An Echo of Meilin

A ghostly case of mistaken identity

A blistering desert that stretches for hundreds of miles around Nashaki, with very little relief from the baking heat.

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Re: An Echo of Meilin

Sun Jun 02, 2019 1:10 am



Detection: A Ghost's response may reveal their anchors and obsessions
Discipline: Not Letting a ghoulish image scare you
Intelligence: Combining Old data with new to realize the whole story
Leadership: Kissing through a ghost's image to end a possession
Persuasion: How you structure the delivery of information is important
Storytelling: Past meeting with elder of the Alakani tribe

Convey: Breaking an Item a ghost is passing through hurts them
Ghosts: Being touched by copper and related alloys hurts them
Ghosts: Not the same as animated dead
Ghosts: The ghoulish images they may wear are not real
Ghost Skill: Convey
Ghost Skill: Possession
Hotlands Location: Borruck's Farm
PC Race: Ghost
Krorros: 'Might of the Conqueror' can make you forget you're injured
Krorros: 'Mortal Foe' can show that an enemy does not HAVE to be fought
Possession: A physical shock to the host can disrupt a possession
Possession: Ectoplasmic damage hurts the host, but does no real injury
Possession: Willingly allowing it makes for far better communication
The History of the nomadic Alakani tribe

Loot: N/A
Injuries: N/A
Renown: +10

Points 10

Comments: So, I haven't been commenting on threads due to the backlog but --

Holy crap! I've not seen a solo that is such a complete story... ever. You really could have broken this up into multiple threads but I'm impressed by your tenacity in writing this all out to a clear conclusion. Good writing as well - enjoy your rewards!


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word count: 277
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