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Name: Zunaqih / White



Date of Birth: 18 Cylus, 691st Arc


Factions Joined:None yet..

Languages Spoken: Common-Fluent; Yludih-Basic


((Human form; Ellune form yet to be shown))
Zunaqih is above average in both height and weight, but not extremely, as he reaches 6 feet in height, and with his 189 pounds of weight. He has dark hair that reaches to his neck, as well as a short beard with a mustache he likes pulling. His eyes are as dark as his hair, and most of the time they show no sign of a soul residing inside them. Zunagih likes wearing long coats that can go even to his knees, and they are mostly dark like his hair or barely lighter in a shade of brown. He doesn't expect much action, so his pants are tighter than regular, which gives him a nicer feeling. His boots are comfortable before all, as he spends his days in them, without many chances to take them off. As he is made of crystals, he wears gloves almost all the time so that he (his asterism) doesn't have to (even unconsciously) make the illusion real each time he touches someone. Also he finds that the gloves suite him well.

Zunaqih is not exactly the most social person, he prefers to do things alone. He enjoys solitude and silence, as well as peace and harmony. He's not the hero, nor the villain, he's the guy in the background getting the best of both worlds. Though Zunaqih has an immense sense of justice and what's right, he doesn't do the right things most the time. He has great control over himself, allowing him to not snap at some risky situation, though if it's vengeance on the line, he would most likely snap, as he has the need to get revenge, even against an unarmed opponent he wouldn't stop. Some might say he knows not of mercy, but he does, he knows very well what mercy is, he just chooses to not go that way, and to not show that weakness, as it could be easily used against him if he showed mercy of any kind.

He thrives for objectiveness, and he is usually successful as to not showing any emotions. Zunaqih is extremely adaptable to any situation, and is able to create a plan for every scenario in the shortest amounts of time. (whether the plan works out is another subject) The truth drives him, as he wants to reveal it at almost any cost, and what makes it so ironic, and Zunaqih such a hypocrite is the fact that he lies, always, in every possible occasion, he will lie rather than tell the truth. So much lying has gotten him good at it, and turned lying into an instinct for him, always making up new stories, new names, new lives. Even when his lie is discovered, his stubbornness will prevail and he will stick with his lie as if it were the real truth, and sometimes, that will even make the person who discovered the lie believe in it. Besides being stubborn and a liar, Zunaqih is also a very disciplined man, a being of habits and routines, which will sometimes make his lies harder to turn into truth. His daily routine is something he must follow, no matter what or where he is, and he rarely skips his meditation each day.

He's also learned to keep a distance between strangers. His trust is hard to gain, but he's also a not-so-trustworthy person, unless you can claim you're close to him, which is almost impossible. Zunaqih believes he has no needs for friendships so to actually befriend him would take a lot of effort. And even not knowing this, people still don't engage in a conversation with him because of his looks, and because he is usually the lone guy sitting in the corner of a tavern. Zunaqih finds it way easier to befriend animals than humans, as they have no lies to tell, while most humans base half of their conversations with lies. Even though he's the guy that sits alone all the time, he likes his drinks from time to time, and considering he's made of crystals, Zunaqih doesn't need to worry about getting drunk. If talking business, Zunaqih is focused and determined, with no obstacles that could stop him from completing his job. He gets the job done, any means necessary, and he doesn't allow anything to distract him from the task at hand, and that is one of Zunaqih's greatest virtues, or flaws, depending how you look at it.

Early childhood
Zunaqih was born into a lovely family where it couldn't be more perfect, as his parents, Sinvah and Qume owned a nice comfy house in Melrath, and had no specific issues of any sort. His mother, Qume, or Kira in the Human form, was a writer, and even though that might not be the most profitable profession, she had a good reputation as a playwright, and so she was never really out of stuff to write. Zunaqih's father, Sinvah, or Josh, in his cover, was a huntsman, and a pretty successful one at that. So Zunaqih arrived, being born in Melrath, where he lived during his early stages , with his parents. At that time, his name was officially John, and his surname McRoberts. He would change both of those throughout his life, and multiple times too. He had made some friends from his street in the early stages of his childhood, but he was showing that he would not turn out the most social person. When he was 6, his mother got pregnant again, as he would turn 7, his parents were expecting his sister to be born, and they found it a good time to tell the boy he was actually Yludih. The fact that he wasn't what he had thought he was, as well as all the magnificent things he saw in Uleuda, Zunaqih 'swallowed' nicely, even better than his parents expected him to, but the shapeshifting was hard for him, for some odd reason, and he could not do it easily and instinctively as the other children could. It would actually take years until he could shapeshift into another race easily, in seconds, and unconsciously, and the race would be the Ellune. Most of the stuff he was taught in Uleuda he would remember, as well as the looks of the city. The rest of his childhood in Melrath he spent quietly, as his newborn sister was giving his parents some real headaches, and that wouldn't change as she grew up. At around the age of 9, Zunaqih's father started teaching him how to fight with a regular one-handed sword, and a dagger from time to time. Zunaqih was an average fighter, but what he did good was acting to her mother's plays, well, as good as a kid can be. Zunaqih was also very intrigued with forbidden places, and he loved eavesdropping on his parents whenever he had the chance. He just found knowing what other people do interesting. This would continue as he grew up, and it would even prove useful sometimes. Also, the older Zunaqih got, the more he practiced shapeshifting, avoiding his sister while he did, as his parents instructed. Still, it wasn't as easy as it should've been for him to change to another race.

Teenage years
By the age of 12, Zunaqih was used to meditating, as he had visited Uleuda several times in order to seek guidance with his shapeshifting, as well as to just read from the Yludih libraries, and listen to the leaders speak. By this point, he was used to doing stuff alone, as his parents had to watch over his sister, Denebri, or the human name Jane. She was the 'silver jewel' of their hearts and souls. And beside the time his parents spent on his sister, Zunaqih's father still had the time to teach him fighting, and his mother to listen to his acting, though not as much as before his sister was born. For a brief time, Zunaqih was in the kid's troupe for a local theater in Melrath, though he didn't get any actually important roles in the three shows that he was in, and his parents didn't come to any of them still. What interrupted his theater work was the time when his parents thought would be good to tell Denebri that she was Yludih, and at that time, Zunaqih was 15, and he had almost mastered shapeshifting into a different race. When they left for Uleuda, Zunaqih came too, and he was now more familiar with the city than his parents, having been there so many times. Unlike Zunaqih, his sister reacted roughly to the fact that she couldn't remain the spoiled kid she was until then in Uleuda. She had a hard time befriending anyone, and as much as Zunaqih wanted to help her, she would just push him away, which would create more of a desire for loneliness in him. As he had seen many Ellune in his life, though only briefly, as well as heard stories about their capital, he was leaning more and more towards visiting it some day. He was lured by all the knowledge the Ellune vault possessed. In his 16th year, he was meditating and leaving to Uleuda more and more, while his sister didn't seem impressed with the Yludih Kingdom at all, but she had succeeded in shapeshifting way easier than him. At that time, an accident happened, when his sister slipped and fell of a smaller wall in Melrath, and instead of regular human blood and bruise, small crystals from her shoulder which she fell on shattered across the ground, and one of the watchmen noticed it immediately, and as he was familiar with Yludih, he ran to inform the others, while the mass stood speechless. His mother sent Zunaqih to his father, while she stayed with Denebri. When he had told his father about everything, he told Zunaqih to run to the woods as fast as he could, meditate and leave to Uleuda, and that they would meet there. The next Zunaqih saw his father was in the woods, as the older man awakened him from his meditation with awful news, Zunaqih's mother and sister were both killed, and the two of them had to leave quickly. Zunaqih snapped, which happened to him only once or twice throughout his life, and started running, not feeling safe even with his father. He ran for hours, until finally reaching a small village, where he stayed for the night, paying for accommodation with some of the money he had left. From that point on, Zunaqih would move from town to town in Western Idalos, earning small amounts of money by doing some performances as an actor, or maybe some small spy jobs, and even being a courier for city officials, which is how he got his horse which he named Morqu-white, and he himself would take that name sometime in the future.This way of living earned him enough money for a tent and enough food every time he got paid. The courier job which he took, was transporting an important diplomatic letter, which he didn't know, in exchange for a mount he would use to get to his location more quickly. Even though that job didn't earn him any money, it took Zunaqih to an important place for his further travels, which would be Rakhros. From there, he would slowly go to Rynmere, and more specifically, Andaris.
With all of the craziness in his life, Zunaqih taught himself to organize time perfectly, to not waste a second, and to afapt to any situation that comes. He also kept going to Uleuda, and every time he thought he had seen his father, he would've left and waited a few days before coming back. Of course, his father spread the word of his missing child, but since nobody in Uleuda knew Zunaqih's form, chasing him in Idalos wasn't going to produce any results, and since his features and colors in his crystal form weren't yet that specific, he could have easily been mistaken with someone else in Uleuda. During his nomadic lifestyle, Zunaqih wouldn't change into Ellune almost at all, except to check if he still can do it easily in his tent, as the Ellune weren't expected in the Western Idalos. By being alone all that time, and by just his mother's death, Zunaqih developed a distance from the world around him, and he also started developing a coldness towards anyone of any other race, thought he never got to the point of hatred towards everyone.

Adulthood and present day
As Zunaqih moved to Eastern Idalos, his lifestyle didn't change very much, except for jobs getting harder and harder to find. He slowly progressed to the north, with his desired destination being Andaris. He was in his 20's, and he was still a loner, closed from the outside, unlike most of the people of his age. The owners as well as guests of the taverns he stayed in were rather intrigued by his appearance, as he didn't talk much, or even at all at some occasions. Zunaqih kept with his routines, meditating each day, though he stopped going to Uleuda as much, and focused more on the real world. By the time he was close to Andaris, Zunaqih had switched through many different names among the people he had no intention talking to in the future, but to those he found might be useful sometime in the future, he introduced himself as White. Many shady characters he had dealt with found this name appropriate, as Zunaqih's skin was rather pale even on both of Idalos' suns, and also because he didn't leave anything that would possibly be connected to him behind, just as if he erased all his loose ends. Throughout the years, he didn't practice actual fighting much, as he found it too messy for him, he'd rather not have to fight than beat someone in a fight. He was mostly focused on stealthiness and acting, as those were the things useful to him. Many times his acting influenced his work in espionage, both for local governments and underworld organizations, just as his espionage skills got him some better roles and better money from his acting. His journey was interrupted In Central Idalos, when he was ambushed by a group of bandits, Zunaqih was able to defend himself long enough to get on his horse and ride away quickly, as the bandits weren't on mounts, but their ambush was successful, as he left a bag full of stuff in his tent, and he had only around 40 gold nels in his rucksack, and he had to spend some of it to replenish his supplies before leaving straight for Andaris, as he heard he may find jobs worth his time there. It took him longer than expected to get to the coast just east of Rynmere, as his horse was lightly injured in the bandit ambush so he had to walk. Still, Morqu's wound healed before Zunaqih boarded the ship to Rynmere, and getting a horse on board took some persuasion and silver, but Zunaqih wasn't planning on abandoning the only companion he had. Now as his supplies are replenished, though his coin purse is really lighter, he sees the walls of Andaris City before him, as he's ready to find new meaning in his life, which he haven't had in the longest of time.

Currently residing in a tavern in Andaris, usually lives in his tent somewhere in the woods, or in some cheap tavern
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Acting [SP] 11, [ML] 3 14
Investigation [SP] 10, [ML] 3, [AL] 11 24
Mount [SP] 10, [ML] 3 13
Melee combat [SP] 8 8
Meditation [ML] 4 4
Disguise [RB] 10 10

Basic Knowledge

Melee Combat (blade): Sword
Western Idalos: Melrath
Investigation: Putting pieces together
Location: Rhakros (ML)
Maintaining Obscurity to Feel Safe (ML)
Leaving a Trial of Dead-End Identities (ML)
Location: Andaris (ML)

Specialized Knowledge

Acting:Assuming another persona
Disguise: Dress by status
Mount: Horse (ML)
Keeping Ellune Form in Reserve (ML)
Uleuda Location: Library (ML)
Watch Out for Loose Ends from the Past (ML)
Marks Section




  • None


  • One set of clothing
  • One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
  • One riding horse.
  • One horse-pulled wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
  • 100 feet of rope
  • One tinderbox.
  • A set of six torches
  • One Lantern
  • One bedroll
  • A compass
  • fishing pole with a set of thirty hooks.
  • A blanket
  • Four rucksacks
  • A knife
  • One waterskin
  • One set of toiletries
  • One set of clothing.
  • Two rags.
  • One-handed sword.(Prized possession)
[SP] 25gn ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 25 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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