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Token of appreciation after interview

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Letter to Sabine

75th Trial of Ashan, Arc 716
Dear Miss Sabine,

I understand it t'was on the behalf of the Rynmere Gazette that you came to my home, seeking information on my assault but I wanted to thank you for the pleasant afternoon you gave me. I greatly enjoyed our exchange of light banter; it was a brief, yet refreshing respite from my dreary condition, a memory that I shall cherish as I recover.

I apologize for any mistreatment that my servants may have given you upon your arrival. Paranoia runs high in our home as of now until the investigation is completed. I know you mean no harm to myself or to my family but the precautions were a necessity.

I would like to present you with this aged bottle of Nanutha wine as a token of my appreciation. You seem as though one to appreciate the more sophisticated pleasures in life. Enjoy a glass for me. Until we meet again, I bid you farewell.

Lord Quincy Andaris

P.S. The wine is best served chilled.
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