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Approved: Moseke's Grace

Name: Moseke's Grace or Tree of Life
Quick Facts:
Height: 5-15 meters tall
Width: 5-10 meters diameter
Fruit: None
Poison: None
Native to: Global, except Viden and Oscillus
Locations: Global, except Viden and Oscillus

Appearance: Averaging at 7-12m tall and 6-8m wide, this tree bears white, almost opalescent bark and silver, spade shaped leaves. The trunk bloats out into a shape reminiscent of a bottle, and its branches form a rather small but dense canopy, generally no more than 2-3m wider than the widest point of the trunk.

Habitat: Global
Lifespan and Development: Moseke's Grace has only ever been seen at a stage of full growth and development. It is widely believed that it is placed by Moseke where she see's fit, fully grown and healthy. Age can be discerned from the colour of the bark, the younger the tree, the closer the colour of the bark to the leaves, which whitens and lightens as it ages, the oldest trees having pure white bark. It does require a minimal supply of water to maintain it, as well as full sun for the majority of the day. The tree can last for long periods without water, as it uses the water stored in the trunk to support itself. It's root system is expansive and far reaching, allowing the tree to make the most of even the smallest amounts of water. Due to its need for water and sunlight, Mosekes Grace thrives in most areas, though very rarely in arid and desert conditions, and not at all in the ice logged continents. Despite it's semi-mythical beginnings, once Mokeke's Grace has its roots firmly in the ground it is as any other tree, though a little hardier and helpful than most.

Uses: The trunk stores clear, fresh water, which can be tapped and ingested safely. The bark can be stripped in thin layers to be dried and eaten like jerky. The spade shaped leaves are nutritious, and can be used to make soups and teas, though it is fairly bitter and unpleasant to eat. Larger layers of bark can be harvested to be used as a shelter from the elements, however more substantial building is not possible, at it cannot withstand great weights. The root of the tree, which grow close to the grounds surface, can be harvested easily with little damage to the tree, and then baked, similar to a potato. Due to the water logged nature of the tree, it is not possible to start fires with the wood, however once dried the wood can be formed into flexible and light canoes. The wood is rarely used to craft tools, but is sought after for crafting jewellery and decorative pieces, due to the stunning appearance.

Abilities: When not needed for survival by an individual this tree is elusive and rare, to the point that many believe it to be little more than a myth. However, when needed by an individual, the tree seems to present itself, its colouring giving the impression that the tree is glowing. Many believe that the tree is the creation of Moseke, and that the immortal send's the tree to aid those lost in the wilderness, close to death.

Credit: Kala
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Moseke's Grace

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