Fixing The Fall: Thread Submission

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Re: Fixing The Fall: Thread Submission

Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:33 pm

Link to the Thread(s): Too Late for Healing
Summary of the Thread(s): Max finds herself in her broken dreamscape: the product of the Fall of Emea. With the help of a familiar Emea culprit, she reluctantly ventures about the abandoned, dilapidated hospital in search of a way to remedy it.

How did this stretch / challenge / impact your PC?

Max viewed the dreamscape as merely a symptom of a broken Emea. Bed by bed, she found herself absorbed in the task of reliving tidbits of a deceased person's past who had died in the hospital upon discovering a clue. In every small living space there was evidence of horror and something glaringly absent. For most of the thread, Max spent her time searching for the missing piece that made a symbolic item whole again. Quickly, she became frustrated with the realization that there would never be an end to her task. She would always find pieces missing. The task was in vain.

Eventually, she came to see the dreamscape for the internal metaphor it was: an analogy for how she lived her life. She dwelled relentlessly on the past; on the things that were missing, the injustices wrought upon her, and etc. The dreamscape challenged her to see that truth for what it was: an endless, vicious cycle. She needed to break the cycle. That understanding led her to put the hospital to flames to cleanse and make new.
word count: 241
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Re: Fixing The Fall: Thread Submission

Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:51 am

Link to the Thread(s): viewtopic.php?f=221&t=19776&p=130456#p130456
Summary of the Thread(s): Rakvald finally repairs his dreamscape, by repairing the fleshbound tome, which holds many answers to his lifelong questions about the nature of flesh. Unfortunately, before he's able to reap the knowledge of the Fleshbound Tome, the Fartlord, a moderate emeyan creature emerges, and causes the entire lecture hall to sink into the Fields of Flatulence. He forbids Rakvald from returning to the Fields of Flatulence, threatening to send his minions against him should he ever try to recover the fleshbound tome.
How did this stretch / challenge / impact your PC? It gave Rakvald a cool new antagonist for his dreamscape, and pushed his ability to engage in an activity for which he has little skill. He had to focus really hard (expert discipline) and engage what surgery knowledge he does have in order to put the tome back together. Then he had to endure a swift run out of the Lecture Hall, as it began to collapse into the Fields of Flatulence (Endurance comp).
word count: 183

Malformed Flesh

Thick, hairy hide grows on his back, forming discolored patterns in the rough shape of an eye.
Red Swine Eye: A non-seeing, large red pig's eye has grown on Rakvald's left arm.
Talky Hand Puppet : A small mouth grows on the back of Rakvald's thumb, which sometimes mutters his surface thoughts for him.
Bat Boy: Rakvald's face have taken on the nose the fangs, and the furrowed forehead and brows of a bat-like creature. He also has sunken skin around his eyes. (After Cylus 13th 720)
Sinister Grasp: His left arm has turned into a black mass of tentacles in the shape of an arm (After Ashan 65th 720).

Commonly Carried Equipment

Outdoorsy Clothing and hides and furs.


Graft: A pig's snout about one or two inches in diameter, growing between his thumb and index finger.
Becoming: A colorful tattoo spread over his chest, of a hog's head with very large tusks.

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