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Anastasia Janus
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Anastasia Janus

Anastasia Janus
Name: Anastasia Janus

> 23

> Human

Date of Birth:
> Cylus 23rd, 693rd Arc.

Factions Joined:
> The Seekers (Neophyte)

Languages Spoken:
> Common (Fluent)


> The golden eye pendant on a golden necklace (ezymite/illusionism)


Youthful in appearance, Anastasia is a woman in her maiden years of life. Often seen with her hair tied behind her with a ribbon; Anastasia's hair is golden like corn-silk that flows down her back like the calm waves of a lake. Her skins glows under the sun's rays, reflecting its pale snow-like complexion. Upon her oval face are a pair of hazel eyes that slightly change its hue under the sun's illumination; a small button nose lies betwixt her eyes, and a pair of rosy pink lips lay under her nose. Her body is statuesque, standing just taller than an average woman her age.

Anastasia's wardrobe often consists of a one piece dress. The colour of the dress is commonly white or a washed-out shade of green, pink, or blue. On days where she finds it too hot to wear a dress, she'll wear a thinner version of her attire. however, the skirt half would be significantly shorter. On days where the temperature is far too cold, Anastasia will adorn herself with a cloak that covers most of her body from the chilly air. Anastasia is always seen with a ribbon tied in her hair; the ribbon if tied in various different ways, but often used to tie her hair back.

Soft-spoken and Reserved; Anastasia's demeanour makes her appear timid or shy, however, this is far from the truth. In fact, she has no problems communicating with others. But she does avoid any unnecessary company, especially when she is working. When she is with others, she does her best to participate in conversation, though she is no expert in entertaining others. Anastasia has developed the odd habit of talking to herself when she is alone; this is often done to help sort out thoughts, information, or even just rambling about nothing. When it comes to researching or work, Anastasia becomes another person wearing her skin. Focused and cold, she won't allow anyone to interfere with her job.

Anastasia was always a curious individual, trying to find an answer or explanation from anything she didn't know or understand. However, she came across a text that briefly explained world of Arcana; upon trying to learn what this enigmatic concept was, she became overwhelmed with questions that she found nearly impossible to find answers to. For every answer she did find, at least two more questions were discovered. The strange mysteries and potential to uncover them kept Anastasia's passion burning bright; she was spellbound. However, despite the depth of knowledge she attained, one problem challenged her, that challenge was turning theory into practicality. All of the written resources Anastasia has access to at the time mention the manipulation of mana, but, were unclear on how the manipulation was achieved. Her determination and passion was put to the test as she scoured high and low in her home city of Andaris, tested various methods she could find; alas, each method she found failed to do anything. Just as Anastasia's candle of determination and passion was about to extinguish, a robed figure adorned with fine jewellery appeared.

The robed figure was a man named Marcus Oliver, A sorcerer who specialised in Arcana Lore and transmutation; not only that, he was a member of the Seekers. Tasked by his superior, he was to find a suitable neophyte to train to help broaden the knowledge of the faction. Marcus explained his intentions of recruiting her, as he deemed her a suitable candidate for the faction. He also explained that under his guidance, she would be enlightened and would understand the arcane world more throughly. It was an offer that Anastasia found hard to believe or accept; for the price to attain such knowledge and understand would be the life she lived in her home city, should she accept, she'd have to abandon all relations she had. After two moons had past, she gave Marcus her answer. The two left the city and made their way to Viden, the city of knowledge. Along the way, Marcus held a portion of his bargain. As the two traveled, Marcus answered some of the questions Anastasia had about the arcane world, explained a few concepts, and even bestowed the gift of 'The Sight' upon her; a very important gift.

Marcus's line of work for the Seekers consisted of various dig rent tasks, ranging from locating wells to creating Conduits. What ever task he was set to complete, Anastasia wasn't far from his heels. The more time she spent with Marcus, the more vivid her understanding of the arcane became; it wasn't long before she could research along side her mentor effectively, even help locating wells. Eventually, with a bit of guidance, she was making basic conduits; the answer she sought after years ago. At the time, Anastasia was fascinated by how mana can affect the mind creating phantasms and illusions. As he assisted her mentor, she pursued this manipulative knowledge in her spare time. When Marcus noticed her fascination that branch of magic, he fashion her a pendant attuned to Illusionism. Anastasia continues to assist her mentor as a Neophyte under him

Living in a standard apartment with standard furnishings. (may change depending on whispers information and approval.)
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Attunement 10[RB] 16[SP] 2[CR] 28
Esorcellment 15[SP] 1[CR] 16
Illusionism 10[SP] 10
Research 9[SP] 3[CR] 12

Basic Knowledge

> Knowlage: Arcana
> Knowlage: Seekers
> Mentor: Marcus

Specialized Knowledge

> Arcana: Esorcellment
> Esorcellment: Process for basic Conduit creation.
> Arcana: Illusionism
  • One set of clothing (cloak, shirt, skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots.)
  • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • One waterskin
  • Two sets of eating utensils
  • Tinderbox
NPC: Marcus
>Marcus Oliver

Date of Birth:
>Ashan 21st, 661st

>Attunement - 30
>Esorcellment - 50
>Transmutation - 25
>Research - 20
>Teaching - 30

Always seen in robes, Marcus is an aged man who wears various different pieces of jewellery. Marcus's face is clearly shows his age, along with his greying beard. Resting on his face are a pair of small in deep sockets. Marcus's stature is of an average male his age, if not a little shorter.

Marcus is a friendly individual who enjoys his line of work. He does his best to mentor those under him, however, there are times where he cannot fully convey information efficiently.

Relationship to PC:

Golden Eye Pendant 35gn 65gn
Golden Necklace 15gn 50gn
Total Currency: 0 ON, 50 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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