• Mature • (Solo) [Outskirts] Finding the White Rabbits

Warning skip the first part if you don't like gore!

3rd of Cylus 719

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(Solo) [Outskirts] Finding the White Rabbits

3rd of Cylus arc 719, Morning
The chill of dawn steeped in through the tent as Wald woke to get to work. The last hunt was successful and bode well for the next but this season is always harsh. Moving up he left the animals where they slept and went out to begin work. Taking one of the minks from storage and his knife he began to prepare the animal. First was a slice down from the throat to the lower abdomen just under the loose skin. Placing the knife gently under the skin slicing down the each of the legs. Gently moving the knife slowly to slice the membrane attaching the flesh. The process was slow until the back when there he took the knife to slice the head off and put it aside. Taking the flesh in one hand and pelt in the other he slowly pulled down to the tail and gently tugged down the tail pulling the fur off and placing it aside. taking the knife to the belly gently cutting the skin and the membrane underneath opening up to the ribs. Getting a bowl Wald scooped out the entrails from the animal into it. Checking the inside and pulling the anus and the esophagus. Gently pulling out the heart to tear the connecting veins off. Moving aside he grabbed a chunk of snow he used it to clean out the excess fluid from the body. After cleaning he placed it into the pot and got snow inside it to begin cooking his food.

While he was cooking the mink he started on the deer doing a similar process then after the the last three other mink left. The animals woke and wondered off to find what grass they could. Wald took a bucket and brought it to the well to gather water for the animals. Placing the bucket down the two went over for a drink as the meal has finished. Sitting down to eat a guard came over to check the tent in front of the town and saw Wald. "What is your purpose here." The guardsmen said towards Wald.

"I am here to sell the dear and the pelt do you know the butcher?" Wald said in between bites of boiled mink.

"Sure? I can ask for him to come over he is just next to the wall." The guard quarried.

"That is fine." Wald stated as the guard walked off.

After a moment a larger set man wondered to where Wald was. "I was told you had a deer?" pointing over to the prepared animal as the butcher started checking it. "What do you want for it?"

"Enough for a week an a half of cheap rations." Wald replied bluntly.

Looking over again, "I can do a weeks worth the cut isn't fully right and it is on the smaller side."

"deal if you bring the oats and barley here." A quick reply came out as he expected it.

"I'll get the miller to bring the sacks at noon alright." The butcher said lifting the meat. Wald only nodded in response as he went back to work around his camp.

3rd of Cylus arc 719, Midday

Finishing up with grooming the animals a man with two large sacks come by the tent, "Your the hunter the butcher bought from correct?"

Wald nodded and lifted the bags placing them on the cart. Opening the bags he saw the food he needed. "Thank you for bringing them miller." Wald thank him as he went off. After the delivery he gathered the deer skin and followed his nose to find the tanner. The smell of urine filled the air as he got closer to the destination. Walking into the workplace a man with light acid burn marks on his arms notices him with the pelt.

"Hello what can i do for you?" the man asked.

Moving the deer pelt to the tanner, "I'm here to trade this pelt."

Studying the pelt for a moment the tanner exclaimed, "I can get you payment just give me a moment." The man wondered off to the nearby building where he entered. A moment passed when the man returned he came with a small sack. "I can only get you this for it since i have to process it further, I do not negotiate price on skins." Handing the sack over the clang of copper is heard, it may of been light but it was something. With a nod Wald walked off and left the tanner to his own.

Walking down to the horse stable he looked for the groom to buy some hay. Seeing a young man moving hay Wald quickly asked, "Where is the groom?"

The stable boy quickly muttered in surprise, "He is in the barn sir."

Walking off without a second glance at the boy he went into the barn and shouted, "I am looking for the groom."

"Aye, and what do you want with me" a man said from in one of the stales with a lovely white horse.

"I am here to buy some hay off of you." Wald replied.

"How much do you need?"

"I only got a bit of copper, what can i get for this?" Wald asked tossing the small sack.
After tossing it up and then checking inside the man replied with "This is a full bale this time of year, how many animals do you got?" The man quarreled after.

"Two, one horse and one donkey and I will take the hay."

"Alright that should last you a while but you'll be out by the week. Oh and take this." The tanner said tossing a copper piece back as change. "I'll get the stable boy to bring it for you."
Wald shook his head, "I'll take it just show me which you want me to get." Pointing to a bale in the corner Wald hoisted it up. It weighted around half that of the deer as he made his way to his camp for the day. When he made it back he got ready to leave early in the morning.

4th of Cylus arc 719, Early Morning

Waking when the moon was in the center of the sky. This may have been the coldest part of any day but Wald began his moving to get to the hunting grounds. His animals took a little long then Wald did to rise as he was pulling down and putting his tent up. Finishing up and after getting the animals ready Wald wandered into the forest to begin his work again.

4th of Cylus arc 719, Morning

Taking a turn off the path going into a known clearing where Wald took the cart off the donkey and took off the horses saddle bags. Getting camp set up Wald put some hay down for his animals as they begin to eat the tent also begins to rise. After getting the final stake into the ground the animals both move inside to rest after their travel. This was not Wald's path though, he began to move into the woods after gathering his hunting tools on his person.

Moving through the forest on the hunt Wald's bones ached with each step. Maybe I should have waited, he thought as he moved to a clearing. Pausing at the edge of the clearing Wald eyes followed the ground looking for signs of activity. Something white stirred in front of him before hiding into the ground. A snow rabbits Wald found a colony of them it seems. Moving closer there were several holes in the ground hiding in the snow. Wald began to set many stone fall traps around the area in hopes of catching them.

After a long time of setting up the traps Wald noticed the rabbit's tracks moving in a single direction out of the clearing. Following the trail lead to a small creek slowly trickling down as most of the water was frozen. Moving down the stream slowly Wald started searching for other tracks. On the walk he noticed small tracks going off the stream. Moving closer they were from a mink. He decided to follow these tracks to the source.

Following the trail it ended at a log getting his bow ready he stayed behind a ways in cover with an arrow on the ready. Half a break later, the movement in the log started to come and move out slowly. Wald pulled his arrow back on his bow. Taking slow breaths the mink hoped out and sniffed around checking it's surroundings. As the mink looked up to the direction of Wald an arrow was loosed and struck the animal in the head. Moving out of his spot he quickly moved to gather the body of the animal. Putting it into his satchel Wald began to move back to camp following his old trail.

As he walked he gathered older sticks that were dried. After gathering an amount that filled his arms while following the stream. Wald made a miss step though and his foot slipped down to the ice breaking through. Feeling the water rush onto his boot he began to hurry to the camp. Quickly he move pasted the rabbit colony and through the forest making it to the camp. Wald built a fire pit fast as his heart rate increased. Taking out a match He began to light the sticks. taking off his boot and sock he let his leg warm and his boot dried. This is bad Wald thought. I could have lost this leg if i was to slow. still unable to feel his foot Wald laid back and passed out.

4th of Cylus arc 719, Evening

Waking from his sleep by a horse nudging his head. Wald looked around and rose slowly feeling the cold snow on his foot he realized his boot was off. Remembering what happened he checked his foot and leg. luckily he was fine the fire he had was just smoldering amber. checking his removed clothing they were dried so he put them back on. Adding the rest of his sticks the flame began to spark hot again Wald then went out to gather more sticks. A horde was formed at the camp of fuel for his fire. Too keep a fire going you need a large amount to keep yourself warm in this weather.

Wald decided to work on what he did catch while his body warmed back up. Taking out the mink he began his work but his shaking hand opened the organs and bail stained the meat inside the body. Even after cleaning out the mink the smell was still there. He then decided to go ahead and cook that one so it wouldn't hurt his other meats.

His meal he cooked was mink and a cup of barely in a boiling pot. Wald was not a cook as this was haphazard. Eating it was not great but it was filling.

4th of Cylus arc 719, Night

Finally feeling much better Wald needed to go and check on the traps he set in the clearing. Taking his time he was not going to hurt himself right now as he just recovered. When he got there all the traps had been tripped. Checking each one most of them had nothing in them only three rabbits where caught and now gathered. Wald did not reset the traps since there was no point in this for him.

Wald returned to camp with the last of his catch for the day and made sure to rest until the next morning.

5th of Cylus arc 719, Morning

Wald woke again after a good rest he did his morning chores taking care of his animals and making sure his leg was alright. After everything was done Wald wandered off in a new direction into the forest. He needed to hunt again there was a festival going on and he needed to sell something quick. He studied his surroundings carefully looking for evidence.
Another clearing came into view after a couple breaks, this was another colony of rabbits but this time he saw something else in the area. It was one black-footed weasel on the hunt. With a smile he readied his bow and watched the weasel. It dove into one of the holes and after a moment a rabbit ran out, unlucky for the rabbit an arrow hit him after. Getting ready again another rabbit popped out but this one was lucky as Wald missed his shot. The next one was not as lucky. The final one had a weasel on it's neck and Wald knew the hunt was over. Gathering his arrows and kills he watched as the weasel consumed his kill quickly. Walking back to camp he smiled at this hunt being successful. After making it to camp he got ready for leaving and took the rest of his time preparing the rabbits before walking down to Viden that evening.
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Re: (Solo) [Outskirts] Finding the White Rabbits

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I'm so glad to have discovered your character. It is refreshing to see a hunter and one who takes it seriously. I enjoyed every moment of this thread. Well done.

I made a small adjustment to your Longbow knowledges so that they are specific enough to match.

Word Count: 2180
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