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Sayren Solendar

Sayren Solendar
Name: Sayren Solendar

Age: 25

Race: Human

Date of Birth: Arc 691, Ymiden 40

Marks: None

Factions Joined: The Seekers

Languages Spoken: Common (Fluent), Xanthea (Basic)

Partners: Andrea (Deceased/Missing)

Sayren is an average height man, standing at 5'11'', he has brown hair which he keeps cut short, the hair never growing past his ears. He has sharp and inquisitive blue eyes that defy his nature to the world. They reflect his inner self. Sayr is a man of many questions and many philosophies. When outside he mostly wears his regular set of clothes. An almost trademark black cloak shrouds him in all but the hottest of summer days. The cloak itself has worn itself to a sort of greyish color and is in a sort of state of disrepair, many seams can be found throughout it, stitched up Andrea herself when she was around. His stitching is much more obvious, as its wider spaced and not as tightly sewn. Under the cloak is a plain linen shirt, and some cloth pants, paired with some boots. Sayren walks upright and with confidence, and has almost adopted an air of superiority about him, almost taking on the mentality of those in Viden. Knowledge is power.

Sayren has an astute view of the world, according to him. He is serious and studious, but has a streak of relaxed in him. He tries his best to get along with others, if only because he doesnt like fighting if he doesnt have to. The man is of many philosophies and is willing to listen to all sorts of different stories and ideas about Immortals and places. He liked to learn and is driven by knowledge. Any piece of new information lights a fire within him, and he likes to chase leads until they turn dry or have nothing more to offer. Sayren is kind though, in his heart of hearts he just wants everybody to be happy and content. He believes that knowledge can be used to enlighten and empower the people; to lead to a brighter future. To say he has the soul of a teacher wouldnt be far off, but he is, personally, a long ways off from teaching anybody anything. That is a fact, and something he isnt begrudging. The journey after all is more important than the destination. Learning is more important than teaching, because to teach you first must learn, and learn all you can. Only then can knowledge be passed on. Sayren also likes rules, and is very 'justice' oriented. Break the rules and suffer the consequences. Rules are meant to be enforced, and are there for a reason. So breaking a rule or law is taken very seriously in Sayren's eyes, and is not something he would do (under normal circumstances).
Pre-Play History
Arc 691-709

Sayren grew up a merchants son. One of three children, Sayren as the middle child. Not the oldest or youngest he suffered being the middle. Though for the first seven years of his life he had the glory of being the ‘youngest,’ but that all changed when his little sister came along. Sayren would often travel with his father though, all across northern Idalos, and if he was lucky, southern Idalos as well. In fact it was there he met some Sev’ryn, who he remembers fondly as fun people that can tell a good story. He even made a friend, and tried to learn their language Xanthea, the subject being a fun little distraction for kid Sayr.

Arc 709, Ymiden, Trial 3

It was Sayren’s 18th Arc that changed his life. That was the Arc where he met Andrea, the seamstress, the potter, the mystery. In the cold snowbound Viden, a place that his father visited maybe once a year to continue his connections with the locals, that the mysterious lady appeared seemingly out of nowhere. It was not love at first sight, but there was something about her, Andrea, that Sayren could not get out of his mind. Something about her seemed off, from the moment that he returned a button which had fallen in the snow. Andrea was a taller lady, with black hair and piercing green eyes that shimmered with knowledge, a knowing and yearning for more. That fire is what kept her warm in the cold city of Viden, or so Sayren presumed. Their first meeting was not spectacular, but then they ran into each other again. This time Sayren, trying to find his father and fearing to be lost in the city, ran into her, literally. It was after a couple more meetings like that, chance and out of the blue, which they really got talking.

The season Sayren and his father were there, Sayr and Andrea saw more and more of each other. One day Sayren even was invited to see Andrea’s place of business, her shop. It was a small place, and kind of odd too, but she made her living out of it. There was an assortment of all sorts of pots crafted from clay and garments sewn from different fabrics. She informed Sayren that she mostly sells her potter, but she does get the odd requests from time to time asking her to sew or create something unique. As a potter, she was average. Her work was passable enough to sell. As a seamstress is where she really shined, and Sayren noticed and told her that. The comment made her smile.

Multiple visits began to turn more and more frequent, Sayren even offering to introduce her to his father so she too could benefit from the lifelong connections forged here from a traveling merchant. Andrea, much to Sayr’s dismay, declined the thoughtful answer. At first Sayren didn’t know why, and the reason would only become apparent in time. Andrea was much more connected than she let on.

The more that they visited, the more they got to know each other, the more they went over details of each others lives. Sayren was hanging on every word, absorbing what she was telling him. For example, Andrea has a sister. When that was brought up Sayren couldnt help but blurt out that he had both a brother and a sister. They'd laugh, and talk, and drink tea, and talk about one Immortal in particular, the one whose realm Viden was, Yvithia the goddess of Intellect, Language, and Communication. Sayren had only heard what you would usually hear about Yvithia within Viden, and nothing more. She was not a subject of interest for him, but Andrea was fascinated and almost obsessed with the Immortal. She could go on at great lengths about language, and the meaning of the word 'Truth.' Andrea had a knack for dissecting words and sentences and she'd make one pause to carefully consider what they were going to say. It was something that Sayren really liked about the woman. Andrea was someone that Sayren found a mutual connection with, as both loved to delve deeper into the 'why' of things.

It was on one of Sayren's last days in Viden that he finally got to introduce Andrea to his father. The meeting was in high spirits and the man was so grateful of the woman for keeping Sayren out of trouble during their stay. It was then Sayren got the most unexpected invitation. Andrea asked if he wouldnt stay in Viden with her, just for a while longer. They still, after all, had a lot to talk about. Or so was the excuse the seamstress used. She reassured Sayren that he could return to his father whenever he so chose, it is just she enjoyed his company so much that she wanted him to stay just a bit longer.

'Just a bit longer,' turned into a season, and in that season their relationship grew and they finally had their first kiss. It was then that Andrea first asked the question, "Do you want to help me find the Truth of the World?" to which Sayren couldn't answer. He had no idea what she meant by 'the Truth of the World' and when asked about she had little idea as well. Or so she played, shrugging returning with a small quip, "Dont tell me you are scared of the Truth?" she tempted him. Sayren agreed to hunt the Truth of the World with Andrea, whatever that may be, because he isnt scared to face down facts. Facts are rational things after all, truths that can go undisputed.

That was the beginning of Sayrens journey down the rabbit hole. A whole new world was opened up to him, along with a whole new idea of 'Truth' that Andrea hadnt offered before. She begged the question, is Truth based on perception? Can Truth be bent based on the aspects of the mind, the perception of the perceive, or is Truth absolute identical to everyone? To explore the subjectivity of humans Andrea introduced Sayren to the concept of meditation, and how conscious thought and effort can distort how one feels. Together they worked on slowing the mind and being mindful of the thoughts that crossed into awareness. It was only when Sayren could reach a peaceful and clear state of mind did they delve even deeper into the mysteries of Truth.

This next aspect of Truth was awareness, and was introduced to Sayren by Defiance. The daily practice meditations were in preparation for passing the Defiance, which for Sayren it took him many, many tries to succeed. The first was the most disorienting, fascinating, and scary thing Sayr had experienced in his life. He did not know what to make of the initiation.

Now along with meditation, Defiment practice was added to the list of daily things to do in the morning. It seemed that Andrea enjoyed having Sayr around. She enjoyed helping to open the youths mind to the Truth that she yet did not fully understand.

After Defiance came an explanation from Andrea's point of view of what exactly he was experiencing, along with a crash course in ether, the energy that permeates the world through Fractures. She explained to him that ether could be channeled and shaped with will, and she left it at that for a while.

Seasons passed until Andrea thought Sayren ready to learn more about ether, and what better way than to show and tell. Seated across from Andrea at her table the young man was forced to promise not to run away once she showed him what she needed to show him. Promising, and interest piqued, Sayren watched as a spoon was slid towards him, pushed without anything pushing it. His initial reaction was to jump and try to get away, but he caught himself in his promise not to freak out. After taking a moment to calm his nerves he asked what he just saw. It was explained to him that it was a power of the ether, a fraction of the Truth of the World, that created the force.

The last and most exciting discipline passed onto Sayren was Ensorcellment: the ability to create conduits. It is a vital magic for the sorcerer community, and now that Sayren had a taste of what magic can do and some knowledge of its limitations, he could better appreciate Ensorcellment. After Ensorcellment, Andrea mentioned Amplification, but never quite had the time to really teach him the magic. Instead he got broad concepts of what Aimplification was, and potentially how it could be used if one had a conduit attuned to the magic.

Arc 713, Saun, Trial 38-Shattered Peace

The day seemed so peaceful, starting as most did greeting the sun with a happy smile and meditative stance, the couple sat in seclusion within the small storefront before opening hours. The counting of breaths commenced as it did through the years, the mind straying around fifty or so, hardened with the will not to let Andrea down. For Sayren quieting the mind was still difficult, but yet he happily struggled. Lines of concentration must have appeared on his face as he felt a hand touch his shoulder, and a wisp of air caress his neck as a gentle whisper chimed in his ear, “Don’t worry about that,” she’d say, her voice like a cool mountain steam drew the young mans attention, “Let it go,” she further advised him in the art of meditation, like she always had in the past years since they, together, sought after the Truth of the World, whatever that may be.

It was in the growing years accompanying the mage that Sayren realized that their Truths might be a bit different. Andrea was focused on unraveling the world in the light of Ether, and bringing an age of understanding to the era. Sayren still did not know what he wanted to do with the knowledge. His path was not as concrete as Andrea’s, nor was his mind or any of his abilities actually. “Do you remember which number you left off on?” Andrea would ask, pulling away slightly to move around her love and sit in front of him, legs crossed. Sayren would nod, and Andrea would say, “Good. Begin again, start there and count up. Anytime your mind wanders, think of the numbers and not the thought. Acknowledge the thought, but then let it go, dismiss it and refocus on your task: the numbers.”

Everything was easier said than done, and Andrea knew that, and Sayren was learning the hard way. Fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three, fifty-four… The numbers went on and on and had no limit. The numbers, counting, was a way to distract the mind to think of nothing. A way of centering oneself and to prepare for any sort of spellcraft. The numbers lead to advancement, and mastering the mind was just as important as understanding the subtleties of power, of the magic and ether one would draw to wield.

Count. Count until you lose the world and enter into the bliss of your being, a centered state of thoughtlessness. Andrea bore the burden of counting with Sayren to ridiculously high numbers. The master here being far more adapt than Sayren could ever hope to be at this moment. The numbers entered the hundreds, two hundred, three hundred, four… That is until that look crossed Sayrens face. That wrinkleless, focused but thoughtless look, where the face would soften, released from the grip of intense concentration. A deep breath in. A deep breath out. A relaxed body and mind.

“Now,” the guiding words of Andrea interrupted again the practice, “we are going to move into the air,” this daily ritual was to keep the mind sharp and prepared, or so Sayren thought, “Reach out, Say,” she would instruct, “and feel the air around you,” she continued to guide the man. As Andrea instructed Sayren would reach in his own way, the wind danced upon his skin, prickling and teasing his sense of touch. The wizard in training wasn’t quite out of his body, not fully synchronized yet, and it would take some time for him to reach that state. A sliver of sun shone through the window, the first light hit Sayren and magnified the feeling of the air with the gentle warmth of the sun.

“Feel it and do not resist the wind, let it flow, passively observe it, and feel it.” Always the airs teasing of Sayren’s body would be the block that he’d have to get past. Awareness of his body and the space around it made it hard to really connect with the force truly, like how Andrea does it. His body was a distraction, as was the tickling pricking sensation.

“Don’t think about it,” Andrea instructed, “Relax into it like a warm bath,” she suggested her voice becoming quieter and quieter as she became more and more synchronized with the wind as well. Then the silence won, and Andrea offered no more instruction. Sayren was still struggling with the concept of the warm ether bath, but he tried, and as he relaxed into the tingling air around him the less his body resisted the elements and the more he was able to commune with the wind itself. The air around Andrea always seemed to flow and spin around her in beautiful and complex patterns. Sayren couldn’t make anything out of it, but that wasn’t the point of his observing. Andrea was beautiful inside and out and the wind proved it. Her soul was much more patient than his, and it was a wonder that she even felt him worthy of carrying on her legacy, that she felt him worthy of questing with her for the Truth of the World...

Andrea was shaking him, both hands on his shoulders calling his name. Her words were hurried as she stood up, “Sayren, you need to leave.” The words took a moment for the man to process, and by the time he was done staring at her stupidly, Andrea had already pulled a drawer from the small desk. The entire thing shooting out of its hobby hole and towards here where she caught it. Hand ruffled through and she pulled out an envelope to shove into Sayren’s hands. “I…” Sayren tried to get a word in but Andrea gave him a look and cut him off.

“This is an order,” she told him, “Get Elliot and go to Rands.” Her voice almost shouting now, “Tell him ‘The Well has run dry.’”

Elliot must have woken up from the commotion that Andrea was making as he walked into the room blurry eyed and yawning, not yet fully awake. Sayren had never seen her like this before and it confused and worried him. He thought about trying to stay to get answers, but it seemed his master had other plans. He had so many questions. What Well? What does Rand have to do with this? He was just another potter they knew… Why does she want him to leave, yet alone take Elliot with him? As Sayren was stumbling to his feet, letter clenched tight in his grasp, Andrea had grabbed Elliot and shoved him towards Sayren, “Get moving!” She yelled, her Sovereign magic moving the boy she shoved faster towards Sayren, who was forced to catch him like one would a ball. They both landed in a pile, “Out the back,” Andrea snapped.

That morning was especially cold, running through the snow, little prepared for what was going to happen next. That was the last morning Sayren saw Andrea. However, the letter was delivered, and the Well had run dry.

Arc 713, Saun, Trail 38, -Aftermath

After the letter was delivered and the code said Rand, the potter who liked his drink a bit too much, spent most of the day out and kept Sayren and Elliot locked inside. There was no time for questions. Only action, and it would be a couple days before the potter had procured the resources they needed to make their getaway. The first night Rand came with news of Andreas place being completely destroyed. The words used to invoke the image to Sayren were, “Have you ever seen two users of Sovereign fight? The sheer force devastated the property and even damaged the nearby area.” There wasn’t a beam left standing, nor were there bodies. There simply was destruction, pure and true. Andrea was missing along with the attackers.

Sayren wanted to go look for Andrea, but Rand would not allow that. They would stay there until the potter could put his preparations into action. Into the night they stow away like thieves. They traveled in the bitter cold, and eventually arrived to small port with a ship that took them to Rynmere. Rand explained that they were to go join the sect in Rynmere, and further the study of Ensorcellment. Andrea was working on a project to uncover the Truth of the World, but Rand knew very little about this; only that Andreas Truth was probably tied to Ensorcellment, the very foundation of the sorcerers power.

Arc 715- Andaris

Safely within the folds of the Seekers cell in Andaris, Sayren continued to study Ensorcellment most extensively aiming to get better and better at understanding the art as to further his missing masters Truth. He wants to work with better Well types, he wants to see what she saw! He still continues the now routine meditation sessions and Defier practices. Most importantly, he wants to find her if possible. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t think of her and the adventure she brought into his life. This, however, wasn’t quite how he thought it would be. He always pictured being together with Andrea forever…

With Elliot, the two scrape by. The boy still not completely accepting Andreas gone. He is sure that she will show up one day in Andaris, and that a reunion is possible. Because of that hope, as slim as it may be, a smile could be spread on Sayrens face. He too wanting to believe that Elliot is right. After all, Andrea knew what she was doing, right?

Sayren lives in a rather small, and very cramped little stone house within the walls of Andaris. Only 400 sq ft, the space is occupied by 2 beds, both pushed up against the northern wall. A tiny bedside table is put between the two beds, along with a chest at the end of one bed. To the south the table, two chairs, and between the length of the table and the beds, centered, is the fireplace in the east wall. A small bookshelf holds the set of knives and six plates, positioned on the west wall, guarding the door. There is nothing really fancy about the house, it is small and cramped, and has a clay floor.

Houses include one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, and a fireplace. Depending on the city, this may be a tiny apartment, house, cubicle, or similar structure.
Optional item- bedside table
Personal NPCs

Name: Elliot (Solender)
Date of Birth: Arc 702, Ahsan, Trial 24
Skills: Running 30, Climbing 25, Meditation 10, Bribery 15, Storytelling 20
Appearance: A bit under five feet in height he is small for his age. Though the blonde haired blue eyed boy bounces with energy. He is a shade darker than white, a healthy natural tan on his body. He is lithe and slippery, quick to get out of any restraining grasp. There is an air of confidence about his demeanor, and he is never seen without some sort of sly smile like he is always up to something. His messy blonde hair almost touches his shoulders and he refuses to get it cut.
Personality: Elliot is loud and outspoken, and quick to accept any offer in front of him. His consuming nature comes from his time being an orphan, and having little to nothing. He is a bit selfish too because of that, afraid of losing what he has gained. He tries to remain optimistic and cheerful, and likes to run and climb and play. He took to medtation as much as a kid with too much energy would, begrudging Andreas practice. He did it however, to stay close to her. He craves attention and affection, and can get kind of clingy with people he trusts.
Relationship to PC: Andrea's 'adopted son,' taken into care when Andrea disappeared

Master NPC

Name: Marciline Oreden
Date of Birth: Arc 666, Cycle Saun, Trial 22 ~50 years old
Skills: Attunement 45, Sovereign 30, Amplification 50, Ensorcellment 55, Teaching 30, Pottery 50
Appearance: Marciline is a shorter lady, and there is already a plethora of grey hairs marring the faded red of her hair. It used to be a firey crimson, but that fire has faded and been tamed over time. Times passage hasnt been kind to Marciline, with prominent age marks over her face, making her appear quite older than she actually is. The stress of the organization and maneuvering and advising the Seekers has taken its toll on the wizards life, but she persists on through sheer willpower and devotion. Her spirit wont be held down simply by the passage of time.. Things might just get done a little slower though. She wears a red robe to compliment her red hair. It is easy to see that she used to be, once upon a time, a woman who shouldnt have been ashamed of her image. Not beautiful, but not average either. Just slightly above, but like all roses, hers faded with time as well.
Personality: One way to describe Marciline would be simply 'sweet.' She is incredibly humble about her abilities as a wizard and her role in the Seekers because of her chronic illness. There isnt anything quite like sickness for someone to realize their own folly and mortaliy in this world. However sick, she owns it as a part of herself. Marciline is also patient, and would have made a good wife if she would ever settled down. No, the Seekers were more important to her than love. In lue of a husband and in lue of children she has the Seekers and wizards placed in her care. She takes her job very seriously... Although Marciline wasnt always the woman she is presently. She has a past, but like most wizards, she is reluctant to talk about it, instead focusing on the future and forever looking forward. She has a drive, so much she feels she needs to accomplish before she dies. That drive is reflected in her work and unyielding devotion to the sect.
Job Role: Conduit Supplier and Adviser to the Cell
Anything: Marciline was Andrea's teacher, way back at least fifteen or twenty or so years ago. She has been passed up from promotion many times because of the debilitating chronic illness she has (Rheumatoid Arthritis). The RA combined with a Burning from internal use of Aplification, keeps her pretty limited to what she can do at any given day. The burning messed with her nerves, and sometimes she twitches without meaning to, hands shake, and the very nerves feel like they're on fire when she gets like that. The episodes happen as frequent as once a week. Though, to her, the burning was worth it to save her friend... She has immense respect for the Seekers, and doesn't begrudge them their decision. She intends to help them in any way possible. It was also Marciline who taught Andrea to shape pottery, and how shaping clay is akin to Ensorcellment. She also has a cover as an artisan (Potter).
Knowledge & Skills

Skill LevelPoints required
Novice 0-25 Points
Competent 26-75 Points
Expert 76-150 Points
Master 151-246 Points
Legendary 247-251 Points
Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotalRank
Meditation [SP] 15, 15 Novice
Ranged (Dagger) [RB] 25 25 Novice
Defiance [SP] 20, [JD] 5, 25 Novice
Ensorcellment [SP] 15, [JD] 5, 20 Novice
Persuasion [JD] 10 10 Novice

Basic Knowledge

Knowledge: Arcana (SP)
Knowledge: Fractures (SP)
Knowledge: Wells (SP)
Location: Andaris (JD)
Andaris: Andaris Culture (JD)

Specialized Knowledge

Arcana: Ensorcellment (SP)
Arcana: Defianc(SP)
Seafaring: The Seas around Andaris (JD)
Seekers: Andaris Faction (JD)
Sovereign: The feel of Sovereign on a living being (JD)
Marks Section




  • Basic Clothes (Black cloak, Lenin shirt, Cloth pants, Undergarments, and a pair of Boots)- Starting Package
  • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste- Starting Package
  • One waterskin- Starting Package
  • Two sets of eating utensils- Starting Package
  • Tinderbox- Starting Package
Single Bed (SP) 25 gn 0 gn
Pillows (2) (SP) 10 gn 0 gn
Small Bookcase (SP) 10 gn 0 gn
Throwing Dagger (25) 10 gn 0 gn
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 45 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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