Test Subjects

A city thrust in a land of magical corruption, where survival isn't taken for granted, Yaralon is a jewel on Eastern Idalos. It is world renown for its mercenary companies, for their spiritual culture that appears a bit backwards and counter intuitive to more "civilized" types. Yaralon is where the strong go to discover that they are anything but, and mercenaries learn that only Yari mercs are true mercs.

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Test Subjects

Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:50 pm

I am quitting standing trials. It is clear that nobody here wants to rp with me nor do I think I will be missed in the slightest.

If you are a newbie, you should know that mods and even other players can ruin your character at any time and for any power trippy reason. In my time here, I have had mods simply not reply to my posts for weeks and weeks at a time, had my character waste half a season because a mod made up a rule to have my character thrown in jail, been made pregnant against my will, and also been assigned penalties against my will just because a non mod thought to give me a hard time. You can do a bit of research and find that only staff members have accomplished anything noteworthy in this game, because they are the only ones immune from random bullshit.

I would not reccomend this game to anyone looking to accomplish anything in a roleplaying game.
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Re: Test Subjects

Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:46 am

Thread Review


Skill Points: +10 (can be used for Hone)
Magic XP: Yes (Hone)

Renown: None.

Injuries/Overstepping: None.
Wealth Points: None.
Loot: None.

Skill Knowledges:
  • Hone: Overloading a rune damages the body
  • Hone: Overload is expensive
  • Hone: For self-use, couple overload with a resistance rune
  • Unarmed Combat (Taekwondo): Vertical Kick
  • Unarmed Combat (Taekwondo): Back Kick
  • Unarmed Combat (Taekwondo): Jump Kick
Non-Skill Knowledges:
  • none requested.
Notes: n/a.

"Let’s call him Jim" .... oh, okay. uh, where did her pinky go... :shock: Jim's a bit of an odd duck, ain't he?

At least Hina found a willing practice mage-buddy! I liked reading their dynamic with each other. It was nice of her to fly him home and smart of her to try the rune on herself to figure out what Jim was talking about.

Good job and enjoy your rewards!

PM me if you have any questions, issues or concerns.

Total Word Count: 1,739 words.
Review Request Link: viewtopic.php?p=116151#p116151

word count: 194
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