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[Rynmere] Coastline

Rynmere Coastline
Everything you need to know about Rynmere's Coastline.
Andaris Coast:

The Andaris coast is wild and beautiful, white-capped and unpredictable. This body of water between Rynmere east and the land beyond is called The Eastern Trench and divides Rynmere from its settlements in the Northern Region of Idalos. The water here moves quickly and hidden dangers make it impossible for novice and even some competent sailors to navigate. Cool water from the north mixes with warmer waters from the south forming whirlpools that erode deep underground hollows on the seabed which have formed a vast cave system the Mer like to live in.
Andaris Caves:

The coastline is littered with caves big enough to hide anything from a schooner to a flight of dragons, and wild Avriel have been known to gather here. It is common to find old shipwrecks scattered along the short stretches of white sandy beaches dotted between the caves, and travellers should be wary of pirates and thieves. Faction VII have been known to erect makeshift hideouts in the caves when trying to smuggle goods in and out of the country, and though there is a strong group of knights and skyriders on patrol a lot of the time, it is impossible for them to check every cave.
Venora Coast:

The sunny south of Rynmere attracts visitors from right across the country, especially during the warmer seasons of Ymiden, Saun, and Vhalar. The coast is known for its high cliffs, long sandy stretches of beachfronts, and calm tides. Cyrene Bay often sees a lot of trade ships moving back and forth along the horizon and families enjoy watching from the clifftops as the tall ships sail along the coast avoiding the moving sandbars. Mer come and go but prefer the rockier coasts of Gawyne, Krome, and Andaris. Of all of the beaches, Venora has been voted the safest for swimming.
Warrick South Coast:

The lonely shores of Warrick are often plagued by pirate attacks where cattle are stolen from the farms dotted along the shore. The coast is patrolled by skyriders during the warmer seasons, but during Zi’da and Cylus the dragons seek out warmer climates and tend to stay closer to the Burning Mountains. Of all of the beaches in Rynmere, Warrick is most prone to an invasion, but with the biggest military force in Rynmere, and the village situated so far from the shore, the rest of Rynmere is quietly confident that the region can support itself.
Warrick West Coast:

West of the Burning Mountains and the Stone Forest lies the steep cliffs of the Western Rim. The cliffs here are impossible to climb and though the sea is very calm in these parts, pirates have given up on forging a route through the dense forests and high mountains. Jacadon and Volareon young come here to learn to fly, throwing themselves from the tops of the cliffs to spread their wings and make the most of the warm air that circulates through the deep caverns. An old family of Mer call the aqua coloured water home.
Endor Coast:

Dark, dingy Endor isn’t for the faint hearted, and the year round cold weather is only appealing to those who have lived here for generations. The seawater is too cold to swim in, and the rocks are impossible to traverse without appropriate footwear. A dangerous clan of Mer call these waters home and don’t take kindly to trespassers or locals. Smaller ships have been warned to stay clear as the Keel-Saw-Sea-Dragon has also been known to visit. The seawater is black and difficult to see in when diving even with the help of firelight shone against the surface.
Gawyne Coast:

The coast is littered with tall, jiggered rocks that stick up out of the sea like giant shark fins. No one sails off the coast of Gawyne, as the only way ashore is in a small canoe or rowboats. The weather here is unpredictable and often rainy. The Mere here are very welcoming, unlike their neighbours in Endor. It is said that Henry Warrick’s youngest son fell in love with a Mer that he met while travelling around the Gawyne coast, though others have debated that she was from the south. The rocky shore protects the Wise Wood, known for its sturdiness and quality by shipwrights across Idalos.
Krome Coast:

The white cliffs of Krome and rocky shore can often make one feel as if they have travelled to the edge of the world. The dense surrounding forests are difficult to cut a path through, and the trees here tend to grow back at an alarming rate. Some say it has something to do with the Wisps that haunt the woods, believed to channel their collective energy into seeing the forest thrive. The tides here are calm one day and wild the next, with high waves crashing against the white walls. People have tried and failed to build docks along the coast with little success.
Krome Caves:

Dark caves tunnel into the shore as deep as one hundred metres in some places and though explorers have only been able to map these caves during the season of Ashan, they have never found anything of value. Some of the caves have pictures carved into the walls, believed to have been etched by the Mer-folk who have been known to record the history of their clans in caves throughout Idalos. Perhaps the most famous thing about the Krome Caves, however, are the giant sea eels that grow up to six metres long and feast on wild goats.

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