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The Tactical Force in Treidhart

Home to the ellune, Oscillus is a frozen land that contains pockets of civilization. The brutality of the sub-zero winds does nothing to break the resilience of the natives of Oscillus as they determinedly battle against all odds to revive their beloved Treid.

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The Black Ice

The Black Ice



The Black Ice are a specially trained, tactical force that operate all throughout Oscillus to ensure the security of the Ellune people. They are used for guerilla and covert operations, missions requiring intelligence gathering, assassination and sabotage. Individuals, known as Operatives, are members of all walks of life in the society of Treidhart and are usually indistinguishable from the next. During peace time, they operate individually, but in close communication with central intelligence, following and investigating individuals, working with city guards and generally gathering intelligence for later use. At war time, these individuals are called upon to gather into tactical groups whereupon they are sent out on various missions, usually involving some danger.


The Black Ice was formed, along with most of the militaries, soon after the downfall of Treid. They began mostly as special forces unit, who comprised of the best soldiers on offer. With large swathes of peace time, the selection process began to widen to allow for those who provided special qualities and abilities that could benefit the unit. Their presence in Oscillus is not without some controversy. They are known to terminate individuals in the past, a very non-Ellune way of dealing with issues, for the sake of ensuring the city's security. The Black Ice are therefore not liked or trusted by the general Ellune public but they also fear that without them, the city would succumb to danger.


Black Ice operatives are selected from the military, although in some extraordinary cases, from civilians. The individual must possess supreme combat qualities, excellent mental capacity and focus, talent with Nilas, among many other various things. Individuals are placed under stringent testing, in controlled areas as well as out in the field, with notes taken. In training, everything is a test. Training takes place in small icy glaciers far below ground, accessed by tunnels. The location of the testing ground is constant and is never in the same place. The Black Ice have no central location.


There are only two 'ranks' though the Black Ice do not refer to them as this. There is simply the leader of the Black Ice and the Operatives. Those training to be part of the Black Ice are not considered a part of their ranks until they are made into an Operative. Leaders of the Black Ice are actually not kept secret at all. These are prominent members of society, who are frequently in contact with military leaders, such as the Infinion and also the Council. The Operatives, on the other hand, are completely unknown.


The Black Ice are popularly known for their masterful use of Nilas, to procure weapons rapidly and with quality. They are also known for very precise thrusting, or casting, of their weapon to kill as quickly as possible. This is a certain style of combat that places speed and precision above all else. The other qualities are skills to blend into society, intelligence gathering, detective work and thinking outside of the box.


The Bald Operative

This nameless Operative is bald with harsh looking facial features. He uses his ice power to shroud his surroundings in snow to create a barrier. He is adept at creating ice swords from his hand, although he tends to carry his own well crafted ice sword. He can kill extremely quickly and precisely. He is stern and demanding.
A figure slowly appeared as he walked out from the white snow. Details began to emerge. At first he looked like a figure hewn out of grey rock, but as he continued his slow gait, what was soon made clear was his gaunt face bald and stark, sitting squarely on a thin body, from which hung about was a cloak that floated about as if he were immersed in water. Firmly in a bunched fist was a scabbard from which hung icy tendrils that weaved patterns in the air, swishing about as he walked. He stopped some distance away, his eyes were sunken and glowering.

Alea Sunai

A former leader of the Black Ice, she now lives as a recluse in an old cottage in Treidhart. She began her career as a Frozen Blade, but her toughness and her survival ability helped her quickly ascend the ranks. At one occasion, during a battle, her entire Cluster were killed. She survived, but had lost her hand and eye. Her assailants were dead around her as she fought to the very end. Having survived, she was soon leader of the Black Ice and she tended to focus them more as a tactical fighting force which was sorely needed at the time. She retired after a long tenure and disappeared.
Blades were clutched in both hands, one of which had once been hacked off, replaced with a hand of ice. She turned her head. Most of her face was disfigured horribly, riddled with old cuts and punctures and her right eye was no more. Only a small section of her face was intact, with crows feet marking her middle-age and a piercing blue eye gleamed. She was beautiful once.

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