The White Stag

A short dream after passing out from near hypothermia

4th of Cylus 719

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The White Stag

4th of Cylus arc 719, Around Noon

Awaken by bright lights Wald got up and looked around. He was in camp it seemed and his fire he made was raging hot. He moved and his leg felt well again, getting up he checked his tent of his animals. They were not there he looked around and didn't find them. Taking a moment to calm down he took another look and noticed the forest was glowing from the light in the sky. He shook his head and checked his person and found his bow. He searched for any trail secured in the fact he could find his friends.

After a long time of searching he found only one set of tracks. They belonged to a deer from their look. Thinking he must of made a mistake he followed the tracks into the forest trusting it was just a lapse in his skill. As he moved he did soft clicking to try and get his companions attention. Wald tried to stay calm as he heard movement near the trail he quickly hide behind a large tree. A wolf moved ahead of him on the trail it moved so fast it seemed to of had a trail of light behind it.

Waiting for a moment to be sure the wolf was gone he increased his pace he needed to find his animals. Worried Wald determinedly press on. No matter what was ahead he had to risk himself for his animals since they depend on him. The trail lead to a lake that was not frozen from the Viden winter. A hot spring Thought Wald.

Keeping his distance he searched down the way to the lake and saw a grand site. A white stag one of the greatest prizes a hunter could find. His heart pounded at the site and the aced at the thought that his animals were not here. He turned around but in front of him were several wolves. Due to Wald's panic he didn't hear them stalking him.

Thinking quickly he grabbed his camping knife from his belt knowing full well his bow was useless in this encounter. He rushed the wolf in the front knowing it had to be the alpha of the pack. It Jumped up and landed on Wald who quickly wrenched his arm down the back of the biting jaws keeping them open as he stabbed the knife into the neck. The weight of the wolf disappeared from Wald a mist rose where the wolf was.

Wald confused at what happened was then jumped by one of the other wolves. Nearly falling he grabbed the legs and through it like a hay bale to a tree. Instead of the thud of a wolf hitting tho smoke just flew past the tree as the next one clamped down on his leg. He quickly grabbed an arrow and stabbed its eye as the last one bit into his arm and meet with a similar reaction.

Wald laid there with a feeling of exhaustion and pain eyes closed tight. When he opened them he noticed no wounds were given to him. This was most confusing to him as he should have been bleeding heavily from his wounds. No wolves remained and when he looked to where they came from a wall of trees had formed. Something is messing with me he thought as he looked to the lake where the stag once was. He did the only thing he could do and continued the following the trail now searching for the white stag. After a long time he saw it once more standing in a green meadow. Without skipping a beat he readied his bow and an arrow. Before he could loose the arrow he awoke with a nudge...
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Re: The White Stag

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Word Count: 633
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