herself had to figure it out throw their own research. Thought Genna has already grab a text on Biqaj’s female development. With boys she had a vague idea but with none having been in the house when she grew up it was vague but with a number of boys on the verge of manhood in the orphanage she figured it was time to figure out what to expect.

She was standing in the library browsing holding the one book she had found so far with her eyes traveling across each spines of the s before her. It was then that she heard someone crying near by. The blue cloak paused in her scanning and when the crying continued she left the library still holding in her hands the book.

She paused in the main hall and identified the sound from one of the work rooms. She walked into complete chaos. There were a number of green robes in the room preparing herbs to be stored and used. That was unusual it was the fact none of them was working. On was draped over a basket of branches crying but the rest of the room was completely silent, but very active. Adiya would have thought it was a bad game of charades but for the fact that it was clear the women were trying to talk, and nothing was happening.

Gennadiya went to speak but found that she couldn’t make any sound either. Instead of freaking out the healer paused and thought about it. She had been able to talk earlier even though she couldn’t know. The practical woman didn’t waste time in shock. She was actually more annoyed. Instead she stepped out of the room and went to find some chalk and a portable chalk board. She returned a few moments later and found the chaos hadn’t diminished, and in fact had spread.

Gennadiya approached the crying woman before she did anything else wondering why she was able to make noise. She knelt down and put a hand on the woman’s back to try and get her attention. There were many things to take care of, but maybe this woman who seemed to be able to talk could help.
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