Sen'Nuk (Jaded Graded!)

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Sen'Nuk (Jaded Graded!)

Sen'Nuk Te'Sune
Sen'Nuk Te'Sune



Date of Birth:
Trial 2 of Suan in the 697th Arc


Factions Joined:
None At the moment. She doesn't find the need. She has the belief in and of her people.

Languages Spoken:
FLUENT: Xanthea
BASIC: Common

Toscun (Friend and Daughter of Tanning Teacher)
Talhar (Detective, The one who lost the Trail, though she doesn't hate him for it.)


Sen'Nuk is on the taller side of her people's height. Standing at 5'7", she is towards the limit's of how tall a Sev'ryn normally is. She has long blackish brown hair that if let down is almost to the ground. She's been growing it out for a long time and refused to have it cut. The deep tone of her skin helps to accentuate the brown eyes that she has. Sometimes in different lights, the brown of her eyes almost looking red.

Just like all of her people. She has a tattoo of a tree on her body. The location of with is her left thigh and knee, where the knee is the roots and almost her whole thigh is taken over by the tattoo. Though the tattooing wasn't a completely pleasant experience for her, she was just glad she could get something that was as beautiful as it is.

She likes to wear decorative pieces along with her normal clothing when she's not hunting. The decorative pieces made out of the bones of small animals and shells that she hunted or found in the wild. She even had some smaller bones given to her to have worked into her clothing that she thought up. She would ask this or that about where which bones should go to some of the more established leather worker and crafter's with eyes lit up. After years and years of practice and plenty of mess-ups with the help of those she asked, she'd finally gotten pieces that she could be proud of. She finally came to the final looks she was looking for. No she doesn't always wear it. But she did wear it around town occasionally Though more normally in the colder weather.

Her basic attire is hardened leather pieces with soft innards for her chest and her groin areas along with a few other leather pieces to protect a bit more of her skin depending on the hunt or the weather. Though she also wore some other items occasionally, something softer to go between the hard leather and her skin to add some breath and comfort.

Sen'Nuk is one of those girls that you're not always sure what to think about. Liking things that one might think are more for men from outside the Sev'ryn world. And then liking things that seem more girly as well for those that don't follow the same beliefs as the Sev'ryn. Sen'Nuk has a voice that's a bit huskier, but don't be fooled. It does have it's times where it's a bit more high pitched.
There are some things, that might surprise someone who didn't know Sen, about her views on things that would seem like a taboo in conversation. For example, in her views, Death can be seen as both a curse and a blessing. Death of a loved one causes sorrow and pain, but one must think about the joy of their chance to be reincarnated, maybe even live a better life. Or even just the simple fact that their body will now become one with nature and let the cycle continue on. Death of an animal by a hunt, means food, and nourishment for those she loves. Though she always sends thanks to the Immortals above. Normally Moseke, for the food that was given to her.

Another item that one might think is a non-conversational, sex. She knows that she should and will wait till the time that she exchanges the token with the one she believes is her best fit. Her body is a temple that shouldn't be tarnished. Well.. Shouldn't have been tarnished. Sen'Nuk doesn't really talk about an event that happened to her when she was younger. She only spoke out to catch the person that did it, and has kept pretty quiet about it since, only faulting the man and not his entire race like one might think. Knowing that she may very well.. never be deemed worthy of becoming someones Dabi Uaya. One of the few things that one might find negative in her mind.

No, Sen'Nuk is not religious. In fact, just like most Sev'ryn, she just likes to ask for help from Moseke, for guidance or just to have someone she knows will listen to her. She's doesn't worship the Immortal, just appreciates what she is because of what Moseke had done for her people.

Now, it's hard to find Sen sitting still and not doing something with her hands. She likes to be active, out and about doing things. Sometimes doesn't even get enough sleep due to the fact that she's so focused on some thought or idea that she has that she can't just let it go till she at least starts on it. It was definitely a trait that grew with her as she grew up. Hating to have people do things for her, she wanted to learn for her self at least how to do the things that she thought she would find interesting. Through out most of her life, that was leather working, and accessory making. As well as learning how to hunt. She wanted to help provide, and in the process, get products for her accessory making as well. It was like killing two squirrels with one stone.

Sen'Nuk was the, one as stated before, that was making most of her accessories and such. She loved doing it. Though for her first few pieces she DID have a lot of help. Like really she was allowed to pick which pieces to put in and put them in herself, but other than that, there was a lot of things that she learned later on how to do from the many people that were in collaboration with her. (will be trying to figure out names and such in the coming days). And one of them even took her under their wing, and allowed her to start working for them! And occasionally sell her own creations!

Just because Sen tend's to be happy go lucky all the time, and likes to be hands on with things, does NOT mean she's good at making friends. The poor girl doesn't seem to be able to handle any kind of physical communication, things like hugs, kisses on the cheek. ANYTHING that involves touching the other person in any way that is intimate is hard for her to do. She can hold a conversation just fine. She can smile and laugh just fine, but people might find it odd, how very hard it is for her to do such things, and will only find it in rare occasion that she will do such things as hug her family even.

One word that other's might use to describe Sen'Nuk would be hard working. She has a good work ethic, maybe too good of one, tending to get lost in her work, and preferring to practice and work rather than communicating with other's and doing idle chatter. Even on her days that she has off, she likes to think up designs for her new pieces instead of goofing off. That or she goes hunting in the woods to get food and collecting pieces to work with for her designs.

Sen is quite protective, and tends to help those that need her. If asked to join someone down a trail some ways she does if she feel's they don't have enough protection, she has even once or twice, thought that she had to summon up courage to, save children from being run over by a horse and cart. Scolding them for not watching them where they were playing but hugging them and comforting them, telling them she's glad they're okay. Even though she's not a very... physical person with her emotions.

So when someone meet's Sen. Don't be surprised if at first you don't succeed at opening her up to you, she has a bit of a 'need to get to know the person before I fully trust them' thing because of her past. She loves her people very much and is loved very much by her people. But she still has a bit of an awkward streak.

Alda'Qun: The Weaving Mother
Name:Alda'Qun Te'Sune
Race: Sev'ryn
Age: 41 Arcs
Title: Basket Weaver
Marks: N/A
Familiar:Horse with lion's tail.
Skills: Basket Weaving:30 | Singing:15 | Cooking:25 | Crafting:30 |
Other Information:As a mother, Alda was caring and calm in most situations. She never stopped being Sen'Nuk's rock and always was there for her daughter whan she was needed. The basket weaver could handle quite a bit and comfort her daughter. The horrible Mom cooking and singing some how always cheering Sen up. Most likely because she lived with her for such a long time.

After the incident a few arcs ago, Alda had watched at Sen got more reclusive and focused on her work. It saddened her to see her daughter so pained and she knew how alone her daughter must feel. But she could not get herself to try and get her daughter to do more. If her daughter wanted to focus on her skills that would be what she wanted to do.

As Sen's mother, this woman has been like a role model for Sen. But it wasn't what her mom did as a living that was what made her mother a role model for her. It was her mothers demeanor. Quietly weaving her basket's and humming soft tunes as she worked. Sen admired the way her mom seemed to keep calm in any situation that was around her, no matter if her father had lost his temper, if there were rowdy neighbors for some sort of party. There seemed to be so little that phased her mother from her work that Sen wanted to be able to have that kind of dedication and concentration.

This is how Sen had developed this need to concentrate on her skills. A woman that almost always got lost in her work. But as Sen grew in her skills, she started to realize that her mother always seemed to have time for her and her father while she was working. She found that this dedication that she had was so much stronger in herself only due to the fact that she still had a lot to learn about her skill.

Alda was always hard working, just as Sen is. When Alda became pregnant with Sen, that hard working attitude never quit working on baskets or cooking for her husband even if they both knew that her cooking was horrible. Because of this, a lot of people, including Alda herself, though that this might be why Sen was so active in childhood.

Sen has never seen her mother get overly emotional over anything. Simple, small emotions and gestures to get a point across maybe, but never anything to the extreme. And when she asked around, the only time that she ever heard about her mother being super emotional were when her father gave her his token of his love for her, and when they finally were joined in Dabi Uaya.

For Sen, her mother is the one to go to when there's anything wrong. Alda was always there to comfort her daughter whenever Sen needed or wanted it. But recently that has become less and less and was the worst right after the incident. Alda still worries over her daughter, and Sen knows it, but Sen is grateful that her mom doesn't push too much for anything informational wise.

Kata'Uhk: The Hunting Father
Name:Kata'Uhk Te'Sune
Race: Sev'ryn
Age: 42 Arcs
Title: Hunter
Marks: N/A
Familiar:Snow Tiger with ram horns.
Skills: Hunting:30 | Ranged Weapons:30 | Storytelling: 30 | Teaching:10 |
Other Information:As a father, Kata'Uhk wasn't really sure what to do at first. What could a man do for his daughter. But as Sen became older, she found a love for the for the bow just as he had. They would go together on hunting trips, laugh together, and just have fun. He would teach her this and that and she would listen adeptly, watch her father, learn things about his form and move forward from there.

As one of the villages hunters, he doesn't always get a kill but he's always worked hard to make sure that there's enough food on the table for them all. He was the one that wanted Sen to stay so she could save up for her journey to go find her familiar.

When Kata'Uhk found out that Alda was pregnant with his child, he could have been given the label of the happiest man in the world. Finding himself having a hard time leaving his Dabi Uaya behind when he went to go hunting. He would always hurry back to her and help her with anything that he could.

When Sen was born, he found his daughter to be perfect, holding her in his strong arms as she cooed to him happily. Only a few tears were shed when she was born. As soon as she was put in either of her parent's arms, her crying would ebb away. When put into her father's arms it was said that she could feel his protectiveness over her and she fell asleep in his gentle but sturdy embrace.

As a child, Sen liked to play with her father. Practicing her bow, learning how to shoot at homemade (Badly made) targets. Kata was proud of his daughter as she grew more and more. Proud once she found her trade and her ability to hunt as well. And respected the fact that she wanted to be prepared for her journey ahead!

Though he really wanted to just kill the man that hurt her daughter, he was kind of glad that they hadn't found him. Any mention of the man seemed to make Sen uncomfortable, and his baby girl was important. And Sen knew that he loved her very much. And even missed the constant hugs. But she couldn't really help it. She had a hard time with physical contact period.

Qan'Dun: The Leather Mentor
Name:Qan'Dun Mire'Nuk
Race: Sev'ryn
Age: 55 Arcs
Title: Leather Worker
Marks: N/A
Familiar:Bison (Category 1)
Skills: Leather Working: 60 | Business Management: 20 | Hunting: 20 | Teaching: 20 | Sewing: 40 |
Other Information:"Qan'Dun is a very patient man that is aware of talent. He took Sen'Nuk under his wing because he saw something in her that he felt needed refinement. Over the years, Qan'Dun has had many pupils. He has never minded the company. Instead, he appears quite enamored with any apprentice beneath him. Qan'Dun is a very quiet man altogether, but incredibly understanding. His current apprentice, Sen'Nuk, has his full attention. He will occasionally work with other students on the side, but does not intend to hire any additional help within the shop at this time."

The man that took Sen'Nuk under his wing. He saw how eager she was to learn a skill of some sort, and was sad to see that so many refused her just because it wouldn't be safe for her to work some of the jobs that she was interested in. But she often came to his shop and watched him work. He never minded, loved the company in fact. And she always seemed so excited to be there.

He actually went to her parent's and asked her if it would be okay for him to teach her the ways of Leather Working. Only because he wanted to make sure that it would be okay with her parents. And really, to just introduce himself finally seeing as Sen seemed to never talk to him. Always worried that she might be interrupting some train of thought that he must have while he was working. Besides, she turned out to be a great student and helper!

Qat'Dun was the one that saw that Sen had determination, talent, and heart. The one, of all the craftsmen in Desnind that wanted her as an apprentice. She asked questions, she wanted to know things. And it was just the perfect fit for the patient man. And even if he had a stern streak, he didn't scare her away. She found herself listening more once she was corrected or told to correct her own mistakes.

Since the age of 8, Sen has been learning from him. Trying to figure out how to work on things that Qat hadn't actually made himself before. With his skill set he focused more on bigger pieces that were more practical than decorative. So she DID learn how to make those things. But she tended to add her own taste to it which was a bit more decorative than practical, though it still was usable in most cases.

But making larger pieces didn't really come into play until more recently. He would give her scraps to play with before. Extra pieces for her to figure out cool new items whenever she was inspired. And when she was old enough and had enough stored, he started to let her sell her items for a small fee from his store. She felt honored that he would even feel that her goods might be good enough for her to sell to be honest and had no qualms with that.

Lah'Mai: The False Lover
Name:Lah'Mai Lo'Ten
Race: Sev'ryn
Age: 22 Arcs
Title: N/A?
Marks: N/A
Familiar: Man will never know as he could not find it on his journey and lost his way. Causing a downwards spiral.
Skills: Seduction:30 | Melee Weapons:30 | Hunting:20 | Intimidation:20 |
Other Information: This man has been marked with the shame of committing sexual assault and running from the law. Sen'Nuk was his victim, though many other girls had almost fallen prey to his charms as well. If this man is ever found in Desnind again, he is to be put on trial immediately. For, no matter the reason for his actions, he shall not be excused for harming someone else. Know that if he captures you're interest you will be walking into a carefully laid trap.

He will do anything to get what he want's, even if that means to pretend to have feelings for someone. He can be patient to a point, but once he snaps, he will take. Just like he took from Sen'Nuk. Men should not be too worried about him hitting on them, but woman be on you're guard. He is a viper in disguise.

This man has not been caught yet, and there has been no real rumor of him since the incident a few arcs ago.

This was the man, the man that destroyed her. Allowed her to believe that she loved him and then broke her. Beat her when she disagree'd with him on one thing or another. Yelled at her and abused her, but continuously tricked her with fantasies of love. But this wasn't all.

The ultimate betrayal happened when Sen was 15, in the season of Ashan. He only a few years older than her. Twisted and sick, she fought with him one last time, telling him that she couldn't take the pain of the relationship anymore.

He seduced her one last time. But she was aware enough to try and fight him. The moment she did, she sealed her fate. He took her. No questions asked. Took her and beat her for the pleasure of it. No matter how much she cried out. In fact he had stuffed some cloth in her mouth to stop her from screaming for help after a few moment even.

This man has no right to be running around free of punishment. She wants him to feel the pain that she endured ten fold. But she quells this want. Only because she knows it is wrong. In fact after the incident and the trail went cold, she turned to her trade even more to try and find something other than thought's of him to focus on.


As a tyke, Sen'Nuk was always on the move. Active since she could crawl, she seemed to always be in a hurry to go go go. Never stopping and always liking to explore the world around her. As adventurous as she was, she was found in some of the higher branches of tree's, playing in abandond caves and under people's houses. Always on the move, always being creative in her ways of making up ways to entertain herself until she was old enough to go out on hunting trips with her father.

She enjoyed it immensely running through the forrest, trying to find a creature, trying to see if she could kill it. And it never was just her and her father. It was always a hunting group. Always so that they could protect eachother if anything went wrong. Sen loved learning from them how to skin different kinds of animal's big and small and she always took pride in herself when she got a kill.

When she wasn't hunting with her father, she was roaming around the market's, trying to see if there was some kind of skill that she could find herself a niche in. Eventually after about a year of no's, denials and shooing away, Sen finally found Qan. A patient and caring man that took her under her wing after some thought and some formalities.

Sen dedicated herself to her work, never letting herself faulter. If she failed, she may take a break to collect herself, but after that she would get back to work to try and figure things out. She has made things big and small and has been working hard to earn enough to go on her trip to find her familiar. At the moment she doesn't believe she'll be traveling with anyone specific. She want's to find her familiar on her own, knowing that having others may either speed things up or bog her down, she didn't want to risk anyone's elses safety on her account.

Her dreams of her familiar have been pointing her north, more often than not to some of the coldest regions of the world. Though she doesn't have a pinpoint on it yet. She's been doing research on how much travel by boat would be to each of the locals in the north. So far, it's sounding like she has a long way to go before she can actually get going.

When Sen got older, she did seem to be getting the attention of many suitors, male and female alike. There were times where she did try to have relations with others but each time Sen ended the relations ship for one reason or another. Or her partner ended it because she was more focused on her work than them.

But one day.. at the young age of 15, Sen legitamately found herself in love with a man. Lah'Mai, a man only a few years older than her had seduced her into thinking that he was the one. Leading her into a trap of security, even through the abuse given to her, she didn't faulter in her love for him. That was until one night when she snapped out of it enough to say that they should quit pretending they were happy together. They were in a secluded area, and even if she could call for help, he'd made it impossible for her to do so.

With tears running down her eyes. He took her virginity from her. And beat her every time she tried to fight him. She was found the next morning by her master in a hidden corner of his shop. The days after were a blur of trying to find the man and making sure Sen was mentally stable enough. She looked ghostly and in pain. But for the most part she just seemed to be more secluded and more focused on her work.

The years that have passed have gone towards getting ready for her journey and honeing her skills to be better at what she does. Once she takes her journey, she is unsure if she'll return home of if she will make a new home else where.

Sen resides with her parent's in Desnind. With the hopes of saving their daughter a bit of money for her journey ahead, they allowed her to live in their home in the tree's a little longer. She sleeps in her bedroom of her childhood but rarely is even home at most times. Her bedroom is simple. A few dolls from her childhood, a bed, and a pile of some of her works that are unfinished, or are not good enough in her opinion to sell.

Her parent's bedroom has a bed for them both, and items from their journeys to find their spirit animals. Though she doesn't really go in there much, if she need's to talk to her parent's they are normally available elsewhere anyways.

In the living area it's pretty empty space, though there is a fire place and a large chest, it is a very easy space to use to place down some type of floor protection and allow her to practice skinning some to the larger animals they may get, if they bring a whole kill home. Though that doesn't normally happy. Other than that, it's a good communal space and if one wanted to sit they could pull a chair from the dining area.

The Dining area has a table and 4 chairs. Almost always set for three, though not always used all at the same time. When Sen get's too into her work, she sometimes doesn't come home to eat. It's an understanding that if she doesn't come back for food she will eat her portion cold. Though normally when that happens, either her mother or her father is there to chat with her about her day.

There are twelve assorted plates. Four knives, and a 4 sets of silverware for the family and a nice little kitchen for her mom to cook in.

Make it 400x400 (I'm guessing she meant 40x40 or 800sq ft. which would be double the starting package), two bedroom, one living space. Double the city package. But, as soon as you leave Desnind, this option is no longer viable. You can put my name under this as I gave you approval. That will allow you your own bedroom. It is also a treehouse, not a normal house like the city. Sevir live in trees in Desnind -Doctor Chimera
Sen'Nuk is considered Poor at this time. Ashen
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Hunting 10{RB}, 2{JD}, -2{AL} 10
Leather Working 25{SP}, 8{JD}, -5{AL} 28
Ranged Weapon 20{SP} 20
Sewing 5{SP}, 5{JD} 10
Tanning 7{AL} 7
-- 15(DJ) Floating points(must fix this table) --
Skill Knowledge


~Endurance: Toughing it out over tired feet. (DJ){tpw}


~Hunting: Be careful, even of your prey. (DJ){tpw}
~Hunting: Can’t track when there is no light (DJ){tpw}
~Hunting: Follow The Footprints [JD]
~Hunting: Keeping Hydrated Helps the Hunter’s mind (DJ){tpw}
~Hunting: Not the only thing hunting in the wilds. (DJ){tpw}
~Hunting: Preparation by Making a List, Checking it twice. (DJ){tpw}


~Leather Working: Carving Leather [JD]

~Leather Working: General Carving Tools [JD]

~Leather Working: Intricate Shell and Bone Decorations (SP)
~Leather Working: Leather is easier to sew with bigger needles.(DJ){tpw}


~Negotiation: Nothing to trade? Have money to pay. (DJ){tpw}


~Ranged Weapon: Short Bow (SP)



~Sewing: Basic Pant Pattern [JD]

~Sewing: Stitching Leather [JD]

~Sewing: Thicker Needles For Thicker Fabrics [JD]


~Socialization: Awkward conversations are better than none. (DJ){tpw}
~Socialization: Communication is key to not end up alone. (DJ){tpw}
~Socialization: Humming to fill the silence. (DJ){tpw}
~Socialization: It’s okay to talk about yourself sometimes. (DJ){tpw}
~Socialization: Using commonalities to make chatting easier. (DJ){tpw}


~Strength: Carrying your hunting gear. (DJ){tpw}


~Tanning: The basics of skinning (SP)(AL)

Knowledge of Beings


~Familiar: Resides in a Realm of Icey Cold (SP)


~Moseke: The Gifter of Life(DJ){tpw}


~Toscun’Ahesesi: Hunting Humor Isn’t Lost on this Girl (DJ){tpw}
~Toscun: An optimistic outlook. (DJ){tpw}
~Toscun: Clearing up the murky waters, it’s what friends do. (Toscun gives her thoughts on why people avoid Sen) (DJ){tpw}
~Toscun: Feeling connected to Nature. (DJ){tpw}
~Toscun: Trusts me enough to make a request to hunt with me. (DJ){tpw}
~Toscun’s Mother: My Tanning Teacher (DJ){tpw}


~Qan'Dun: My Leather Working Mentor (DJ){tpw}
~Qan’Dun: Requires breaks for his Pupil. (DJ){tpw}

Knowledge of Places


~Desnind: A home for many (SP)
~Desnind: Makubwa Lori - The Dangerous Wilds (DJ){tpw}
~Desnind: Shop Location - The Fletcher’s Place (DJ){tpw}
~Desnind: The Hunter’s Pit - A gathering place (DJ){tpw}
~Desnind: The Stew - the Mixing pot of socializing (DJ){tpw}
Marks Section




  • N/A
    • N/A

Mark Knowledge

  • Clothing:
    • One set of leather clothing {JD} (Adaptable as per race, though for humanoid races, this will include a coat or cloak, shirt or blouse, pants or skirt, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality.)
    • One set of Leather Weather Gear {JD} (Adaptable per race, per climate. Ranges from a second set of clothes listed above or it can include thick coat or cloak, thick pants, undergarments, and a pair of boots. All clothing is standard quality.)

  • Equipment:
    • One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
    • One riding horse.
    • 100 feet of rope
    • One tinderbox.
    • A set of six torches
    • One Lantern
    • One bedroll
    • A compass
    • A fishing net
    • A blanket
    • Four rucksacks
    • A knife
    • One waterskin
    • One set of toiletries: Soap, brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, one hair tie of scrap leather.
    • Two rags.

  • Weaponry:
    • Short Bow
    • 12 arrows with back Quiver
PC Name: Sen'Nuk
PC Location: Desnind
Requested Job: Leather Worker
Tax Option: Option 2
Related Skills: Leather Working, Drawing
Why this job?: Sen will be working under her mentor Qan. And be selling goods out of his store/Stall as well (selling her pieces and giving him 20% of those profits.)

PC Name: Sen'Nuk
PC Location: Desnind
Requested Job: Hunter
Tax Option: Option 2
Related Skills: Hunting, Ranged Weapon
Why this job?: Sen loves to hunt, even goes with her dad sometimes. She likes to get the skins so that she can tan them herself and save some on funds for making her leather items as she needs to save for her journey to the North.

Approved by Chimera
Hunter: 1 gn/day
Leathersmith: 2.5 gn/day

Next Level (Expert/Competency): 4.5 gn/day (Leathersmith); 2.5 gn/day (Hunter)
[According to Option 2]

Starting Package -- 25gn
2X3X2 Wagon (SP) -- 10gn
{tpw} 40 Normal, feather lead arrows 1gn 2sn --
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total Currency: -- ON, 33 GN, 8 SN, -- CN
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