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Sirothelle's medical centre

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The Heart of Faldrun

The Heart of Faldrun
The Heart of Faldrun is the premier medical service supplied to the city by the government, staffed with both trained professionals in the populace. It is a long-standing business that offers free medical examinations for all Aukari-born residents in Sirothelle, as well as cheap options for the more advanced kinds of medical operations, such as surgery. All you have to do is show your registration papers at the front desk, and you will immediately be put in line for whatever you need.

The Aukari Occult, no matter what condition they have when they enter the building, will be put to the front of the line, and will be seen within mere minutes. The rest of the military will not be too far behind in receiving treatment. The hierarchy of Sirothelle could not be more obvious in the waiting area of the Heart of Faldrun: a staff member is always on hand to push people down the queue, depending on what their lot is in life.

For those born of other races, or visitors to the city, they will find themselves suffering from a very hefty bill once treatment is completed, and they will not be allowed to leave the city until their debt is paid off. There are usually a small contingent of the City Guard patrolling around the area, who will step in to support any medical staff, should a visitor with a sense of entitlement kick off unjustly.

The facility itself is a relatively large one, as it caters often to the military, though there is a second outpost of the Heart of Faldrun located within the training facility for the City Guard and Infantry, to which any member of the military or Occult (in training or otherwise) may attend if needed. With two levels, all simple examination rooms are found on the ground floor. Any more advanced medical procedures will occur on the basement floor, where medical equipment donated from the leftovers from Viden, are situated. The facility is never closed, and will be staffed by a minimum of six doctors and 28 nurses at all times. It is a very effective facility, and anyone registered to use (or able to afford) the services, will not be disappointed by the level of care they receive.

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