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Approved: Fogan

Name: Fogan
Aka: Aelig’s Nefarious Newts.
Life span: 30 Arcs
Size: Body is 6 to 7 inches in length
Habitat: Found near fresh water lakes and streams.
Physical description:
For the most part Fogan resemble Newts and Salamanders. What sets them apart is the small set of glowing eyes that fit in the middle of their forehead and the many additional limbs in a style reminiscent of a centipede.
Their skin ranges greatly in colour and design. The brighter the colour, the more toxic the skin; though this rule isn't always followed.
A Fogan’s eyes come in a vast array of colours that never seem to synch up. If one is blue another might be a darker or lighter version of it but no two will be the same hue.

Their strange eyes aren’t just for show. If anyone makes eye contact, for even a moment, with the glowing eyes of a Fogan, they start to see very lifelike Illusions derived from the victim's own imagination. The creature has very little control of the outcome, but it usually doesn’t end well for the victim. Under the influence of a Fogan's gaze, friends can become monsters and monsters can become small children in need of assistance. The illusions usually last for about 10 bits, but a person with excellent skills in meditation can recover quickly than most. A trick commonly used by people familiar with Fogan to counter it's illusions is to use some kind of reflection to spot the creatures location. Since a Fogan's magic gaze doesn't reflect, this trick works wonders in avoiding the creatures trap.

While they may not be able to communicate with other races, they have proven to be more intelligent and clever than one might expect. It isn’t uncommon for them to utilize primitive tactics, like ambushes and distractions. If one were to cut open the head of one of these creatures, they would see that Fogan actually have two intertwined brains that work together in harmony and help keep it sharper then most creatures of a similar size.

Fogan usually enjoy playing tricks on those that dare enter their territory but there are a few stories of them helping travellers. It's believed that the distinction they make is based on how well a person respects nature, but it seems this is most likely an urban legend.

They tend to be solitary creatures, except during mating season, which occurs sometime in early spring. During this time they are known to make haunting wails and screams that sound distinctly humanoid in order to attract a mate. If someone is nimble enough to get one in their grasp it will hiss like a feline or scream like a young child.

They are nocturnal creatures and typically hide in the mud during the day. Their glowing eyes attract insects, which make up the bulk of the Fogan's diet.

Life cycle:
When Ymiden begins, they start their mating calls during the night to attract their ideal mate. The breeding process begins by having the male mount the female; and when they are successful the female deposits her eggs into the closest river. Out of a batch of anywhere from 20 to 100 tiny eggs, only a handful of the imbalanced abominations will be lucky enough survive exposure to the elements and continue to the next stage. After a week the Fogan eggs hatch into tadpoles that look fairly typical. After about a season, they slowly develop into full grown Fogan and their odd characteristics become known. They seem to stop aging after reaching maturity, until they suddenly fade out of existence as if they were never there. Oddly enough, if they are killed before they reach their expiry date, their bodies remain to be used in the creation of poisons, drugs and more creative uses.

Hibernation begins in late Vhalar where Fogan slowly start to fade until they can no longer be seen, They only appear again when the cold weather dissipates. No one is really sure why they go to in the cold months but they are never seen or heard from during this time.

Fogan are believed to be creations of the God of illusions and chaos, Aelig, who for whatever reason abandoned them in the wilds, from which they spread forth like a plague to various regions of the world. Some dismiss them as abandoned mistakes, but most would agree that they were made intentionally to spread as much discord as possible. Whatever the reason, they don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Practical Uses:
Skilled poison crafters are known to use the blood of the Fogan to give their victims varying degrees of hallucinations based on it’s potency. The blood of a Fogan glows brightly so it usually needs to be mixed with something to hide it’s true nature. Usually something with an overpowering colour or thick consistency will do the trick. Only competent poison crafters can properly draw the creatures blood, and dilute it enough to hide its true nature while also keeping the desired outcome intact.

While not potent enough to kill humans, the poison that secretes from certain variations of Fogan is enough to make humans feel an exhilarating high. From just a single lick, an intense feeling of Euphoria can be felt instantly and intensely for anywhere between one and four breaks. To prepare the Fogan for use, one ether needs to give the poor creature a sedative or beat it to an inch of its life. This practice is illegal for its cruelty and for how unpredictable it can make people on it.

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