Collab No Man Left Behind

Yeva tracks down Pharan for a search party.

The "City of Slaves", sitting amidst the jungle terrain of the Crescent Peninsula, is a hotbed of simmering hatreds between the oppressed humans and their arrogant, winged avriel overlords. With each free citizen or visitor a potential slaver or sympathizer, and with the veiled presence of the cruel Cult of Valtharn, how long before rebellion erupts?

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Re: No Man Left Behind

Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:12 pm

24 Ymiden 719

She listened and began to open her mouth, a thousand points of argument burning behind brown eyes, but none left her lips. She felt... conflicted, and her expression darkened, christened with a sigh of subtle defeat. Pharan was rational and his counter valid - The young medic had once treated Azrael in his own desperation and pain, but if she failed these people... They had no love for her.

"I made a vow, Master Elluin," she looked up after listening to his translation with sad eyes, her collar a black snake around her neck, a contrast of cream and confinement, "I might not agree with the Avriel culture, but I do not rejoice in their destruction." The slave girls, dressed in plain dresses of brown canvas and white linen had moved away and she wondered if they had been born into their service. Human or Avriel, the people of this city were mothers, fathers, children, wives. They loved and mourned just as she did and it didn't matter if one had wings or went without. The sick deserved relief.

But would those feelings change should she be sold?

She shook the possibility from her mind, straightening, "I just..." Yeva sighed again. She hated when she couldn't collect her thoughts well enough to express herself. Regathering her cloak before it slipped from her arms, Yeva blew away a curl that tickled her cheek, "Are you aware of the balance of nature hypothesis? It's the belief that ecological systems require a sort of stable equilibrium... Biological homeostasis. When a change occurs that manages to knock off the natural balance, there comes an element which arrives to restore it." She paused, watching his expression for signs of understanding. Pharan was smart, and it never occurred to her otherwise, nor that he could have been lying about his genuine offer to help her medical plight.

"So," Yeva cleared her throat, "Whether this... event," Ether storm, mass feather loss and disappearance of her best friend, "Is natural or otherwise, I believe Idalos has the cure... I just need to find it." She winced, waving her hand, "Sorry, not cure. A... um..." So much for thinking of lies in advance, "An answer."

All the denial felt silly to her, but she tried for their sake, as well as Azrael's. Maybe she was wrong.

Yeva shuffled closer, her voice low but determined, "I need to go to the Forest," she tried not to look too obvious, glancing over her shoulder, "If the lead ends here, maybe Azrael is at home. He might not want me to see him... Maybe he's hiding?" Pharan's words had resonated, she had listened and the behavior would be fitting for the Overguard. Why, she wondered, would the city keep Avriel from going home? If something sinister plagued them, even so much as an uprising, wouldn't the safest place be where no one else could harm them? "Something doesn't feel right."
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Re: No Man Left Behind

Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:09 am

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Hmm. Well, this was a first for me. Looking into the slave culture of Athart somewhat. You surely can turn a phrase, too. I liked how you well-evoked Yeva's concern, her fear, but also her courage. Struck me as a TRIFLE much that she'd smart-talk a Master, but not all slave cities in fiction have to be fucking Astapor. So... good job all around!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to this review, feel free to PM.
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