The Travelling Dragon by Medel and Co.

Rynmere Circus

The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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The Travelling Dragon by Medel and Co.

The Travelling Dragon by Medel and Co.
All the fun of the fair
The Travelling Dragon by Medel and Co.
Tour dates:
Andaris – Ashan
Venora – Ymiden
Warrick – Saun
Endor & Gawyne – Vhalar
Krome – Vhalar
Burhan – Zi’da
Off Season – Cylus

A travelling fair has arrived in Rynmere. Starting their tour of the island in Andaris they’ve set up their booths on the outskirts of the city to attract Nobility and Common folk alike with a variety of food stalls, exotic goods, an ale tent and entertainment booths. The glorious event opened on the 110th Ashan and will close on the 120th ready to move onto Venora and work their way through all seven duchies. So come one, come all, while the fair is still around!
Anyone entering the fairground must walk under the banner proudly proclaiming:
The Travelling Dragon by Medel and Co.
A green background with letters picked out in gold. The fair is quite obviously contained to a certain area with stalls, tents, arenas for combat and tests of strength and wandering performing artists. Just behind the brightly coloured fabric and lines and set back from where crowds might wander are the accommodations of the fair members, carts, horses under watch by younger members of the caravan but in a temporary pen where they graze.

Dragon Ale:
In the centre of the marked out arena is a larger tent than most, where music seems to permanently drift out of. Inside there are only two choices of drink, ale or cider available from the bar set at the back of the tent. In the centre there is a raised platform where musicians and singers take their turn, vying for popularity before the Medel band takes up the stage to encourage any would-be revellers to join the dance floor.

Amusements and Entertainments:
A contest of sight! An archery competition. A green and yellow row of bunting flutters over a long bench where quivers and three bows are laid out. Targets are set back near the tree line. Ropes stretch down either side of the range as a primitive prevention against anyone running into the line of shot. An old man whose wispy grey beard could almost reach his belly sits on a stool, suspiciously eyeing any who approach.
3cn for four shots
Using only the bows and arrows provided by the stall, the competitor must sink three arrows into a target three horse lengths away in order to claim a prize. Some might say that the size of the horse used to measure might change every day. Some might say that the arrows have slices cut out of them and missing fletches. Others might argue that the bow is no more than a stick with a string tied to each end – but they would be wrong! Baelin Medel might look like someone’s grandfather, and he probably is, but he won’t take any arguing about the equipment provided. He’ll merely remind you that you pay to play by his rules and the rules stipulate the use of the equipment provided. He’ll also remind you that he’ll take no responsibility if you’re injured when taking part, or if you manage to maim any passers-by.

To win a prize, roll a 1/10. Only rolls of an 8 will win you anything and mean that the target was struck. The target is the small cut out shape of a duck painted yellow. The prize is either a carved wooden ring, a small glass jar containing fireflies, one of several peg dolls or a miniature wooden sword.

Dagger Throw:
There is a certain family resemblance between Remelda and her father Baelin. Red banners adorn this stall where slow moving targets dance back and forth. Three ships bobbing over blues waves. You must stand with your feet behind the line and only use the equipment provided, or risk Remelda’s wrath. For a woman barely over 5” feet tall, she has a stare that could curdle milk.

3cn for four shots

The daggers may be weighted to either side and have a tendency to spin off at innocent passers-by, and not necessarily fly where you think they’re going to. However to win a prize roll a 1d6. Only rolls of a 3 or 5 will win a prize. The prize is either a small glass jar containing fireflies, a miniature wooden sword or a carved dragon.

Magicians, jugglers, fire-eaters wander in all their fancy finery trying to attract attention.
M’Lady Vesen holds court in a purple tent towards the outskirts of the arena, promising to read your fortune from the dregs of your ale cup for the mere cost of 5sn.

Food vendors:
Although a large range of food and drink are available at standard prices, sometimes there are things that just taste better at the fair. It might be the fresh air; it might be a secret ingredient – who knows?

The smell of cinnamon and apple is strong, hot apple fritters are available at 1cn per one. An apple fritter is a slice of baked apple in a cinnamon and sugar infused batter. Strips of roasted meat wrapped in a thin slice of bread will set you back 1sn.

Marchpane fantasies (marzipan), attract those with a sweet tooth and are moulded into a variety of tiny farm animals. This arc, miniature pigs seem particularly popular with the younger crowd. They’re also a steal at 3cn each.

Night time:
Dusk is an unusually quiet break as a hush settles over the fair. There is a pause in the music for this time, building anticipation for the band to rally and the dancing to begin. Typically the band will play until the early hours of the morning, the stalls and amusements will continue outside until finally the last stragglers are left to sleep in the grassy spaces between the stalls or firmly encouraged to head back to the city, depending on their ability to walk at this point. It’s unusual to return from the fair with any coin left in your pockets…be careful what you take with you.

Credit: Elyna
word count: 1046
A N D I T' S A L L J U S T S M A L L S T U F F, B A B Y.

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