The Valkyrie's Roost [Transaction Thread]

A school training in self-defense, with adjustable payment requirements to make greater security available to all walks of life.

Atop a stony plateau overlooking the lands of central Idalos, and growing wealthy from the gem stones pulled from the rocky soil, Etzos is a bastion of independence; firm in its belief that man should rule Idalos, not be servants of the vain Immortals who nearly destroyed it. But can the many factions set aside their conflicting agendas and see this through?

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The Valkyrie's Roost [Transaction Thread]

Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:14 am

The Valkyrie's Roost

Listen, and one will hear talk of "The Roost", the variety of weapon and hand-to-hand training that folks received there, and the generosity extended to those in need who lacked the funds to seek it elsewhere.

Stroll down a dark alley and you may hear muffled whispers, in anger over how those that used to be "easy marks" are suddenly fighting back, and effectively to boot! "The Roost" often figures largely in these discussions as well, though one should anticipate a salty mix of profanity in these quarters.

Find just the right street, and you will hear the disciplined cries and strokes of training in many forms of self-defense. Follow these sounds and you will come to the door of The Valkyrie's Roost, an essentially non-profit venture made available to ALL the people of Etzos. Cost for lessons is based on the prosperity of the one seeking lessons.

Only the need to pay those that give generously of their time, to help the vulnerable learn to be less so, accounts for what little payment is ever required. As yet, this has been easily accomplished by those of even moderate means. But woe be to those that claim false poverty to avoid fair cost.

Nightshade Eld is unsurprisingly the angel of mercy and retribution that saw and filled, this need. She whose name is becoming ever more synonymous with justice in this often oppressive city has served to bring a greater sense of unity among the citizens of Etzos than any governmental policy has managed in the last two hundred arcs. Out of nel? Out of aid? Out of options? Out of hope? Go to The Valkyrie's Roost and find it once again!

Original Business write-up
The Valkyrie's Roost

Character Name: Nightshade Eld

Current Wage: 31 gn/trial (As of Ymiden 718)

Profession's Main Skill: Blades(100)

Business Management Skill: 50

Business Name: The Valkyrie's Roost

Business Location: Etzos

Type of Business: Combat training and contract jobs

Business Description: Upon walking into the building the first thing you'll notice is how fairly large it is. There are lockers to put one's personal items in as well as gear to wear during practice. The walls are stone, the floors padded as to cause as little damage as possible to partners. There are dummies and bullseyes scattered around for the sake of practice without a partner for those who pay to use the area for practice. The price is usually cheap or nothing at all, especially when considering someone is bound to get frustrated and give you pointers if you act foolishly enough. There is a staircase tucked away in the back, but rarely does anyone go up or down. Customers aren't allowed up there and only a very select few of the workers as well as a small group of strangers who appear and disappear quickly enough.

The Valkyrie's Roost offers a number of different services from training in multiple forms of combat to requests for various jobs that one would typically hire a mercenary or a bounty hunter to complete. The goal of The Valkyrie's Roost is one of philanthropy, often doing as it can to aid with charitable acts within Etzos and giving discounts to low-income citizens. People are encouraged to bring their own weapons with which to practice with at higher levels. There are weapons with which to practice as well as wooden practice weapons for those who are still at lower levels.

A secondary unmentioned function of the Roost is to keep an eye on and moderate crime within the city itself in addition to the surrounding area. Certain matters or quietly handled alongside the guard with adequate permission.

Loan Amount: Not required

Number of Employees: 3 PCs,


Shop Details:

50 x 50 ft. (2500 sq. ft.) of Library type building
Two Stories, high ceiling for the first story
Double doors and two windows
Soapstone construction

Practice equipment and weaponry
20 Padded suites

13,000gn was agreed upon by myself and Malt for the whole of the cost.

Practice Spot1cn/trial
Novice Weapons Class2gn/trial
Competent Weapons Class3gn/trial
Expert Weapons Class4gn/trial
Master Weapons Class5gn/trial
Specialized Sword Class6gn/trial
Ki'Enaq ClassesTBD
Contracted JobRP Based
Prices are up for haggling within a thread, contract jobs must have an agreeable price decided within a thread and will be variable.

Goods & Services Available
  1. Since this is a PC run business, you may buy certain items here at a lower cost than the Shoppe.
  2. Only the goods & services identified in this post may be purchased.
  3. This location is open for you to post in: any and all purchases must be posted with time stamps below.
  4. You can make multiple purchases per season, but log only ONE purchase post
  5. If you make a thread out of your transaction, the link should be posted here.

Goods & Services

Shoppe Items
Please Note: No tangible goods are offered at The Valkyrie's Roost

This business is targeted at clients at Tier 5. This represents the majority of NPCs who shop here. PCs from any Tier may frequent a PC business.

Goods / Services Not Explicitly Listed in the Shoppe
The following Goods and Services not listed in the Shoppe are available here.
  • General Combat Training
    • Blade (Novice-Grandmaster
    • Unarmed (Novice-Expert)
    • Ranged (Novice-Expert)
  • Space and Materials for Combat Training
  • Requests to do missions/jobs one would typically pay mercenaries to do

Job information

Jobs are available here. To apply for a job, contact Nightshade Eld for details!

Player notes

Valkyrie's Roost Business Link
As a consequence of The Roost's products being what they are, all interactions are subject to RP should the player actually wish to receive anything from the interaction. As such, there is no interaction template.

Change log

  • Grandfatering to the new wealth system as of as of 2/3/2019
word count: 1033
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