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This section is for players to post about things unrelated to the Standing Trials roleplay. You may talk about anything from world issues, to your personal life, to funny things you found on the internet. You are free to use this forum to express yourself as a player and not as your actual character. You can also post in other players journals so long as they give you permission to. Please remember not to post anything relating to pornography or anything with extensive use of profanity.

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Zythulic Little Black Book

Zlclu Jfybz, Mpcl Obukylk Zpeallu
~Hukhypz Kbunlvuz

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Aol Zbwlycpzvy dhz tvyl pumvythapvu, iba P ilsplcl P ohcl hsylhkf iyvrlu aol wvvy ivf. Zv zhk.
word count: 133

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