[Order of the Adunih] Sorority

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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[Order of the Adunih] Sorority

Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:17 am

3rd Ymiden, 719
It would be easy ~ convenient, even ~ to just not be involved in anything other than what was going on for her and them right now, but Faith was damned if she was going to do that. Rharne needed the Order of the Adunih to be operating, she had meetings to attend and things to do. The Institute for Innovation was going to open at the end of Saun, and Faith wasn't going to let anything stop that. She just had to make sure that everyone who attended the opening was safe and, in order for that to happen, she had to destroy the Coven, Ellasin and Faldrun. It was so ridiculous she was more or less on the verge of hysteria. Of course, she showed none of this, her discipline such that she simply kept quiet and got on with things. Padraig was watching her, she knew, and he could feel everything that she was feeling. Of course, the same was true in reverse and so, she was as worried about him as he was about her. It was just how they were together.

Still, today she'd got things to do which were a quite genuine pleasure. Mostly, because they were with Qit. In Faith's office in the Order of the Adunih, she'd prepared the room for them to work. A while ago, Faith had asked Qit'ria to head up an idea Qit had voiced. It would be a lie to say that Faith hadn't worried slightly that she might be clinically insane for doing that, but at the end of the trial, she loved and respected Qit'ria ~ more than that, she trusted her. Qit would do it, Faith was sure, and that would be only a good thing for the ghostly Sev'ryn. Qit had been through so much, Faith worried for her friend, and she didn't want Qit to feel lost, abandoned or in any way not involved. Just because she was dead, that was no reason to think that, after all.

"Hello, you," she said, a soft smile lighting her face as Qit entered the room. "So, I've cleared off the big table, I've got boxes to put things in, parchment for writing and drawing stuff. Lots of medical supplies," Faith gestured and then looked back to her friend. "So, first things first. How are you?"

They had been friends far too long for anything other than 'how are you' to be the first thing that she checked in on. Qit'ria was Faith's sister in all but blood, and more than anything, they were a partnership here. So, them first and then they could talk business. Faith had to admit to being excited to see what Qit had come up with as a strategy. Her friend thought in ways which were completely different to most people ~ maybe all people ~ and that, as far as Faith was concerned, was an incredible resource and an amazing boon to the Order.
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Re: [Order of the Adunih] Sorority

Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:01 pm


Once Qit saw that Caza was happy and bouncing on Cyrus' lap, she kissed her daughter's forehead goodbye, as she was off to work. She closed her eyes, thinking of Faith, and when she opened them, she was there with her sister. She looked around, seeing they were in Faith's office. Her eyes settled first upon Faith herself, finding herself instantly relax in the proximity of her anchor.

She could feel the stress and anxiety roiling and warring within Faith. She was a ghost, she fed on emotions. But she could also feel the steel wall around those emotions, keeping them contained. This war in Faith had started the day Qit had died and it seemed to only be growing. She knew her sister, far better than she knew anyone else on Idalos. There was something huge going on, and Qit felt the guilt inside her growing.

It had to be because of her.

She didn't know if Faith was out for revenge, or to make things right, or what, but something was going on. And Qit knew that she couldn't help. Or rather, wouldn't help. And Faith, Oonah, and Rynmere had taught her why, coming back to life had taught her why. She was here for Caza, to ensure she grew up happy and healthy and safe. She was not here for revenge. And Qit wanted it. She wanted it so damn badly. She wanted to destroy who or whatever it was that had caused her to die, that had caused her family and friends to hurt.

But she knew if she did, she'd lose herself in her revenge. Just as she did in Rynmere. And now she worried that Faith might be heading down that same path. But she had to have faith in her sister, just as Faith had in her. If she wished to talk about it, she would. At Faith's question, Qit decided it was time to tell Faith something she'd learned. Maybe it would help steer her away from this path of revenge.

"Faith, I need tell you story. Happen some days past, not long. I be thinking on it."

Qit sat down on the floor, legs crossed, "I meet great spirit of lake. It show me totems mine. But not totems. Spirits of totems. Yeye there. It show me path. To each spirit, a path. From each spirit, one path. I think... I think it path to life. Lake is anchor now. It want me do this."

She looked up at Faith with a smile, soft and kind, "Life. No more death. No more undeath." No more revenge.

But then it was down to business. "We need much gooder..." she tried to think of the word for kits, "bag of tool." She scrunched up her face, "Two trial past, me and Oonah help woman make baby. We spend time make tool, find tool, before leave. Almost no make in time. Bag of tool need ready. Different hurt, different bag. Baby make bag. Warrior bag. Fire skin bag. Old wrinkled bag. No waste time finding bag. Have ready."
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